Words that leftists should not use, chapter 19

In the wake of General Flynn’s guilty plea to a process crime, which involved him lying about doing something that was in the normal course of his job anyway, this week’s word is one that the salivating left has been throwing around gleefully without having any idea what it actually means.  Seeing as how the fake news underpinnings of this story didn’t even survive the weekend, this seems like an opportune time to hit on this word in particular.  This week’s word that leftists should not use is “treason.”

We already hit on the meaning of the word “collude” in chapter 16 of this series and “treason” dovetails with that.  Dictionary.com defines “treason” thus: the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign; a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state; the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.  So let’s unpack all of these as applies to even the most hysterical accusations against President Trump and his campaign.  Is he accused of acting to overthrow the government or kill its “sovereign?”  Not unless you think the Presidency belongs to the Democrats by right, although some Democrats probably do–they certainly seemed to think that the CFPB was theirs in perpetuity like some medieval fiefdom.  Is he accused of violating an allegiance to sovereign or state?  Getting dirt on Dr. Pantsuit from the Russians (which didn’t happen but remember we’re playing in leftist fantasyland for the moment) is hardly a violation of allegiance to the United States–and if it was then Dr. Pantsuit did the exact same thing with the Ukrainians.  Betrayal of trust or confidence?  Nope.  Breach of faith or treachery?  Negative.  Of course the latter definitions are about treason on a personal level anyway.

Doing opposition research on Dr. Pantsuit with the Russians, even if it happened, is not treason.  And if you come back with “well, he promised to help them out later ’cause they had blackmail material on him!”, let’s discuss shall we?  First, the dossier is fake.  Proven fake.  Admitted fake.  And even if it wasn’t, who the hell cares?  He had prostitutes defile a bed because he didn’t like Whatshisname?  So?  They unloaded way worse allegations on President Trump stateside and they bounced off.  The man is literally un-blackmailable because every nasty thing that can be said about him has already been said.  Furthermore, since being inaugurated, name one damn thing President Trump has done that Vlad Putin likes.  Promoting fracking?  Strengthening NATO?  Restoring friendship with Israel?  Kicking Bashar Assad in the chops?  Rebuilding American credibility on the world stage?  About the only thing Putin has gotten out of this deal is World War III didn’t happen.

But let’s talk about actual treason.  When you’re the outgoing administration and you kick out Russian diplomats and impose sanctions on the eve of your departure to deliberately make things difficult for the next president because you don’t like him and to promote your “Russian collusion” lie, isn’t that trying to overthrow the government?  Isn’t that violating your allegiance to the country, by intentionally doing something harmful just to spite the next guy?  When you violate your oath to the Constitution by illegally unmasking General Flynn in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights, isn’t that treason?  When you circumvent the Constitution to enter into deals like the Paris Accords or the Iran Nuclear Deal without proper congressional oversight, isn’t that a violation of your allegiance and a betrayal of trust?

The fact is even if the very worst hysterical imagined accusations against President Trump and his campaign are true, they aren’t treason.  Not remotely.  Hell, stopping Dr. Pantsuit from lying and cheating her way into the presidency and finishing the job of destroying the United States that Whatshisname laid eight years of groundwork for was probably the most patriotic thing anyone’s done since World War II, especially when you consider that President Trump went into this knowing the media assault he was going to have to endure for the rest of his life and knowing how much of his own fortune he was going to have to put up to make it happen.  Meanwhile the left’s supporters go out chanting things like “America was never great” and “No Trump, no wall, no USA at all” and praise people like the Rosenbergs while their leaders deliberately undermine and subvert and betray American interests every chance they get.  They went out and bowed and apologized to the world for America being America, they supported and cheered for the Communists for decades (and some cheered for the terrorists on and after 9/11), they ceded as much of our sovereignty to the United Nations as they could, and now they’re going to have the gall to tell us that President Trump committed treason by getting damaging information about Dr. Pantsuit, who wasn’t even in office?  Sorry morons, I don’t care how much you thought the presidency was rightfully hers, that doesn’t make her anyone’s sovereign and that’s not treason.  And you’d better hope that we’re too busy fixing the mess you America-hating scumbags made over the past eight years to start coming after the real traitors.

Another word next week.  At the rate the left is freaking out over the tax bill I’m sure I’ll have something tasty to talk about by then.


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