I really don’t want to keep talking about this…

I caught a story about the new ad being run by Doug Jones in Alabama.  I don’t think it’s the knockout punch that CFNN seems to believe, but I will admit it’s hitting me below the belt.  Just not for reasons that the Jones campaign was probably hoping.

The ad leads off with a quote from Ivanka Trump about how there’s a “special place in hell for those who prey on children.”  It would be nice if she could have directed that language at, say, Cecile Richards, but we’re talking about a vapid cutie who sells purses.  This frame was followed by quotes from Ivanka, from Alabama’s other senator Richard Shelby, and…Jeff Sessions.  All three of whom are quoted (and I don’t know the context) as saying “I believe the accusers.”  Et tu, Jeff?

Look folks, it’s real damned simple.  The accusations against Roy Moore are obviously bogus to anyone with a brain, and the more we learn about them, the more apparent that becomes.  The yearbook signature, the details that Stefan Molyneux so expertly highlighted, the fact that hey, there’s an election with pivotal national implications in a month, the cluster of “accusers” pulled together to make it look like there was a chain of incidents only to find that only one of the accusations even approaches bad behavior, followed by a plainly-scripted sob story as the expected finishing blow, and top it all off with the little fact that this behavior, even if it’s all 100% true (and it’s NOT), was from forty goddamned years ago.  If Moore was a “predator” there’d be a line of victims miles long.  We’d have heard about this way back when he put the Ten Commandments outside his court.  I’m not going to go any more into how the accusations against Moore are utterly unbelievable, I’ve done that several times already and if you’re still on that train there’s frankly no hope for you.  I’ll give you another shot, sure, but I’m not holding on for a happy ending there.

This is where the problem lies.  Republicans all up and down the spectrum leapt right past the “well if it’s true he ought to step down” to “I believe the accusers” after Mitch McConnell (god damn it Mitch, I wanted to believe) made the first step.  Ben Shapiro, who has been walking a fine line between Zombie NeverTrumper and the reason and sanity that demolished Piers Morgan, took a headfirst dive down the ZNT side on an appearance with Steven Crowder where he not only called the accusations “very credible” but then he ripped President Trump for his very wise decision not to say anything more about this matter.  Bye Ben, have a good life and remember, the facts don’t care that you feel like Roy Moore is guilty until proven innocent.  I don’t know if the Republicans in general are just trying to engage in preemptive fireproofing against the Weinstein wildfire but for God’s sake they ought to know better.  They’re taking a knee to the “listen and believe” types and sacrificing one of our finest in the hopes of scoring points that don’t matter.

Reports from Alabama waver between Moore’s still got this to it could go either way, and I still maintain that if the Democrats take this seat following their (realistically insignificant) wins in Virginia and other blue states, then it’s all over for us in 2018.  The Trump revolution will stop, the establishment will sit on its hands and wait for their Democrat overlords to reclaim Congress, and the combination of the (meaningless) wins in the blue states plus the upset victory in Alabama plus this “come to Jesus” moment wherein all these Democratic politicians and backers are outed for their supposedly-sordid pasts will snowball into a resurgence of Dr. Pantsuit-backed woman-pandering Democratic enthusiasm.  GOP voters, on the other hand, will see they’ve gotten nothing for their efforts and faith, and many will remember that the establishment types and even some of our supposed conservative superstars got on board with the witch hunt against Judge Moore, and they’ll ask the time-old Republican question, what’s the difference between these two parties again?  Now don’t get me wrong, a win for Moore is not going to mean 2018 will be smooth sailing and sunshine, but it will energize the base in the same way President Trump does, because frankly most people can see that this story is the same old bulls**t that the Democrats always pull, and the base loves the hell out of politicians who fight back.  That’s why we love President Trump so much.

I continue to believe that the fate of the Republican Party hinges on this election.  Watching the responses from even men whom I have praised to the rafters to these patently obvious lies against Roy Moore, I am forced to conclude that if we lose this race, then the Republican Party deserves to die.  If we betray one of our own, not just a soldier but a champion, in order to try to win some favor or friendship from baby-murdering Gaia-worshiping gun-grabbing fascist harpies who wouldn’t dump a bucket of icewater on us if we were on fire, then we deserve extinction.  I kept my faith in my party through eight long and difficult years under the last president, watching my side bow and yield and surrender and refuse to even try to fight back and stop the destruction he wrought.  I am rapidly losing that faith now.

I will remember.  Forgiveness will not come easily.  I am not alone.  There comes a point where “what choice do you have” ceases to be a persuasive reason to vote Republican, even for those of us who know it’s a binary choice.

UPDATE: It appears President Trump has broken his silence and come out in support of Judge Moore, saying he denies the allegations and that’s that.  That’s all I need to hear.  Thank you Mr. President.


Whose character is it anyway?

The ongoing media circus over allegations flying left and right (but seemingly much more left) continues apace and continues to be a lot of hyperventilation about trivial matters.  I stand by my earlier assertion that for the vast majority of these accusations, I would not give a good damn about the alleged behavior except for the fact that the perpetrators of said behavior are the guys out demanding that just the allegation be considered enough to derail someone’s career.  If you haven’t been spewing that nonsense when it was politically advantageous for you to do so, then you get full reasonable doubt treatment.  If you have, then get comfy on that petard pal, ’cause you’re fixin’ to get hoist.

So I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today and a kid from Florida called in and led off with “I’m more concerned about the culture war” to basically suggest that Roy Moore is dragging the party down with him and we ought to wash our hands of him even if it costs us the Senate seat.  This kid proceeded to equivocate on whether he believes Moore’s (lying) accusers and outright state he does NOT believe the one who claimed she was underage when whatever alleged behavior supposedly occurred (which is the only accusation that, you know, remotely approaches criminal behavior–and is still 40 years old at that).  I have to give Rush a lot of credit for politely and gently making an analogy to the left’s treatment and savagery of Sarah Palin and explaining without outright saying so that the kid doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Which he doesn’t.  The caller seemed to think that throwing Roy Moore under the bus would confer upon the Republicans some kind of moral high ground and give us “credibility,” all in the context of us being the party of “virtue” and “character.”

Wrong on all points, kid.  Could not be more wrong (including on his “what does one Senate seat matter at this point?” which is oblivious to the fact that Moore would be voting with the Republican agenda, not obstructing it).  Let’s put aside for a moment that “character” does not mean “throwing a friend and ally to the wolves the moment it becomes expedient to do so.”  Let’s forget that, media and NeverTrumper and establishment GOP nonsense to the contrary (Ben Shapiro, I’m looking right at you), the allegations against Roy Moore are plainly politically motivated bullcrap (that this kid does not even believe).  Let’s take all else as even here and just focus on the caller’s point that distancing ourselves from Roy Moore gives us the ethical high ground and will win us some kind of credit on the issue of “sexual harassment.”  And let’s talk about why that’s not only wrongheaded, but painfully incorrect.

This whole misandric miasma recently reminds me of my favorite improv “game” show, Whose Line Is It Anyway (from the Drew Carey days anyway), the show where “the games are made up and the points don’t matter.”  The games here ARE entirely made up.  As I have said before, this would have happened right on schedule (possibly even earlier) if Luther Strange had won the Alabama primary–there were rumors and murmurings of all kinds going back to when Big Luther first got appointed to Jeff Sessions’ vacant seat.  No, I am not saying there IS anything in Strange’s past, I am saying it does not matter to these people.  They’re not above making stuff up out of whole cloth.  They do it all the goddamned time.  But more importantly than even that, the “points” that this caller seemed to think we could score by sacrificing Moore to the harpies do not matter.  We have had the moral high ground on these things for decades and it has gotten us precisely nowhere, and it’s equivocators and compromisers like this kid who put us in that position to begin with.  This is the kind of attitude that scoffs at the idea of slippery slopes and mocks resistance to legislative and cultural shifts away from traditional values.  To the extent this is in any way related to the “culture war,” we lost that battle a long time ago.

I am perplexed and troubled by this young man’s assertion that it is somehow in “bad character” for Roy Moore to express interest in young (legal) women, especially in light of the fact that he expressly states he doesn’t believe there’s any credibility to the allegations regarding an underage woman, and yet truthfulness and loyalty don’t seem to enter into the “character” calculus at the same time.  So let’s get one thing very clear: this is all made up, and giving up on Judge Moore will not win us one shred of credibility or one point of moral superiority with these people–and even if it would, look at the monsters you’re trying to curry favor with for God’s sake.  These are the people who enabled Billy Jeff Clinton, looked the other way for Teddy Kennedy, and would have put Dr. Pantsuit into the presidency knowing just how horrible she is.  You want to raise your capital with them?  Don’t you even dare tell me about “character” after that, kid.

And on the subject of “well, the GOP hasn’t done anything with 52 seats, it won’t hurt us to lose one.”  Well then, Mr. Shortsighted, what happens in 2018 when we manage to get up to 59 GOP Senators not counting John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski, and we STILL can’t get anything done because of them AND because Doug Jones is defiling Jeff Sessions’ old seat?  Or the more likely outcome, what happens in 2018 when there ends up being 49 Republicans and 51 Democrats, counting Jones?  For pity’s sake kid, you have to hold the ground you gain if you want to keep advancing.  We are so damned close and that’s why the Democrats are pulling out all the stops.  Seriously, they are making more and more noise every day about throwing Billy Jeff himself on the pyre to keep the Weinstein wildfire burning hot enough to catch the GOP and President Trump in the conflagration.  And you want to throw the party and with it the entire country on a sword of pretend virtue to appease outraged feminists in some bizarre appeal to “character?”  Listening and believing uncritically is not character, child.  Giving up your own allies to your sworn enemies at the first sign of trouble is not character.  Sticking by proven friends when the road gets rocky, that’s character.

Stay the course.  Let’s show these animals just how powerful “thoughts and prayers” really are.

Words that leftists should not use, chapter 18

It was a bit of a busy week along Wanderer’s Way, not that the news was quiet in the slightest.  My thanks go to Stefan Molyneux this week for putting out a couple of knock-it-out-of-the-park videos (as he often does) encapsulating and unloading on the issues du jour practically flawlessly.  My thanks also go to Ben Shapiro, Mitch McConnell, NeverTrump Online (formerly known as National Review Online) and every other supposed “conservative” who was not content to say “well if it’s true then Moore ought to step aside” (which is obscenely ridiculous in itself) but instead went full-on “I believe the accusations and they’re credible.”  You guys all just added yourselves to a list of people I no longer have to waste time and energy listening to, sticking up for, or defending.  Or giving a good damn about either.  Some of you were there already, some of you were right up to that line and just crossed it, and some of you I tried very hard to give the benefit of the doubt, hoped and held to the belief that there was yet good in you, but when the time came to stand you knifed everything you claim to believe in the back to score points with people who still hate you.  But I’m getting off topic here.

This week’s word is one I was hesitant to use because of its emotionally charged and controversial nature.  Yet it is that very aspect of it that makes it a perfect topic for this series, because that nature is what allows the left to take this clearly-defined word and mangle it into a weapon to use against us.  They do this even when (and at times it seems especially when) it really does not apply to the facts at all.  This week’s word that leftists should not use is Rape.  Given the choice between risking my few followers and not so many readers versus giving up the integrity of this blog, I don’t think it’s even a question as to whether I need to include this word, and it’s pretty clear there’s never been a better time.

Rape is a very simple concept of criminal law.  Because it is a crime, the definition and wording varies slightly state to state, but in essence rape does have a very specific meaning, and that is generally the forced penetration of some bodily orifice (typically doesn’t matter which one) by some body part (again, not really important which) of the person doing the forcing, against the will of the person being penetrated, or in the alternative, forcing someone else to penetrate you.  Yes, feminists, women can commit rape against men.  Whether they’ll ever be convicted of it is another matter entirely.  Take away all the hairsplitting and word-lawyering and rape comes down to forced sexual intercourse, no more and no less.  This of course is one of the most serious crimes a person in our sex-obsessed society can commit, and the reasons why are a topic for another time.

But the left knows the power of words.  They know that not only do normals get agitated when people start talking sex crimes, but even conservatives often have a visceral reaction to this word.  And as we have seen on so many occasions, when the left gets hold of a powerful word, they don’t give two craps about whether they’re using it correctly.  They’ll swing that sucker like a hammer and just pray they connect sooner or later.  So they take this word and they apply it to every situation they can shoehorn it into–infamously, the “bake the damned cake” court found against the bakery because the court held that refusal to bake a cake was the equivalent of “mentally raping” the plaintiffs.  Um…you cannot “mentally rape” someone.  Not even Professor X with the power to walk into dreams and mess with your memories can “rape” someone with his mind.

This is the left’s game.  They take every perceived slight and every normal and healthy act of male attention directed towards women that just happens to be unwanted or even just non-reciprocal and they declare it to be “sexual assault,” and then they conflate sexual assault with rape so often and so fluidly that the terms become synonymous in the minds of the ignorant public.  Catcalling is not rape.  Leering at a woman is not rape.  Asking for a woman’s phone number is not rape.  Touching a woman is not rape.  Trying to kiss a woman is not rape.  Most of the Weinstein wildfire (not just against Harvey but against all of them) is not rape–in fact, except for the very few accusations of actual rape that have been leveled against people like Weinstein, Charlie Sheen, and Bill Cosby, this whole crapstorm is not rape.  Also, the Cosby allegations are bogus.  Al Franken, Louis C.K., even Kevin Spacey, none of that is rape (that I am presently aware of anyway).  And nothing that Roy Moore is accused of doing is rape either.  That doesn’t stop the left from taking unwanted attention or even jilted former girlfriends, spinning the stories into some kind of concocted sexual impropriety, and from there merrily skipping to “he’s a rapist.”

Most of what we know Billy Jeff did, by the way, was also not rape.  If he wasn’t the king of “listen and believe” I’d be putting Juanita Broaddrick to a stricter standard, but, you know, he is.  But I’m getting off topic again.

For most words on this list, I maintain leftists should stop using them just for the sake of the integrity of the language and because they make themselves look like idiots (but they seem to be good at that).  This one, however, there’s a much more serious reason why the left really ought to stop using this word, and that’s because this kind of reflexive accusation and utter disregard for the basis hurts actual victims of rape.  Seriously.  Every fake accusation, famous or not, that goes to the police or the media both takes up time and resources that are intended for people (usually women) who have actually been hurt and actually need help, and at the same time, constantly crying wolf makes every real report sound and seem less credible.  People are getting fed up with this crap and are beginning to see through it even when they’re not on the side that gets smeared with this bulls**t as a matter of course.  But the left doesn’t care about victims of rape any more than they care about victims of “gun violence” or “hate crimes,” which is to say, they care about them insofar as they can use them as props to push an agenda.

If I am not flamed into oblivion and kicked off WordPress for this post, there’ll be another word next week.


Where the analysis begins and ends

I don’t believe Bill Cosby’s accusers.

I don’t believe Donald Trump’s accusers.

I don’t care about most if not all of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers.

I did not believe Billy Jeff Clinton’s accusers at first.

So there’s your consistency.

We appear to be up to five accusers against Judge Roy Moore in Alabama now, three of whom allege no remotely criminal behavior whatsoever, the fourth of whom is a serial accuser with a very shady history whose accusations only shade towards anything illegal even if taken as 100% true.  The fifth and newest accuser also alleges no remotely criminal behavior whatsoever AND could not be more scripted if she included an evil villain cackle and a threat to tie her to the railroad tracks before the mysterious stranger drove the dastardly Roy Moore off and saved the ranch.

Seriously, between the timing and the age of these accusations, together with the fact that they’re for the most part not even close to criminal, but are engineered (by a convicted writer of bad checks no less) to sound as creepy as possible, this all screams out sloppy political hit job.  These accusations are neither credible nor worth giving any attention to…and yet the chorus of GOP politicians who are not just saying “if it’s true then” but are calling this abject bullcrap credible grows every day.  I officially take back every good thing I ever said about Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, and hell, if it gets back to me that Ted Cruz said these accusations are credible then I’ll throw in the towel on him too.  I’m not sure if these GOP-Establishment goons are just that scared of the feminists still that they are bowing to the “listen and believe” nonsense, or if they’re more worried about the likelihood that Roy Moore can win than they are the likelihood that if he loses then it’s really game over.  Virginia was no bellwether and not remotely a referendum on President Trump, and if it was then it shows that his base is holding even in blue states.  But if Moore loses in deep-red Alabama, then that’s the kind of win that could herald an actual Democratic wave in 2018.

Make no mistake, there is no scenario here where Luther Strange swoops in at the last moment to save this seat for the GOP on behalf of the establishment.  Fortunately it doesn’t look like Moore is even considering stepping down in the face of this smear campaign.  Either Moore wins and the GOP shuts up, in which case maybe the feminists keep trying or maybe they finally abandon this tactic (either way is fine by me); Moore wins and the Senate refuses to seat him as Cory Gardner (another jackass who I’ll never stick up for again) suggests, in which case look for the GOP civil war; or Moore loses, and on the strength of that win the Democrats finally stage a rally and render the remainder of the Trump presidency inert.  They also deploy this smear against every last Republican candidate everywhere.  It’s easy to do.  It doesn’t require a bit of truth, or it can be built on innocuous behavior.  Ever tried to kiss a girl who didn’t want to be kissed?  Forget about running for office even forty years later, pal.

Beyond this I don’t really care about revelations or allegations about bans from malls or yearbook signatures or whispers and murmurs from decades past (every one of which has been debunked so far, by the way).  These twits will concoct story upon story and one by one they will be knocked down as fabrications and fairy tales and yet the only thing you’ll hear about is when Kathy Moore repeats a counterattack that isn’t entirely correct (yeah, it doesn’t help when that happens, but when the other side is slinging bulls**t with both hands you’re perfectly justified in fighting back with whatever you can get your own hands on).  The only pertinent analysis is, is this forty years old, and is there an election with possible national consequences in a month’s time.  The answer is yes to both.  To any thinking person, that means this is all too cute to be believable.

I will be 100% blunt–I do not give a flying crap who Roy Moore tried to kiss or date forty years ago, and I do not believe his accusers in the first place.  And stop acting like it’s creepy or bad or perverted for a guy in his 30s (or at any stage in his life) to be attracted to physically mature young women over the age of consent.  It’s not.  That’s biology, retards.

I really don’t want to dwell on or keep coming back to this subject because as far as I am concerned the analysis is over.  I don’t care how many more accusers can call up Gloria Allred (1-800-MANSMEAR) and give weepy rehearsed performances that could only sound more fictional if she started her story with “Call me Ishmael.”  Right now it looks as though Alabama is not chasing the squirrel, but the December election could not get here fast enough.

I’m going to close with a video by Stefan Molyneux that gives a similar analysis and reaches the right conclusion.  Make sure you watch to the end, it’s worth it for the final punch he delivers.

Words that leftists should not use, chapter 17

Going to jump right in with today’s word.  I strongly considered bagging this week’s installment of WTLSNU because right now I’m more than a little worked up about the stupidity going on around Roy Moore and the (obviously false) allegations against him and I really don’t want to hackney an entry just to come back around to that topic, but it seems I have a word that’ll touch on an important part of that just the same.  In this era of prevalent fake news it’s also generally relevant.

Today’s word is “journalism.”  The dictionary definition of this word means the collection and editing of news for public dissemination, and one of the alternate definitions given by Merriam-Webster is particularly illuminating: “writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.”  It’s journalism if it’s unbiased.  It’s journalism if you don’t attempt to shade or slant or hide anything about it.  This blog, for example, is not journalism.  Conservative presenters like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity do not claim to be journalists. 

But neither are people who will put model rocket engines into truck gas tanks so they will explode on impact.  Neither are people who will create fake National Guard records to smear a presidential candidate.  Neither are people who will doctor and edit 911 tapes to make a battery victim sound like a Klansman out on a hunt.  Neither are people who will double and triple team a debate participant when they’re supposed to be “moderators.”  Neither are people who will brazenly lie about stupid things like how President Trump feeds koi.  And neither are people with a record of criminally dishonest behavior going looking for hit pieces and cajoling someone into making a specious 40-year-old allegation.  The fake news media does not engage in journalism.  In truth, almost no one does but at least the right is honest about it.  Fox News spent so much time trying to be “fair and balanced” that they drifted center-left and can’t be trusted any more than MSNBC.  You pick your bias and you choose who you trust and who you don’t, and you interpret the news accordingly.

Another word next week.  I don’t think “exonerated” is on my list, unfortunately, but I might find a way to finagle it in…

The Weinstein-Spacey-Sheen wildfire

When the first news broke about Harvey Weinstein and his alleged behavior towards eager young starlets-in-waiting, the question that a lot of people started asking (and appropriately so) was, why now?  It’s not like this has been a secret, not just of Weinstein but of Hollywood in general and directors and money men in particular.  The casting couch has long been a fact of life in show business–and let’s be clear that there’s a wide gulf of distinction between two consenting adults entering into an arrangement wherein one gets to jump the line of equally talentless young hopefuls with the help of an old rich guy who wants a chance to get in her pants in exchange, and anything at all involving a child actor.  My initial theory was that Harvey was reportedly in money trouble and, being a money man, if he was no longer useful as a kingmaker, he was suddenly more useful as a punching bag.  But to what end?  Even the midterm elections were more than a year away.  Possibly he was part of an effort to clear the decks and remove the Clintons from around the DNC’s neck once and for all?  The left in general certainly wasn’t scoring any points on this one other than general manufactured misandric outrage.

The fire started with Weinstein and caught on to other men committing similar acts in similar situations.  Then it really took off when revelations came out that Kevin Spacey, another renowned jerk, had come on to an underage boy years ago.  Spacey’s response to the allegations was to come out of the closet and claim not to recall but that he was very, very sorry if he did anything of the sort.  Corey Feldman’s long-downplayed allegations took center stage again and accusations came out against tiger-blooded face-of-winning-and-also-HIV Charlie Sheen regarding raping an underage male co-star.  As accusations piled upon accusations the flames seemed to be burning out of control, interrupted only briefly by reports of mass shootings or President Trump feeding fish.  Was this all just an orgy of man-hating that the left had sacrificed so many of their Hollywood faithful for?  Was this a scorched-earth rebranding and housecleaning in preparation for a big comeback tour?

And now we see the answer.  It should surprise no one.  The wildfire the left whipped up against its own has reached full intensity just on the heels of the Democrats’ completely predictable and utterly meaningless wins in states that Dr. Pantsuit won in 2016.  They’re out claiming that this was some kind of “referendum” on President Trump, which is like asking schoolchildren if they want more recess or more homework and acting surprised when “more recess” wins.  People like me look at the fact that the Republican base held and Ed Gillespie pulled about the same vote total as President Trump did in Virginia, and we respond that Democrat strongholds don’t matter half as much as Republican strongholds do.  And wouldn’t you know it, in about a month, we have a strong, outspoken, rough-around-the-edges hated-by-Democrats-and-establishment-GOP-alike Trump-esque candidate running to replace Jeff Sessions in red Alabama.  Roy Moore will be the real bellwether.

So it should be no surprise that the bogus, made-up allegations against Judge Moore come out conveniently in an offyear version of the same kind of October Surprise that Dr. Pantsuit tried to pull on President Trump.  Make no mistake, folks, these allegations are 100% pure horsecrap.  These accusers wait forty years to come out all at the same time, a month before a pivotal election, and get cajoled and pushed into it by fake news journalists, one of whom has a multi-state record for fake checks.  We have statutes of limitations for a reason, people.  And look, if there was anything to bring out about Judge Moore, they’d have brought it during the Ten Commandments controversy that he was at the center of.  With the Moore allegations, it becomes clear what the purpose of the Weinstein wildfire was–to give the kind of smear campaign that the left tried to run against President Trump a running start this time out.  It’s a virtual Australian-style fire tornado at this point and it’s bearing down on Judge Moore, having upgraded its tactics and outraged the public in advance.  And make no mistake, if we were talking about Luther Strange, they’d be doing the exact same damn thing.

Because ultimately, the target here is not Roy Moore.  The objective is to take this force of nature and try to direct it into another body blow against President Trump, by shaving the GOP Senate majority even thinner but also by trying to revivify the accusations that President Trump is somehow this awful womanizer (gee, Republicans worry about wrecking the economy and selling out classified information and uranium, Democrats worry about someone looking up a skirt…priorities much?).  They need to destroy Judge Moore and have him take down as much of the GOP and the Trump administration with him as they can, and there are only too many Zombie NeverTrumpers and establishment GOPers who are all too happy to help.

This is what they sacrificed Weinstein and Spacey and all the others for.  There’s even rumblings (distant and quiet though they may be) of adding Billy Jeff himself to the pile to give the flames one more good stoking.  The outrage of good people has added to this conflagration while clearer heads (like me) have been trying to point out that there’s a long game working here, don’t get so wrapped up in schadenfreude over the admittedly despicable Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood scumbags getting their comeuppances that you lose sight of due process and of how utterly contemptible both their accusers and false accusers in general are.

The trap is sprung, folks.  This is the Hail Mary play that they sacrificed their heroes for.  If they manage to pull a Todd Akin on Roy Moore, we’re in big trouble, because those sacrifices will have been worth it.  These accusations are bogus.  Don’t fall for it.

Paul LePage is awesome

On this the anniversary of the glorious bloodless revolution that saw Dr. Pantsuit finally defeated and marked the beginning of the end of the beginning, as the Democrats attempt to spin their expected victories in sapphire-blue states into a referendum on President Trump that means 2018 is already over, part of the day’s news that is mostly staying under the radar concerns Governor Paul LePage in my beloved home state of Maine.  I’ve praised Governor LePage before and expect to have cause to do so again and again and I only regret that he did not come into the governor’s mansion until long after I’d moved away.  As part of the elections yesterday, Maine went to vote on a referendum to expand Medicaid over the objections of the governor, and wouldn’t you know it, it passed.  Free health care for everybody, yay!

And Governor LePage has come out and said he doesn’t care.  He’s not going to do it.  Which could get interesting in short order.  God bless him.

Let me tell you something about referendums in Maine–it may work just like this in every state that allows direct ballot initiatives, but I know this is how it goes in Maine.  Like most urban areas, the cities in the southern coastal portions of the state are very Democrat and it’s easy for the leftist cause du jour to round up a whole bunch of signatures and get something on the ballot, but they usually don’t win the first time out.  Or the second.  Or even the third.  But when these people (usually from out-of-state) are told “no,” they don’t accept it and go home.  They come back with another petition and start the whole mess over again and keep on doing it until they get their way.  As one person from Maine put it, “we vote and we vote and we vote until they win, and then we never vote again.”  Once one of these initiatives wins it somehow becomes sacrosanct and unchallengeable, as immutable as if carved in stone, the “settled law of the land” as it were.  Doesn’t matter if it’s mandatory seatbelt use or a prohibition against bans on preferential treatment for gay people or a ban on clearcutting, if they don’t get what they want, to hell with the will of the people.

I don’t know how many times this particular referendum has been done, maybe it was even the first time, but I do know that Governor LePage won re-election so the voters have said at least twice that they want the man to do his job the way he’s doing it.  I hope he does stick to his guns and tells these losers they don’t get to cry and bang on the door until he gives in and lets them take the other kids’ cookies.  And then I hope he primaries the hell out of Susan Collins.

Don’t get excited

So, the news tonight is Democrats in blue states won.  Color me shocked.

Yeah, we had some hope for Virginia after the disgusting “Ed Gillespie wants to run brown kids over with a truck” ad, but apparently that’s the angle the Democrats want to go with.  That’s cool.  I’m fine with that.  Don’t kid yourselves, lots of Virginia might geographically be red(dish) but NoVa has taken over.  This was made plainly obvious back when Terry McAuliffe beat Ken Cuccinelli four years ago, and it’s still obvious.  It’s true that Virginia has had some backlash Republicans in recent memory, Senator George Allen and Governor McDonnell notably so, but both of them ended up getting absolutely trashed by the state’s Democratic apparatus and the memory of McDonnell and the scandal surrounding him after he left office is still fresh.  This is the state that gave us Tim Kaine and Mark Warner.  Don’t pretend it’s “purple.”

I’m also not putting anything past known fraud Terry McAuliffe and his and his party’s ability to “deliver votes.”  Just throwin’ that out there.

The Democrats are out rejoicing over an impending “wave” and the zombie NeverTrumpers are congratulating themselves in oblivious ignorance of the fact that Ed Gillespie was never a Trumpist.  He was establishment GOP through and through.  Perennial pessimist Ben Shapiro, who once maintained that no candidate we could field had any chance of defeating Dr. Pantsuit, now claims that the Democrats without the albatross of the Pantsuit family are stronger than the GOP with Trump.  Uh, no.  First of all, in case you haven’t noticed Ben, Dr. Pantsuit hasn’t gone away.  And second, we’ve hardly seen the GOP with Trump.  Most often, it’s been sufficient that the Democratic candidates in these offseason elections have been running against Trump more than their actual opponents.  And the fact is the Democrats were due to start claiming a “wave” any day now as they start gearing up for midterm season.  I’m sure they already have the rigged polls ready to go and more on the way to lead up to the week before the election when lo and behold things will mysteriously turn around like they always do.

This race is not a bellwether of anything but the fact that the mushrooming swamp in Northern Virginia has claimed the rest of the state.  Virginia was never even considered to be in play in 2016 and came damn close nevertheless.  You want to look at a real race, let’s see how Judge Moore does in the Alabama Senate special election.  If he loses or squeaks by then it’s a problem.  If he wins in a blowout then the GOP better sit up and take notice, and the actual Republicans had better start primarying the establishment types or else get used to the idea of welcoming back your Democrat overlords.

What’s really sickening about this is that Zombie NeverTrumpers are almost gleeful about this–unrepentant NeverTrump jackass Ace of Spades is already predicting “Speaker Nancy Pelosi” and as noted above the normally insightful (if dour) Ben Shapiro is grousing about “well, the Republicans are getting clobbered across the board, so that blows out your Gillespie lost because he was establishment theory.”  First of all, no, the GOP lost neutral districts tonight mostly, and second, the name at the top of the ticket drives people to the polls.  Ben damned well knows this.  Gillespie just wasn’t getting the energy.  And yes, Brit Hume, it IS all about the President because he’s the only politician visibly trying to do something about this mess.  I’m sure you’ll turn around and tell us how this is a referendum on President Trump but let the President say Gillespie lost because he didn’t get on the train and suddenly it’s “all about him.”  Go screw off.  As for Erick Erickson, yes you dumbass, Northern Virginia sucks and Gillespie didn’t run full Trump.  Look guys, if you want to call up Peter Daou and have yourselves a little Dr. Pantsuit fan club meeting, you go right ahead.  We the people gave the Republicans Washington on a silver platter and now you have the nerve to act like we didn’t mean it when Democrats win in a Democratic state.  Whatever.

EDIT: I do want to give a hat tip to John Nolte and Andrew Klavan for their reactions to tonight’s political news.  Nolte responded to a comment by Brit Hume that “it seems that NeverTrump has become a cheering section against Republicans” by saying “it always was” (and he’s right), and Klavan’s reaction was “Not convinced that Democrats winning blue states is a message to [Donald Trump].  It’s a stretch.”  Well said guys.

Hanlon’s Razor cuts both ways

gun control sheep

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”  You’ve probably heard some variant on this expression before.  It’s known as Hanlon’s Razor, and the point it makes is a good one.  Most of the time, people who are promoting evil ideas are just useful idiots or simply aren’t bright enough to realize the consequences of their actions.  Likewise, people whose failures have catastrophic results usually don’t intend to hurt others through their inattention and they didn’t screw up on purpose.  But the caveat to this is that stupidity has to be an adequate explanation for the nature and degree of failure that happened.

I have said on many occasions that the gun grabber is by far the stupidest breed of leftist there is, and I still hold to that.  The very concept that a law will stop someone who intends to break the law and does not intend to survive is mindbogglingly dumb.  Maybe it’s simple misunderstanding of the physics and engineering behind guns (they are really not hard to make), maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but certain revelations have come to light following the Texas church shooting that lead me to believe that this crusade and its asinine, blood-soaked results are no longer adequately explained by stupidity.  We are learning that the monster who opened fire on a church was not only dishonorably discharged for a domestic violence incident, AND spent a year in the stockade for it, but that he also escaped from a mental hospital in 2012–and still passed a federal check.  Gun-lovin’ Texas turned him down but the feds okayed him.  In the course of finding this out, we also learned that there has been all of one such domestic violence incident reported by the Department of Defense to the FBI.  One.  One.

Do not tell me we need more laws when the laws we have are being so grossly unenforced.  But guess which laws are working just fine and dandy?  You guessed it–the “gun-free zone” laws that provide homicidal bastards with vulnerable clusters of innocent victims who have no chance of fighting back because of course they obey the damn law and don’t carry where the law says not to carry.

When you see the failure to enforce these supposedly “common sense” background check laws, you reach the point quickly where stupidity ceases to be an adequate explanation.  I include the picture above not just because it captures the basic point of the foolhardiness of gun control, but also because it helps to illustrate what the real aim of gun control is.  Because you see, it’s not just the wolf who wants the flock of sheep to remain docile and vulnerable, and the point of fences and sheepdogs and farmhands going varmint hunting is not to ensure the sheep live to a ripe old age, but rather to ensure that they’re utilized and exploited and eventually slaughtered by the farmer instead of a wolf.

The situation begins to actually clarify and make sense if you stop presuming that the point of gun control is to stop maniacs and mass killings.  It’s not, and that becomes more and more clear with every passing incident.  The point of gun control is to steadily disassemble the Second Amendment one “common sense” restriction at a time, and the consequences just get spun back into the narrative to push for more control.  Regulations on automatic weapons and bans on bump stocks inch toward the goal but the real coup was when they came up with this idea of “gun-free” zones, which had the dual effect of disarming people in an ever-increasing list of places and also providing killers with conveniently laid out sheep waiting to be slaughtered where they stood, with little to no chance of fighting back because of course these decent law-abiding folks obey the law.  So you get the people accustomed to giving up their weapons in about half the places they travel to on a daily basis and at the same time you ensure there will be a steady stream of politically-useful atrocities you can use to keep pushing for more laws.  I can no longer believe that this self-perpetuating cycle could possibly be the result of an accidental miscalculation.  It’s just too perfect.

But of course that in itself is not enough.  These statist monsters cannot take the risk that their first few “common sense” steps might be sufficient to “solve the problem.”  Can’t have that.  If “common sense” laws like background checks worked then how would they ever push for total confiscation?  So the solution is really so simple as to be painfully obvious–just don’t enforce the law that you wailed and cried and marched and screamed that you “demanded” from your elected representatives.  Keep shrieking until your throat is raw about how Republicans want to make it easier for the mentally ill to get guns (which is a blatant lie) but then make sure that it isn’t actually difficult for the mentally ill to get guns, because you’re not actually interested in safety.  You just want the guns.  Rant on about how the NRA buys politicians ($3 million over 20 years doesn’t pay for parking in downtown DC) but ignore it when Joe Biden tells the NRA that they just “don’t have time” to enforce background check violations.  Because you’re not actually interested in the background checks, you just want the guns.  And the way you get the guns is more mass shootings.  You cannot afford for “common sense” measures to reduce gun violence (not that they have any effect on violence in general, but of course when it’s a Muslim dude in a truck it’s just “the price we pay for diversity” and something we have to learn to live with) because without specifically gun-related violence you can’t advance what you really and truly seek.

When you apply the corollary to Hanlon’s Razor it becomes clear that to the gun grabbers and their ultimate objectives, men like Adam Lanza amd Omar Mateen and Stephen Paddock and Devin Kelley are not bugs in the system but features.  Their rampages have been directly enabled by the efforts of gun grabbers to disarm the law-abiding populace, and now we know that the laws these statist monsters insisted they had to have are not even being enforced, and at this point it’s so plainly obvious that simple stupidity no longer adequately explains it.  They know damned well what they’re doing and they don’t care how many innocent people are killed.  So you can all quit pretending you give a good damn about people getting shot and start cheering for the deaths of Christian Trump supporters with the other harpies on Twitter, they may be disgusting filth but at least they’re honest about it.