Rocketman and the losers

Let’s get something straight at the outset here.  When Whatshisname went out and declared that ISIS was “the JV squad” to Al Qaeda, the point was not to denigrate and belittle ISIS.  Quite the opposite, as was made plain by the last administration’s nigh-unto-eagerness to call them by whatever name they decided sounded cool this week, whether it was ISIL or Daesh or what have you (would have been awkward if they had come up with some acronym that spelled “ISLAM” or “MUSLIM” since that was the one thing the last administration steadfastly refused to call them). The objective in using such language was to trivialize the concerns of the last President’s political opponents over his absolutely retarded strategy for dealing with these people.  We saw then and we are continuing to see today how the last administration created gigantic problems that no one could ever possibly have foreseen…except Republicans and conservatives and soon-to-be-President Trump (who was neither Republican nor conservative at the time) all shouted ourselves hoarse that we were headed for a disaster.  And of course any thinking person can see that the “Iran Deal” is so onesided that it can barely be called a “deal” at all.

By contrast, President Trump’s approach to both the North Koreans and to Islamic terrorists (Iranian and otherwise) is to both acknowledge the situation and to de-legitimize the hostile players in it.  Calling Iran an exporter of violence and denouncing the Iran nuclear “deal” is both 100% accurate AND it’s something that desperately needs to be said by the leader of the West.  It’s telling that Senator Dianne “I’m not the kind of Jewish the Muslims want dead” Feinstein came out braying about how no one would trust the United States if we backed out of the Iran deal, which we all know was part of the reason they had to ram it through–they had to set it up as an untenable no-win situation for the next administration as best they could.  Because if there’s anything the left is good at, it’s rigging the game so they win either way.  Of course, if Dr. Pantsuit had won, they’d be merrily helping Iran develop their nuclear program even more than the deal called for (a few more pallets full of money would go a long way you know), but since she didn’t they have left President Trump with the choice between allowing Iran’s nuclear ambitions to go forward, funded and aided for at least the waning months of the last presidency, or to undermine America’s credibility in the world by upending the deal.  Of course that’s really not a choice at all, but that’s how they will spin it.

Calling out North Korea, on the other hand, was a display of backbone that was both not a moment too soon and that was entirely appropriate.  Do note that despite the hysterics of the anti-American left, the President did not just threaten to wantonly roll into Pyongyang and start blowing things up while he made fun of Kim Jong Un.  He went to great lengths to stress that the United States has both great strength and great patience, and his “we will totally destroy North Korea” was clearly preceded by the phrase “we will have no other choice.”  And he’s right.  Almost sixty years of just tolerating the North Korean Communist regime has only resulted in death and misery for untold numbers of Koreans while their ever-more-ambitious-and-unhinged Maximum Leaders just get more and more explody toys with every passing Democratic presidency.  And the fact is that for the most part, even a nuclear North Korea can’t really threaten the United States…but they could destroy South Korea.  Or Japan.  Or numerous other Southeast Asian countries.  They could do untold damage to China or Russia, and yes, they could even bloody us if they took a mind to it and got lucky.  But they have to be made to believe that if they do any of that, not one of them will live to see the next sunrise.  Treating them with kid gloves won’t help that.

What will help that is to take them seriously as what they are, both terrorists and the Norks.  And what they are is crazed, deluded animals.  They won’t win if they start a major conflict, but if they don’t believe they’ll get hit back then they are just crazy enough to think they could sucker punch us and get away with it.  Belittling terrorists as “losers” and mocking Kim Jong Un as “Rocketman” serves to take the wind out of their sails and deflate their tough-guy standing-up-to-America self-image.  Terrorists (and terrorist nations) need to spread fear to get results, and laughing at them undermines the power they’re trying to build up.  At the same time, you can only mock them if you’re powerful enough to stop them dead in their tracks–and if you make them and their oppressed people believe that you’re serious, then problems like Kim Jong Un have a way of taking care of themselves.

So far President Trump has done a bang-up job of rebuilding our position and image in the world, first with demonstrating that we can and will strike hard and fast when he kicked Bashar Assad in the teeth, and now with boldly and unapologetically asserting that the United States will do what is necessary to protect itself and its allies.  As opposed to the last guy who mumbled something about “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  Um…you’re supposed to be American, and Americans can slander any prophets they want to.

Word is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu loved the speech too.  And of course there was the beautiful line about how Venezuela isn’t failing because they are doing socialism wrong, but because they’re doing it exactly right.  So over the next few days as things like DACA swing back into the fore, remember today’s performance.  There are lots of things President Trump could be doing better, but today he knocked it out of the park.  MAGA.


Lies, damned lies, and abortion

I will frequently link posts from here into comment boards on Twitchy, but today I’m going to link what is probably the most powerful Twitchy article I have ever read here.  Take the time to read it.  Let it all sink in.  Then tell me how baby murder is all about women’s choice and health care and compassion.

I triple dog dare you.

Mister Trump goes to the U.N.

Reports out of President Trump’s address to the United Nations indicate that he’s hitting another home run.  Lefties are apoplectic, terrorist nations are on notice.  Venezuela and Iran in particular have been in the President’s sights and I’m sure the Norks will be mentioned if they have not been already.

I’ll probably give a rundown of the address later but for the moment I had to mention that it gives me no small amount of joy to picture President Trump delivering his famous “believe me” to the stuffed shirts and globalist twits at the U.N. General Assembly.  I can forgive a whole lot of flaws for that one glorious moment.

Words that leftists should not use, chapter 10

After the massive hysterics and potential/probable missteps this week regarding DACA, amnesty, and immigration law enforcement in general, I thought it would be an excellent time to present this word that the left really doesn’t have a flippin’ clue how to use.  That word is “immigrant.”

A lot of the time, when lefties run their filthy mouths about how President Trump and his supporters “hate immigrants” or want bad things to happen to “immigrants” or are hostile to “immigrants,” people respond by pointing out that as a general rule, Americans and conservatives have no problem whatsoever with legal immigrants regardless of what color or nationality or religion they are.  They went through the process and are here because they want to be part of our country, and we say good on ’em for it.  This is distinguished significantly from illegal immigrants who sneaked in the back door and proceeded to sponge off the public dole, vote illegally, commit crimes (and their presence in the country IS a crime), and in general demonstrate in stark terms why we have immigration laws in the first place.  This is not a bad thing to point out but it misses the heart of the matter almost entirely.

Because you see, to the left, “immigrant” means “brown person who is loaded with culture who wants to live in the United States, regardless of reasons or legal right to do so.”  That’s not what “immigrant” means at all.  To put it simply, when the term “immigrant” is used properly, adding “legal” is redundant.  An immigrant is a person who travels to a country with the intent to remain there and to become a citizen of that country, and to integrate into that country.  It does not mean that you abandon your national identity, but it does mean that you subsume it into the fabric of the community or nation that you wish to join.  This is the entire concept of the “melting pot,” which you’d think the leftists would be all about since forcing conformity is their thing, until you realize that melting into American culture (which there definitely is) is something the left does not want at all.  An actual immigrant does not refuse to learn English or self-segregate into ethnic cloisters to create a little outpost of Mexico or Burma or China or Morocco or whatever country they left.  Sure, they might settle near family and friends initially and might speak their native language at home, but the expectation is not that you’re setting up some kind of foreign embassy.

This is why the term “illegal immigrant” is improper, because if you are in fact illegal, then you are NOT an immigrant.  An immigrant seeking to become part of a country peacefully and legitimately doesn’t start that process by breaking that nation’s laws (no matter how “racist” lefties might think those laws are).  The process is long but really, it’s not awful nor is it difficult.  If you don’t go by the legal process then really, “immigrant” is not the term for you.  “Invader” is a better one.  “Alien” works too if “invader” sounds too hostile, but really, you enter in violation of the law with the intent to subvert the host nation and/or plunder its resources?  Sounds like an invader to me.

The whole point of a nation allowing immigration is, to quote the Borg, to add your distinctiveness to our own.  Which is to say, you’re going to be one of us, but we’re happy to add the unique things you bring to our society on top of that.  The point of immigration is expressly NOT to transform the host country into the third-world craphole you just got out of.  The word for that is “conquest.”  Of course many lefties think they’d be thrilled to death if evil racist capitalist racist white supremacist racist bigoted racist America’s culture was overtaken and supplanted by third world barbarians, without for a moment even considering that the Western Civilization they despise and belittle is the source of the prosperity and freedom that the rest of the world envies–and no, children, it has nothing to do with skin color.

And finally, you’re also not an immigrant if you were brought here as a child through no fault or action of your own.  But if you’re as awesome as the DACA cheerleaders claim then you should have no trouble at all breezing through naturalization.  Somehow I doubt that every one of you will, which is why we have a naturalization process in the first place.

Another word coming up next week.  Got plenty more where the first ten came from.

Whether they realize it or not…

California’s legislature declared its intent to secede from the Union today.

They sent a bill to Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown’s desk declaring California to be a “sanctuary state”–obstructing the performance of ICE officers and sheltering illegal aliens in violation of federal law.  Immigration is expressly a federal issue over which individual cities and states do not hold veto power.  Imagine if you will that the city of Plano, Texas was to declare that henceforth, no immigrant entering the country via a land crossing at the southern U.S. border would be permitted within the city limits on pain of jail time, regardless of legal status.  That means if you’re perfectly legal and cool with ICE and the feds with papers in-hand, but you wander into Plano, they can detain you solely for having entered the country at the southern border of Texas.  That’d be horrific, right?  Plano’s got no right to do that, right?

No different than what your average sanctuary city does, and now it’s looking like California is taking that concept and applying it statewide.  I’m not kidding folks, when California takes a federal issue affecting everyone and declares unilaterally “nope, we’re not doing it this way and you’re not going to enforce your rules on OUR land,” I think that’s preamble to secession whether these bozos meant it to be or not.  For those of you who still think that’s a bad thing, the alternative now is for this to go unanswered.  So what’s to stop, say, Oregon from doing the same thing?  What’s preventing other states from taking over federal authority whenever they see fit?  While I would normally actually be all FOR states reclaiming their Tenth Amendment authority, some things MUST be handled on the federal level because they affect us all.  Say for example that California allows a million illegal aliens to stay in California and gives them drivers’ licenses.  What happens when some of those illegals utilize our wide-open interstate borders and take their according-to-California-legit drivers’ licenses to other states, then get in accidents or commit crimes while they’re there?  The full faith and credit clause means that Ohio and Wyoming and Georgia all have to accept that California driver’s license even though the person holding it is not in the country legally.  In other words, it doesn’t just affect California as long as they’re still part of the United States.  That’s why this is expressly a federal issue.

Now of course California is not going to declare they’re seceding in so many words, not while they still think they can get money and support from the federal government, but if they’re not abiding by federal law in one of the few places they need to, then there’s no reason they should continue to be treated like they’re part of the country.  This is analogous to a young adult child still living at home with his parents deciding that the parents’ rules will not apply to him–as long as what he does only affects him, Mom and Dad will generally let him be, but then he starts piling up pizza boxes in his room and attracting roaches then they get all through the house, and that pot smoke wafts everywhere, and the whole house can hear his crappy music and the racket he makes when he comes in at 3 AM.  In that situation the adult child ends up with two choices: you either abide by the rules, or you get your own place and support yourself.

It’s time for California to be forced to make that choice.  Cut off their funding and either make them behave or cut them loose.  They’ll be fine and so will we.

Poland is doing it right

While we’re over here dealing with our own illegal immigration issues, the EU is busily imploding over migrant and “refugee” problems themselves.  Brexit happened and then bogged down as Remoaners sandbagged the process and have whined incessantly for a do-over, France had their chance to say “non” and instead elected a pretty boy wiseass who married his statutory rapist, Sweden keeps demonstrating why a socialist state can’t work as it metastasizes from the left’s Potemkin village to the rape capital of the world, and on and on it goes.

In the midst of all this, a few bright spots appear on the horizon where one would least expect them.  While Vladimir Putin is declaring feminists to be domestic terrorists and Chechnya has outlawed divorce (both amazing things I’d never have expected to see), a handful of Eastern European nations have stood up to the machinations of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the EU’s scheme to import millions of migrants.  These include the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and most notably, Poland.  All four of these plucky former Soviet satellites have either taken in almost none of the migrants that the EU has decreed they shall (the Czechs have taken in all of twelve) or they have refused outright (the other three).  In reponse, Merkel and the EU have threatened to fine them for every migrant that is “assigned” to them that they refuse admission to.

Let’s put aside for a moment how asinine this is even in concept.  Poland, that beleaguered nation whose national pastime has historically appeared to be losing wars, but also the country that helped us set the dominoes in motion for the ultimate liberation of Eastern Europe from Communism, appears to have finally had enough of being the butt of the rest of the world’s jokes, and is now teaching a master class on turning the debate against the globalists.  In response to the EU’s threats, Poland has not only held its ground, but has suggested that Germany owes them about a trillion dollars in war reparations for World War II.

If that doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will.

I’m going to link a video from Sargon of Akkad about this–I’m mostly repeating what’s in this video but Sargon and a few others have been talking about the situation in Poland for some time now.  Perhaps the United States is not the last bastion after all.

Adding another voice

Stefan Molyneux has weighed in with one of his characteristically thorough historical analyses of DACA and deftly fillets the idea that DACA is no big deal, the “DREAMers” are a bunch of doe-eyed children, that the idea was just to let the kids stay and not bootstrap legitimacy to their parents, etc.  It’s worth the time to give a listen.  The only caveat or reservation I would have is that we still don’t know what, if anything, President Trump is getting in exchange for the proposed enshrinement of DACA.  Rush Limbaugh put it best, there’s going to be a price to be paid to undo the mess the last few administrations made of this.  Sometimes you are not given a good and bad choice but merely have your pick of similarly unpleasant options.

I do want to repeat, because I think it’s important: DACA is NOT amnesty, not as long as it stays within just the DACA parameters.  If it begins to chain to parents, spouses, relatives and other actual illegal aliens, THEN it becomes amnesty.  While it is more than a little naive to expect that any safeguards put in would prevent chain migration from happening as a result of DACA becoming permanent, there’s always room to hope that it can be done in a way that will prevent DAPA from following or at least slow it down considerably.  If we’ve learned anything so far, it’s that once a law is in place it can be very hard to get rid of it, so writing up a version of DACA that at least nominally forecloses on DAPA could in theory be better than just leaving the issue unresolved for the next Democratic president to exploit.

Educate yourselves, you’ll be glad you did:

For another perspective…

Milo Yiannopoulos has weighed in on the subject of the DACA “deal” as well.  Do note that Milo is NOT declaring that all is lost and that it’s over for President Trump, but rather predicting (and warning) that if this course of action continues, President Trump’s base will collapse and his supporters WILL abandon him.

He’s right.

Negotiations in progress

I’m going to link a video from a YouTube personality who goes by the handle “Styxhexenhammer666” about the whole DACA dustup.  Styx has appeared on Louder With Crowder before and I’m not all that familiar with him but he strikes me as a somewhat less charismatic, less well read version of Stefan Molyneux, which is both high praise and nigh unto damnation.  It also essentially means that when I like what he has to say I’m really going to like it, whereas if I don’t, I’m going to shut him off and probably not watch for a week or two.  Yeah, he’s said some pretty twisted (not to mention wrong) things about Ted Cruz.

Anyway, this isn’t meant to be a discussion about Styx.  I think he takes a bit too sunny of a view of the negotiations with people like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, because as I explained in my last post you really cannot negotiate with these people unless you’re prepared for some dirty pool, but I do like his very realistic attitude towards the process.  As he puts it, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  I might almost call him overly optimistic, and considering I tend to be an optimistic person that’s saying something.

I’ll let Styx take it from here:

Dancing with the devil

Conservatives on and offline have been losing their collective composure over the past day and a half over revelations that Chuck U. Schumer and Nancy Pelosi had a sit-down with President Trump, after which they came out bragging that DACA will be “enshrined into law” without an agreement on the border wall.  Zombie NeverTrumpers are pouncing on their long-awaited “I tollllld you soooooo” while even the President’s most ardent supporters are just dumbstruck.  In what has to be the first tweet from @realDonaldTrump that I have taken issue with since his taking office, the President asked rhetorically “does anyone really want to deport [“DREAMers”]?” to which I and millions of others have responded “um, as a matter of fact, YES.”

So we’re getting this Don Music throw-our-hands-up-and-walk-away act right as we’re watching Dr. Pantsuit make a blithering fool of herself on her latest book tour, coming straight off of command performances on the responses to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma (geez, sounds like a couple from a trailer park in the middle of Appalachia), and oh yes, on the day when House Speaker Paul Ryan has announced the House has passed actual legislation that funds the wall, defunds Planned Baby Murder, and oh yeah, has nothing to do with Nancy Pelosi’s “deal.”  You see folks, this whole “Congress won’t work with the President” thing goes both ways, or have we forgotten when the Freedom Caucus was the roadblock in the House of Representatives (as well they should have been)?  It frankly doesn’t matter one damned bit what goofy plans or deals that the Democrats can strike with President Trump, they won’t get anywhere without at least some Republican turncoats going along with them.

The problem is not in the White House, the problem is in the Senate.  I’d like to believe that there’s a master plan at work here to spur the scorned GOP into action, but even my opinion of President Trump isn’t that elevated.  As a matter of fact I think it’s important to point out and remember a few critical things at this juncture.

First of all, the very idea that President Trump could work with the Democrats is and ought to be very disturbing.  I will note as I have before that it is equally distressing that he might be able to get a better deal out of the people who call him Hitler than the party to whom he delivered all of Washington on a silver platter, but that’s beside the point.  Especially because he might think he’s getting a better deal out of them, but the Democrats have a long and storied history of pulling fast ones and reneging on deals once they get what they want out of them.  I can think of no better example than President Ronaldus Magnus himself, when he granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the 1980s in exchange for what was supposed to be much tighter control over immigration and an essential promise that this would be the last time.  The result being California was ceded to the Democratic party in perpetuity and the Democrats thanked us by promptly welching on every part of their end of the agreement.  The simple and basic truth is that you cannot work with these people.  Some of President Trump’s detractors would have us believe that he is capable of some dirty negotiations and takebacks himself, and in all honesty if he’s going to try to deal with the Democrats then I hope he’s got an ace up each sleeve and a hand behind his back with his fingers crossed.  Dealing with them above-the-board in any honest sense is just asking to get swindled.

Second, I have posted about DACA a few times before.  Yes, I want the so-called “DREAMers” to be sent the hell home–let them apply legally and let their lawbreaking parents be forever barred, fine.  But when it comes right down to it I can see (and I have said this before) how this small subset of the overall illegal population might be worth more as a concession than as a victory.  Kicking over this hornet’s nest just to fix the problem would make the idiot protesters do a double take (don’t think for a moment that it’ll stop them, but it’ll confuse them for a few minutes), and it’ll pull the sting of this emotionally-charged issue.  Face it, lots of people have bought the stupid line that these are all smiling children waving American flags while they get straight-As and help old ladies cross the street and say cute things like “Papi” with accents that make your pancreas explode.  Remove them from the equation and the amnesty proponents are left with the MS13 types.  And let’s be clear: making DACA law would NOT be amnesty.  Amnesty would apply to the people who broke the law in the first place.  If we’re going to use the analogy of bank robbers and their kids to illegal aliens and their children, as in we don’t send the criminal’s children to jail for his crimes but we also don’t let them keep the money, then you kinda have to follow it through.  And if it’s going to happen, it needs to be under someone like President Trump, because you have to remember, the end goal of DACA was DAPA–essentially, the point of legalizing the “DREAMers” was to use them to bootstrap amnesty for the rest of their families.  I’m no fan of DACA but the biggest reason is this whole foot-in-the-door idea.

This is why the wall is so important.  Once it’s built, the only way the border will become as porous again will be if the wall is physically torn down by a future administration.  I won’t put that past the Democrats but it’s a little more obvious and brazen (not to mention harder to cover up) than just handcuffing ICE and not letting them do their jobs.

Which leads me into the third important point to bring up.  President Trump has made and will continue to make bad moves.  He has and will continue to do things that will not make his largely-conservative base happy.  That does not invalidate in any way the good things that he has done, or the great things that he IS trying to do.  I wrote not long ago about riding the Gorsuch train and how we expect more out of these four years than a Supreme Court justice even if he turns out to be Scalia reborn, but the thing is, that was aimed at the Republicans in the Senate.  I’ve listed President Trump’s accomplishments before and that list is impressively long considering he’s been in office less than nine months.  Of course, following up on Whatshisname’s pen and phone, there was a lot that President Trump could do just by tearing up the crap the last administration left.

I’m not giving the President a blank check, and if he deals with the Democrats I’ll call it a bad move like it is.  But that doesn’t mean President Trump has gone over to the dark side, nor is it proof that #NeverTrump was right (Jesus Christ people, you still want Dr. Pantsuit to have won?  WTActualF is wrong with you?), nor will it invalidate him or his presidency.  We’re less than one year in folks, let’s give it time and see what happens before we judge the man.  Rest assured, if it’s called for, then judge we shall.