And the winners are…

President Trump presented his highly-anticipated Fake News Awards earlier this evening.  I’m going to provide a link to the list here as reprinted at The Gateway Pundit, because as Twitter quickly took note, when he posted them to the RNC’s website, the link quickly came up broken.

Twitter of course erupted into the usual display of ignorant mockery from the left and from zombie NeverTrumpers alike over the broken link, not taking note of the fact that the site went down due to massive traffic.  That’s right folks, our “hated” and “unpopular” president got so much attention to a national political party’s high-capacity website that it crashed like except a few billion bucks lighter.  That doesn’t tell me people don’t want to hear what the president is saying.

Mock that, cupcakes.

I’m not sure there’s any way to know whether or not President Trump’s award show (which totally ought to be an actual show next year) scored bigger ratings than the usual self-congratulatory Hollywood preening, but I’m suddenly feeling a lot less concerned about the storm on the horizon than I was a few hours ago.

doing exactly what I hired him for


Storm on the horizon

A number of state-level special elections took place in Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Carolina yesterday.  The fake news is abuzz with the word that here in Wisconsin a Democrat flipped a formerly-Republican state senate seat in a district that President Trump won by a blowout in 2016 and the incumbent Republican also held by wide margins before being appointed to a position in Governor Scott Walker’s administration.  Of course the lefties (and of course the zombie NeverTrumpers) are out congratulating themselves and dusting off their hands like this is any sort of evidence that the midterms are in the bag.

Let’s look honestly at a few things.  I lost count of how many special elections the GOP won in the races to follow 2016, all of which the Democrats poured both money and star power into in their desperate attempts to notch a win against President Trump.  All of these special elections were for national office, not just state legislatures or governorships.  The Democrats finally scored some wins in November of 2017 when Virginia and New Jersey came up, both deep blue states and getting bluer all the time, but all on the state and local level.  Okay, fine.  Blue states went blue.  Then of course we had Alabama and the Roy Moore debacle.  I’m still not convinced that was entirely on the level as far as the vote itself was concerned, but assuming it was, that was so tainted and befouled by a ginned-up bogus scandal as to be a complete outlier entirely the result of the solid GOP base that elected President Trump and kept Jeff Sessions in office just plain not showing up.  I don’t know if it was apathy or cockiness or just feeling skeevy about the objectively-false allegations bout Roy Moore or hell, people just not liking Roy Moore, but assuming everything was legit, just barely enough Republican voters stayed home for Doug Jones to squeak out a win.  Hardly a resounding repudiation of Trumpism when a totally bland candidate wins his base and nothing more while the GOP couldn’t get motivated to vote for the victim of a nationwide smear campaign.

Now we have this election in Wisconsin.  You will not hear about how Republicans won four of the five special elections held yesterday (seriously, going four for five sounds like a tsunami all right–in the GOP’s favor).  You’ll probably not hear much about how the Democrat in this race chose NOT to attack President Trump, taking a page out of Senator Ron Johnson’s wildly successful re-election playbook.  You’ll hear it spun that this was a “key” seat when in reality the Wisconsin GOP maintains a comfortable edge in both halves of the state house (and give Governor Walker roughly the same amount of grief that Congress gives President Trump).  You will not hear the fact put forth that this kind of election usually falls to name recognition and local reputation, unlike wider-reaching elections for national office–hell, on the state and local level I can admit I’d consider voting for a Democrat I know to be a decent person.  All politics is local and yet local politics is a completely different animal.

I’ve said repeatedly that the Democrats are going to roll into the midterms bragging about how it’s going to be a “wave” in their favor and all the polling is going to back that up starting somewhere around late April and not relenting until about a week away from election day.  It’s what they do, and they do it because it works.  I have high hopes and confidence that 2018 CAN be a great year for Republicans, but if it’s not, it’s not because of President Trump.  He’s done and is doing exactly what he promised to do.  By the time the midterms roll around people will have gotten their taxes back and gotten their raises and bonuses, that will help immensely.  Nonetheless, there’s cause to be concerned and we cannot become complacent.  Vote fraud is what the Democrats do–and the lesson of the last election is that at least four million bogus votes are not enough.  They’re going to be upping their game, and my hope is that the Trump administration’s relative silence on election integrity means something’s going on behind the scenes to catch them in the act next time out.

I do submit that a not-insubstantial number of voters both in this Wisconsin district and in Alabama did not bother to go vote because they didn’t think it would matter, just like voters in deep blue states don’t bother to go vote for the same reason.  We can’t do that.  We can’t allow our likeminded friends and colleagues to do that.  We have to acknowledge the very real possibility that the Democrats could stage a comeback, and if they take Congress then you can bet the first order of business after swearing them all in will be articles of impeachment, for “reasons.”  But more than that, we have to look at what has happened over the past year and remind ourselves and our wishy-washy “oh he should stop tweeting” comrades that President Trump is worth defending.  Seriously, what he’s accomplished over the past year has been tremendous.  It’s sadly nothing compared to what he COULD have done if Congress had rallied behind him rather than dragging behind like squalling infants but just the damage he’s inflicted on both the entrenched regulatory state and the fake news media make his presidency a complete win, and that’s before we get to anything about restoring America’s place internationally or getting our economy running again.  I’m not going to say he’s fixed things that can’t ever be broken again, but he has broken things that will not ever be fixed.

We have to remain mindful of the fact that the Democrats are staring extinction in the face.  They’re going to throw everything they have at us and fight like cornered animals because as I said before they would rather rule in hell than work for a living in heaven.  They’re going to try to ride “racist!” and “metoo!” and “s**thole!” to victory while trying to convince people that taking home more of the money they earned is bad, and the most frightening thing about that is they have reason to believe it can work.

Ride the storm, folks, and hold on tight.  It’s gonna be a long year.

Flake news

Senator Jeff Flake, who famously self-immolated a few months back when he chose to announce retirement rather than fight an uphill primary and thought he’d take some cheap shots at the President while doing it, made a highly-anticipated speech on the Senate floor ripping President Trump again for his comments about the media.  It sounds like cooler heads were able to talk him down from making his teased remarks comparing President Trump to Joseph Stalin (because the Hitler comparisons were just getting old) (EDIT: he still made them, I guess they just weren’t as interesting by the time he actually said them) but he still delivered a line that went something like “the President’s criticisms of our press are inspiring dictators and authoritarians worldwide.”  This in the context of slamming the President for calling the “Russian meddling” hoax a hoax.

Seriously, it’s a hoax.  They’ve admitted it’s a hoax.  They’re fake news.  Moving on.

So apparently Senator Flake has never heard of Pravda, or other government-sponsored, government-controlled propaganda outlets or fake news purveyors like Al Jazeera or the infamous Baghdad Bob.  Because you see, in Flake’s ignorant view of the world, dictators and authoritarians never have propaganda departments that slant the news and hide the truth from people, or make up false stories to smear the party’s opponents, so calling the Democrats’ audio-visual department “fake news” is just wrong, you see.  It doesn’t matter if the person you’re calling a liar is actually lying or if the hoax they’re promoting for months on end without a shred of proof is a hoax, nope, as long as they call themselves “journalists” then how dare you criticize them!  How can you live with yourself having attacked the free press in such a manner!?  Why it’s almost as if you think that your freedom of speech is also included in the same Constitutional amendment as the freedom of the press (fun fact: it comes first).

No, Senator, it is nothing of the kind.  Go back to Arizona and stop talking, I’m sure the fake news that you have worked so hard to ingratiate yourself with will be calling with a talk show proposal for you any day now…

The narratives are just dropping like flies

The official White House doctor did an examination on President Trump, including a mental health panel that was completely unnecessary and unprecedented, but done in order to respond to all this “25th Amendment” garbage.  To no thinking person’s surprise, but to the dismay of the fake news and La Resistance, President Trump not only got a clean bill of health (other than he could stand to lose a few pounds) but also a completely clean result on his mental status exam.  The fake news was left blubbering about “how could President Trump be in as good health as Whatshisname,” ignorant of the fact that President Trump neither smokes nor drinks while Whatshisname smoked quite a few different substances.  That matters.  A lot.

Of course the fake news immediately began circling around to “well…okay…maybe he’s not crazy-crazy…but he’s still unfit!”  Sorry guys, that’s just not how it works.  At all.  But anytime you want to tell me just what President Trump has done that is “crazy,” I’m all ears.  Come on, let’s hear it.

As fate would have it, on the same day as this not-startling non-revelation about the fact that President Trump is fit as a fiddle and much more in possession of his faculties than, say, Senator Cory Booker (who claimed to have cried actual tears in response to hearing about the supposed s**thole comment–no, that is not something a stable person does), there’s also been a picture circulating of a DACA recipient who had been in the country for 30 years and apparently his deferral ran out.  This picture shows this guy somberly hugging his family before those mean, awful, mean, racist, mean, white, mean, heartless ICE agents deport him.  The objective of circulating this image is to try to show that people who think immigration law ought to be enforced are just heartless meanies who don’t care about “splitting up families” and shouldn’t we all just feel so badly for this guy.  However… haven’t we been told time and time again that DACA recipients are “kids?”  Haven’t we been conditioned to think that there are pens full of doe-eyed Dora the Explorer clones with their little stuffed monkeys and cute accents guarded by black-clad men with assault rifles and hate in their eyes?  Not only is this guy very much not a child, but he had thirty goddamned years to get his immigration status right, or in the alternative to make plans for the American woman he knocked up and his anchor babies to return to Mexico with him.  He was supposed to be removed from the premises almost ten years ago.  Cry me a freaking river.

So let’s do a little thought experiment.  Let’s say I decide not to pay my taxes for a few years.  Then, when the IRS comes with their men with guns to haul me away and charge me with tax evasion, I decide to cry and wail that the IRS is “splitting up my family” by sending me to prison.  Apply this line of reasoning to any crime out there and ask if “but you’re splitting up his family!” is any sort of reason not to enforce any other law.  Seriously, I’m a criminal defense attorney, and it’s really not.  Not at all.  I’m sorry the Democrats are so racist that they think folks from Central America are so basically bad or grievously stupid that they can’t understand and can’t obey our immigration law, but yeah, they’re really not.  Also, this guy is not a child, most of the DACA “kids” are not children, and in 30 years he couldn’t be bothered to get so much as a green card?

No, lefties, I’m not feeling bad about this one.  Matter of fact it’s my feelgood moment of the week.  But, the week’s young yet.  Maybe we’ll put another deranged narrative to bed before we get to Friday.  They’re falling like dominoes lately.

More than merely deranged

Over the weekend, a false alarm went out over Hawaii’s emergency systems telling people that a ballistic missile was inbound and to seek shelter immediately.  It wasn’t until after a moderate-level panic set in that people figured out it was an “accident” (jury’s still out) caused by some civil service employee during a shift change and sent out the all clear.  No sooner had Hawaiians determined that no, in fact, they are not all about to die horrific fiery deaths than somehow the lunatic left set about blaming the incident on President Trump.  Because you see, Billy Jeff enabling the Norks to get nukes wasn’t responsible.  Whatshisname engaging in weak, spineless foreign policy for eight years while North Korea’s potbellied dictator fired missiles and rattled sabers between shooting hoops with Dennis Rodman, that couldn’t possibly have anything to do with it.  Kim Jong Un being an overstuffed tinpot with delusions of adequacy and more firepower than he has any business having in his rundown impoverished country, that couldn’t be further from the reason.

No, you see, the world was sunshine and peace and love and rainbows until President Trump came along and called a s**thole a s**thole, and laid it out in plain terms that if North Korea started something, the United States was going to finish it.  The irrational derangement of thinking that warning a madman in the making not to piss off the bigger kid with the much bigger stick is anything but the correct reaction to this animal is not only ignorant of history, it’s brain-dead stupid.  Yet that’s exactly what the Democrats nationwide are doing as they tell stories of woke kids who aren’t the least bit bothered by the Norks pointing nukes at them but are “terrified” that President Trump’s words are going to “provoke” Kim Jong Un.  Kind of reminiscent of the 80s really, when the Russkies were pointing nukes at us and laughing about how they were going to “bury” the free world but according to the lunatic American left it was President Reagan who was going to destroy us all and it was offensive to call a Russian an “Ivan.”  As for the false alarm, well, it really could have been true but only because of President Trump.  Because reasons.

As insane and deranged as that was and is, the real kicker came in yesterday from Democratic Congresswoman (and contender to watch for their 2020 nomination) Tulsi Gabbard, who said on ABC and on Twitter that the North Koreans just have their nuclear weapons because they’re afraid that if they didn’t, the United States would come in and “do what the United States has done to so many countries throughout history.”  Um… do what exactly, and to which countries again?  You’re a member of Congress and you are actually saying that you sympathize with North Korea because you think they need to have a deterrent against the United States of America?

For the record, you don’t ever get to gripe about American legal gun owners wanting to “shoot at American soldiers” ever again, lady.  Ever.  Moving on.

This has been the Democrats’ line as long as I can remember, going back to the 80s and from what I can tell stretching even further, that the United States is “imperialistic” and forces itself and its culture upon the rest of the pristine and unblemished world… except not at all.  Put aside for a moment the fact that the United States didn’t lift a finger when pissant barbarian states like Iran and Venezuela nationalized the capital investments American citizens made in their countries.  Let’s go all the way back to the end of World War II, which was the beginning of the United States’ real reign as the world’s only superpower (the Soviet Union being a third-world s**thole with a nuclear arsenal).  We had our infrastructure entirely intact, we had a monopoly on nuclear weapons, and we had a battle-hardened military already deployed throughout the world.  Many of our generals (including Douglas MacArthur, who was famously canned for publically disagreeing with the President on this after pushing the North Koreans out of South Korea) urged President Truman to let them push forward and knock out the communist threat from Stalin’s Soviet Union while the Russians were weak and we had the upper hand.  Remember that the Russians weren’t innocent players in the opening acts of World War II and had not only participated in the devouring of Poland and the Baltic states, but her occupying forces in Eastern Europe were very much in place to extend the Soviet hegemony that would come to be known as the “Iron Curtain.”

But what did the “evil” and “imperialist” United States do?  We immediately set about spending massive amounts of our own resources to rebuild our vanquished enemies and we went home.  We defended our allies in South Korea against Soviet and Red Chinese-backed aggression while being cautious not to push too far and antagonize the communists, fought that to a standstill, and we went home.  The plain fact is that if the United States had taken a mind to conquer the world in 1945, we could have done so–and the world would be better for it.  But we didn’t.  We went home.  No other nation in human history has ever been in such a singular position to dominate the world and destroy its enemies forever, not even the British Empire at its peak ever had an opportunity like this, and America just went home.  We reached out in friendship to lift Germany and Japan back to their feet, and we went home.

And this wasn’t our only opportunity.  Folks who remember the original Gulf War of the early ’90s may recall news reports and prophets of doom telling us that “Iraq has the fourth (I think) largest army in the world!” and “the Elite Republican Guard are some of the finest and most fanatical soldiers anywhere!” and how it was anything but a sure thing that we’d come out on top in the first invasion of Iraq and Kuwait.  The war lasted barely three months and was a complete rout.  We suffered fewer than 100 casualties.  We weren’t interested in dithering and screwing around like our army was forced to in Vietnam.  We went in and got the job done.  With the collapse of the Soviet Union around the same time, there was no push to go take care of any other collateral business, but still, the world sat up and took notice when the United States came looking for bubblegum.

The United States is objectively the good guy in the world.  America-hating Democrats like Tulsi Gabbard don’t get this because they don’t want to and they don’t do history, but the fact is we could have brought the entire globe to heel, and subjugated every last s**thole country out there, and if we had they’d all be better off.  But we didn’t.  So I don’t care that Rocket Man thinks he needs nukes to protect himself against the USA or President Trump, that’s like saying the hostage taker needs his C4 vest to protect himself against the police.


Words that leftists should not use, chapter 24

Oh there are so many words that could fit the week we’ve had.  I hope it does not disappoint anyone that the word of the week will not, in fact, be “s**thole.”  But it’ll be connected to the latest round of fury and outrage surrounding that supposed statement (seriously, Democrats, you wonder why you don’t get invited…), and it’s a word and a subject that I’ve been meaning to address for a long time.  Today’s word that the left really should stop using until they learn what it really means is “diversity.”

Right off the bat you ought to be thinking “but that’s one of their favorite words, right up there with ‘racist’ and ‘Nazi’ and ‘f**k!'”  After 23 previous chapters of WTLSNU, it ought to come as no surprise that the left’s favorite words are also the words they misuse the most.  Merriam Webster defines “diversity” as “the condition of having or being composed of differing elements.”  In the strictest possible sense, when the left talks about “diversity,” they do get this base definition right, but as we all know, being a little bit right does not prevent you from being entirely wrong.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day this coming week, it’s a good time to remember that it’s been about fifty years since people stood up and marched (with Democrats forming most of the opposition) in support of the idea that people ought not to be judged on their appearances but on their merits.  Anyone remember what awful racist Nazi patriarch posited that idea?  Anyone?  Anyway, we’ve been told and thinking people have generally come to the conclusion that superficial attributes ought to take a backseat to things like talent and intellect and character when judging a person… and then somehow this “diversity” nonsense came about.  The Democratic party engaged in a two-pronged assault on American civilization, with the welfare state engineered to corner the minority vote and second-wave feminism aimed at corralling women’s votes, both by promoting these groups’ loyalty to and dependence on the ever-expanding state.  Then they had the nerve to act surprised when people from these groups ended up being less qualified for jobs and positions and college scholarships and government offices and basically anything worth doing.

So they came up with this drippy malarkey about how “diversity is our strength” and “our progress depends on our diversity,” and attempted to pitch it using straw men and fictional examples of where good ideas got rejected because they came from the wrong people.  I remember an old radio ad where an employer is trying to find a replacement for a department head and goes through a list of people who he rejects just based on who they are and then fumes about how ridiculous it is that “in this entire department not one person is qualified,” the implication being that he has about a dozen people who are qualified, he’s just a prejudiced jerk.  Well, in the free market, not only does this kind of thing happen very rarely, but when it does happen, it tends to fix itself pretty quickly–any of those nominees who got passed over and actually were qualified for a better position would get hired by someone who actually wanted to make money.  But of course these people think capitalism is the root of all evil so they can’t even consider the possibility that it might be the solution to prejudice.  These ads inadvertently reinforced the idea that the left is now trying to get away from–it does not matter what you look like, it matters what your skills and qualifications and character are.

There is only one kind of diversity that actually IS a strength, and that is diversity of opinion and perspective.  This in turn is only a strength if we’re in a society and a system that can be honest with itself and accurately weigh the value of opinions and perspectives, because the perspective of, say, a CEO who oversees the operations of the entire company ought to carry more weight than that of the line worker who knows his job and a little bit about the job of the guy next to him.  That doesn’t mean the line worker won’t know something the CEO might have overlooked, it just means both of them should be considered for what they are, not WHO they are.  When leftists talk about “diversity,” however, this is not the kind of diversity they mean, and in fact it is quite the opposite.  The left is only concerned with who you are and what grievance group you fall into, and in fact they believe that if you’re a part of one of their wholly-owned grievance subcategories that THAT not only dictates your value, but also sets what your opinions and perspectives are.  We spent decades acknowledging that the color of your skin or the country of your origin is almost totally irrelevant (nobody’s telling Yao Ming he can’t play basketball because he’s Asian) only to get to the point where this irrelevant characteristic is not only one of an individual’s greatest strengths (or weaknesses) in terms of hireability, but is trumpeted above actual talent and qualification on an organizational and even national level as well.

The dark fact is that not only is “diversity” of race and ethnicity and culture NOT a strength, but it is in fact a serious liability.  I can already hear eyes rolling and “racist” and “Nazi” and “alt-right” but hang on a minute and hear me out.  It doesn’t matter which races or cultures you put in close proximity.  Throughout history, whenever the kind of ethnic diversity that we have in the United States has existed, with disparate cultures in close proximity to each other due to growth or relocation or conquest or what have you, the inevitable result has been genocide, persecution, and bitter, bloody war.  It is a testament to the underlying strength of the United States and American culture that we have survived the ethnic diversity we have for so long.  Once again, it isn’t hard to figure out why we were able to do that–our culture of freedom and emphasis on assimilation (the old “melting pot” metaphor) together with the voluntary nature of most immigration to the USA made this a place that most people who are here wanted to be part of, so they subsumed their national identities into the larger whole.  And don’t start with me on African slaves, nobody living now was a slave or owned a slave, and we not only set up a whole country in Africa for freed slaves to return to if they chose but we paid a heavy price in blood and treasure to end the time-honored repugnant Democratic institution of chattel slavery.  No one but no one is here because they have to be.  And as we splinter further into grievance groups (and the left becomes more violent and deranged with every passing year) we draw closer to the point where we will be shown once again that some people may consider diversity a nice thing to have, but it comes with a price tag.

I don’t care what you look like.  But the fact that you look differently from me does not make either one of us better than the other, nor is any group in which we both happen to be members stronger in any way because we don’t look the same.  Diversity is not a strength and it never has been, and it’s certainly not a value we ought to stake our entire country on.

Another word next week.  The list is long and growing.

Perpetual motion outrage machine


In the context of discussing immigration and actually trying to enforce and reform our laws, the most recent leftist pearl-clutching incident is centering on President Trump making a remark about “why are we getting all these people from these s**thole countries” and asking why we weren’t more actively seeking immigrants from objectively less crappy countries, like Norway.  And of course with this being a day ending in -y, the left has gone bonkers about how “ignorant” and “racist” this essential throwaway statement about an actual bizarre policy was.

Let’s put aside for a minute the hilarious irony of the party that cries “Republicans don’t give a s**t” or dresses up in p***y hats or has little girls in princess and fairy costumes taught to say “f**k Donald Trump” on video or overgrown protesters whose protest chants are literally nothing more than “f**k Donald Trump” getting all worked up about the President’s use of the term “s**thole.”  The plain and simple fact is that, once again, President Trump is not wrong.  Not in the least bit.  There are plenty of third-world countries that objectively qualify as “s**tholes” and for one very stupid reason our immigration policy has been deliberately set up to move people from said countries to the front of the line or incentivize them to come to the United States.  Seriously, in many of these countries, people literally defecate in the goddamned streets.  You don’t get much s**ttier than that.

I know we’re at the point where the lunatic left would conjure up a reason to say “that’s racist!” if President Trump said “nice day today isn’t it,” but it’s still worth hammering back that this statement from the President was not racist for God’s sake.  These countries are objectively poor and backward and crappy, and if they weren’t, their people wouldn’t be so desperate to get out of them.  Why the hell are they coming here if their countries are not collapsing crapfests?  Which from there leads to the realization that if they’re sending their best and brightest here, then they’re dooming whoever’s left behind in said s**thole to continued failure as a result of the brain drain, and if they’re not (and they often aren’t, as a would-be terrorist demonstrated only a couple of months ago) then we’re not just getting immigrants from these s**tholes, we’re getting their dregs.

No, children, this is neither ignorant nor racist.  We’re not obligated to do this insane “diversity lottery” visa program that advances applicants to the front of the line based on their particular country’s “lack of representation” in the United States, and in fact if the goal of immigration is to strengthen the country through assimilation then this policy is not just asinine but it borders on suicidal.  What this statement is, in addition to being 100% objectively correct, is bluntly and brutally honest, like most of the things President Trump says that sends La Resistance falling for the fainting couches and reaching for the crayons while the NeverTrumpers sputter about “this is unhelpful” and “this is undignified” and other such preening and posturing.  For anyone who still needs it explained, this is part of what President Trump’s supporters like about him–we’re sick to death of equivocating, mincing politicians who wouldn’t know a spine if you ripped it out of them and whacked them across the face with it, wet-noodle-like though it may be.  President Trump says the things everyone else is thinking, or that people know but do not want to acknowledge, and he does it so easily and off-the-cuff without the slightest hint of focus-testing or finger-in-the-wind political posturing that you know you’re getting the honest truth.  And for the millionth time (but far from the last), no, President Trump is NOT racist and neither was this statement.  If these countries are bastions of civilization and wealth then why in the hell are we awful people if we don’t think we ought to move their emigrants to the priority admission line?  If they’re NOT s**tholes then doesn’t that mean that all these wonderfully “diverse” people leaving them are being racist against the other “diverse” people living there who they are leaving behind?

You can lie and equivocate to not “hurt people’s feelings,” or you can tell the truth and deal with the world as it is.  I’d much rather my leaders did the latter, thank you very much (Paul Ryan, I’m looking at you…).

EDIT: Paul Joseph Watson has some further information on this subject…

The ICE capades and other adventures in winning

Fresh off a still-resonating victory from the passage and the immediate ramifications of the GOP tax plan, in which so far pretty much everybody who works for a living is getting some kind of bonus or cut in expenses or pay raise in addition to getting to keep a bigger chunk of their own money, President Trump has charged headlong into attacking his signature issue, curbing illegal entry into the United States.  In the face of whining and posturing about how he’s stupid, crazy, or obstructive, he held an open-to-the-press meeting with congressmen and senators from both parties that not only went resoundingly well but actually garnered him some kudos from even the fake news.  And he didn’t look crazy, stupid, or secretive in the process either.  A couple of the spoiled brats tried to play up a moment where President Trump seemed positive about doing an extension of DACA as a “clean bill” (meaning the Democrats get it for free) before being “redirected” by a Republican in the room, but that just stinks of petty desperation.  Which is pretty much what the fake news reeks of these days.

Of course the Democrats left the meeting claiming that President Trump is using the “dreamers” as a “bargaining chip,” which in addition to being stupidly untrue, raises the salient question: why, pray tell, do President Trump and the Republicans need to “bargain” with the Democrats for a god damned thing?  Even with Doug Jones now in the equation, the Republicans still control both houses of Congress, at least in theory.  They may not have the Senate supermajority they need to do things like make the tax cuts permanent (hey Bernie, if the sunset provision bothers you so much we’ll take it out tomorrow, we just need you and eight of your buddies to help…), but for stuff that just takes a simple majority, they don’t need to be included, much less pandered to.

People are worried about what the next move is going to be regarding DACA, particularly as it affects chain migration and just how many of their closest friends and dearest family members the “dreamers” are going to be allowed to bootstrap into the country.  President Trump’s supporters are right to be concerned, but not because there’s any reason to believe the President is going soft on this matter.  The reason to be vigilant here is simply because this one is for all the marbles.  If we screw this up, or don’t get it done at all, then the Democrats have only a couple of presidencies to go at most before they don’t need to cheat and stuff ballot boxes and vote for dead people anymore, they’ll have imported enough foreigners and addicted them so completely to the government that elections will be mere formalities if not Iran and Russia-style shows.  I’d urge my fellow Republicans to remember, Chuck and Nancy bragged months ago that they’d sweet-talked President Trump over to their side only to have him laugh in their weeping faces on this very issue.  While it’s important to the Democrats to try to snake out a win here, it’s just as important and just as much of a win if they can manage to pry just a few of President Trump’s diehard supporters away from him each time this comes around for another pass.  In other words, as much as they want him to come over to their way of thinking on this matter, it’s almost as good in their eyes if they can make President Trump’s supporters think he has softened and flip-flopped on them.  Thus far, President Trump has been nothing but consistent and kept more promises than any politician I can remember, so in full recognition of the stakes, the one element I have complete faith in here is President Trump.

I don’t just have to take it on faith though.  President Trump is scheduled to inspect the prototypes for the wall at the end of the month.  Yes, he recently said “we don’t need a 2,000 mile wall,” but what the fake news outlets broadcasting that quote are not reminding you about is the fact that President Trump has said this all along.  Because really, we don’t.  Certain places do need or at least will benefit from a physical border.  Some places have natural borders already.  By existing at all, a border wall is a tangible, functional assertion that our border matters and that we will protect it.  It is a reminder to those who would violate our immigration law that we do not tolerate lawbreakers in this country anymore, and thus serves as a deterrent much as President Trump’s tougher stance and simple enabling of ICE to perform its duties has cut illegal entry dramatically before a single brick has been laid in the wall.

As if to make the point, ICE recently went on a raid of 7-Elevens looking for illegals and holy crap did they ever find ’em.  The left’s out wailing about how awful and racist this is but of course they are, that’s what they do.  It’s kind of sad that just expecting people to obey the law and going out and enforcing it can make half the people in the country elated and the other half outraged, but that’s apparently where we are.  Personally, I hope the 7-Eleven sweep was just the beginning and that ICE unleashes hell over the course of the next several months.

I should note that many people are concerned that President Trump might ultimately allow the approximately 800,000 DACA beneficiaries to remain in the country on a permanent legal basis, these being the illegals who were supposedly brought here as children and who the fake news constantly portrays as soldiers and valedictorians when they’re not trying to convince you that they’re all clones of Dora the Explorer.  Personally, my preference would be to send every last one of them together with their entire families and especially their lawbreaking parents back to their countries of origin, but, I do recognize the political cost of doing that so long as the left has people convinced that these are all “children.”  Here’s a hint: most of ’em aren’t.  I’d honestly suggest that if such action is taken that it apply only to people under the age of 21, possibly even 18, but in the end, if we can keep this down to these last 800,000, put a stop to chain migration (sorry kiddo, Papi and Abuela don’t get to come into the country just because you have big huge eyes), build the wall, and stop the flow for real this time, I’m not going to consider that a loss.  Might not be an outright win either.  Of course, if those 800,000 then get to invite in their entire clans, then it’s pretty much game over.  Fortunately, I think President Trump knows this, and unlike some other Republicans I could mention, I think he honestly does give a damn about that.  I think he also knows better than he’s given credit for that if the wall gets built, he gets re-elected.

So let’s get that big beautiful wall built, and let ICE do their thing.

Oprah for President?

The takeaway from the ever-increasing self-congratulation fest going on in Hollywood, the latest installment of which was the Golden Globes, is that for some reason people are trying to make Oprah Winfrey 2020 a thing.  I actually picked her out about a year ago in my second installment of the Democrat bench as someone whose name was likely to come up and what I thought of her chances.

At that point my assessment was that I didn’t think she would be willing to take the pay cut, nor did I think she would be willing to subject herself to the kind of criticism that would come along with entering the political sphere.  Right now Oprah Winfrey is harmless feelgood popcorn Hollywood, appealing to people on either side of the political spectrum and projecting this larger-than-life personality that in pretty much anyone else would rightly be ripped and maligned as borderline toxic in its narcissism.  If she entered the political arena, however, all that comfortable and easy middle-of-the-road type stuff combined with her you-go-girl mild-intensity feminism would be stripped away by critics on both sides.  Middle America and the GOP (and with them a not insignificant number of the cheesecake-eating housewives who form Oprah’s fan base) would stop playing nice and start looking seriously at what she actually stands for, while the crazier-by-the-day Democrats would actually latch on and pull her as hard as they could to the left to try to shake her corporate celebrity image and court the Bernie Sanders wing of the party.  If you look at anything this woman has done, from her talk show to her book club to her flippin’ Weight Watchers commercials, this is not a celebrity who thrives on controversy and not someone who will do well with being attacked.  I really don’t think she’s going to go for it (though she’s going to love the hell out of people like Meryl Streep suggesting it for a few days).

My prediction from way back when was that if she did seek the Democratic nomination, she’d probably get it.  Still true.  As for how she would do in the general election, my forecast was contingent on how President Trump did between now and then, and right now President Trump is nailing it despite the best efforts of La Resistance and the fake news to stop him at every turn.  Seriously, the man is at 43% approval by even the fake news’ biased polls, which is exactly where Whatshisname was at this point in his first term.  Add in the fact that Whatshisname faced precisely no opposition from his party, the opposition party, or the media, whereas President Trump didn’t get so much as the traditional “honyemoon” period and has had to fight for every inch of ground he’s gained, and we see that President Trump is delivering all the winning he promised.  Right now, in a fair fight, I don’t see President Trump as beatable.  Whether it will be a fair fight is another question entirely (but my Magic 8-Ball isn’t optimistic about that).

Putting aside President Trump’s strengths and the possibility likelihood of Democratic vote fraud shenanigans again in 2020, and assessing the strength of Oprah Winfrey as a candidate, I have to say that if she did go for it, she’d make me nervous.  I’m going to be nervous no matter what because the left now knows that four million bogus votes more or less randomly scattered in deep blue country aren’t enough so they’re going to have to cheat harder next time, but just on the attributes of the potential candidates they could field I’d be more concerned about her than many other possibilities.  People are pointing out that Oprah Winfrey lacks experience or background in a lot of relevant areas like economics and foreign policy in particular, and they’re right–in a rational world, it makes complete sense to elect a businessman but no sense whatsoever to elect a talk show hostess.

They miss the point that that doesn’t matter.  At all.  It didn’t matter for Whatshisname, a junior senator without even a full term under his belt who rode a wave of faux celebrity and a “historic” campaign based entirely on his skin color into the White House.  Likewise it won’t matter for Oprah, except that she’ll be bringing actual celebrity to the table.  If you still think the Democrats pick their candidates based on policy positions and experience then I’m sorry but you haven’t been paying attention–they get to Washington and all vote in lock-step, and if anything, real-world experience is a hindrance to them.  It plainly has nothing to do with how they govern.  For God’s sake, even now if you asked your average Democrat why they voted for Whatshisname in ’08 or ’12 their answer would as likely as not be “’cause he was black.”  The man had precisely zero other qualifications (along with precisely zero skeletons in his closet, which made him unique among Democrats especially in Illinois).

The biggest weakness I can see in an Oprah candidacy is not policy related at all.  It’s her age and youth appeal.  I know the teenaged fans of her talk show and movie career grew up to be the moms and grandmas of today’s millennials and probably subscribed to her cable channel and read her book club selections and sang her praises to their mush-skulled soy boy/third wave feminist offspring, but really, other than Weight Watchers commercials, awards show appearances, and magazines in the tabloid racks that are all about her, does she really connect with the precious “youth vote?”  I’m not sure.  I wouldn’t count it out but if you want to figure out the angle to attack from, that’s where to hit.  Policy is irrelevant, all that matters is the D by her name as far as her supporters will be concerned.  Her celebrity will be everything, and I’m not so sure the Bernie wing of the party will be eager to jump on board with an aging self-absorbed corporate shill multimillionaire, even if she is completely gender and race appropriate.

As it stands right now, in a Trump vs. Winfrey race, I’d call it for Trump, but not nearly by enough to get past the margin of fraud.  Again, that’s a talk for another time, I just hope Team Trump already has plans in motion to deal with that.

Words that leftists should not use, chapter 23

Going to try to get things back on track this coming week, no promises yet but at least the deep bitter cold is supposed to break and I’m hoping my own writing processes will have thawed a bit in the meantime as well.

Today’s word that leftists should not use is actually going to be a collection of synonyms and terms that all essentially mean the same thing, but don’t mean a thing like what the left wants to think they do.  Whether you use the term “incompetent” or “impaired” or “mentally unfit” or whatever quasi-technical politically-correct legalese-sounding word you use given the context and the audience, the word that leftists need to learn how to use is “crazy.”

I don’t think I need to go to the dictionary definition for this one but “crazy” generally means that the person in question is subject to some kind of mental ailment that results in him thinking and acting erratically and irrationally.  As we play this ongoing game of musical chairs with “which means of trying to impeach President Trump are we trying today?” and the “Russian collusion” narrative again seems to be fizzling out, La Resistance is again coming back around to this idea that they can use the 25th Amendment to find President Trump unfit to hold office.  They base this idea on diagnoses from “professionals” who have never actually examined President Trump coupled with their hyperventilations about the things he does and says, but usually the foundation for this “crazy” accusation is “he tweeted something.”  Case in point, the New Year’s tweet wherein President Trump responded to North Korea’s pot-bellied dictator bragging about having his nuclear button on his desk at all times by saying “would someone in his starving country please tell this guy that I have a bigger button and mine actually works?”

No folks, this is not likely to “start a nuclear war,” and for the purposes of this discussion, this is not crazy.  Taking this pissant tinpot with little man syndrome seriously is much crazier.  Not freaking out when the North Korean dictator casually says “I could nuke you whenever I want” and then getting your underwear bunched up when the leader of a country that could have conquered the world ten times over tells him “no you can’t, but I can, so best watch it bub,” that’s deranged.  I triple-dog-dare anyone to tell me something, anything, that President Trump has done or said that is “crazy.”  Rejecting the climate cult isn’t crazy.  Discarding broken-window-fallacy based economics isn’t crazy.  Recognizing and responding to the problems caused by illegal aliens and moving to enforce our borders isn’t crazy.  Supporting our allies isn’t crazy.  The policies that President Trump has promoted and implemented are a return to sanity and the real world.  The spoiled children who thought the fantasy world they lived in for eight years was real, where hashtag campaigns could bring back kidnapped kids and schools could stop ISIS and riots could end police racism and gender is on a spectrum and all manner of other abject nonsense, they’re watching the world they thought they’d conquered fall apart one tweet at a time and they’re losing what little of their minds they had left.

I will grant with a smile that President Trump says inflammatory things on Twitter to provoke reactions from his enemies.  That’s not crazy either.  The responses are often crazy, but doing it to tweak and taunt the twits who are reduced to screaming helplessly at the sky or marching around wearing hijabs and pink kitty-ear hats (um…are you people REALLY sure you want to start talking about sanity here?) is not crazy at all.  President Trump is unmasking these jerkbags for who they are and always have been and I am frankly loving every minute of it.  They hate it.  But it’s not “crazy.”

Another word next week, I expect.