Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

You’d think they might get tired eventually.

The lunatic left was so wrapped up in enjoying a smoke yesterday after what they thought was a bombshell development in the whole Mueller mess (and it wasn’t, despite how the fake news tried to spin it) that they got a slow start on the usual comic hysteria over President Trump actually advancing his agenda.  But don’t worry, it’s coming.

To sane, reasonable people, the bill that cleared the Senate last night is a modest tax rate reduction that actually doesn’t cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans but will stimulate growth and get real money back into the pockets of actual taxpayers.  In addition, it gets rid of the individual mandate from the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act, which will hasten its demise as people are no longer forced to buy worthless insurance they don’t want.  Yes, if you’re in the bracket of people who don’t actually pay any federal taxes, then you’re not going to see a lot of benefit from this in terms of the benefits you receive, but really, why are we supposed to feel bad about people who don’t actually pay taxes NOT getting a tax cut?  Meanwhile you WILL be enjoying the upsides of a stronger economy and a healthier job market.

Of course all of this is anathema to the left.  They’re out wailing and shrieking that the GOP has “looted the Treasury” by not taking as much money from people as the Democrats want to.  More than a few of them are out crying about how “America is over” and some are actually suggesting to millennials that it’s time to leave the country if they can (to which I say, please do).  They’ve broken out the busted-from-inception line about how cutting taxes and spending is “not what Jesus would do” and how this is all so unChristian as if they would have any idea what Christianity is.  I’m not sorry, guys–if your party supports murdering babies then I’m sure not going to listen to you try to lecture me about how it’s immoral for the government to stop stealing from people.  You can pretend to have a clue what Jesus stood for in your own twisted fantasy world but I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t socialism.  It’s not like these twits understand what America is any better than they understand Jesus, because they’re out bemoaning that “America is dead” and “today will live in infamy” like the government stealing a little less of the money people earn is somehow counter to what this country stands for.  In reality we’re bringing America back towards some semblance of what it was before Whatshisname tried to “fundamentally transform” us in the name of hate and envy.  We ARE making America great again one step at a time and these animals cannot abide that.

The usual hysterics are just getting warmed up and I think we’re in for their biggest nonsense push yet.  I’m sure they are already gearing up to proclaim that these tax cuts will contribute directly to climate change and that Florida will be underwater by 5 PM on Wednesday.  I can already see the line of cosplaying ninnies in red gowns and white bonnets marching alongside beta soy boys in pink kitty ear hats squalling about how somehow cutting taxes hurts women because reasons.  I haven’t yet heard someone declare that the tax bill is “racist” but I’m sure that’s teed up and just waiting.  If it wasn’t starting to turn cold I’d say there’s protests riots in the offing.  The choir of autistic screeching is warming up and the usual suspects are chugging from the double whammy of the Flynn plea bombing out and the virtually simultaneous deathblow to their last bastion.

If you’ve enjoyed the theatrics and the wailing over the past year, then strap yourself in and get comfortable, because they’ll be at it again before the weekend’s out.  Watch them flail and keep a safe distance ’cause the bike locks are gonna be swingin’.  It was one thing to breach the Washington swamp last November, but they thought they would be able to hold the line until they could possibly retake the Senate.  They didn’t.  And the real fireworks are still yet to come after the reconciliation bill gets passed and President Trump signs this tax bill into law.

So enjoy the hysterics and do be sure to rub it in the faces of all the trolls and simpletons who have been desperately clinging to the “Trump hasn’t had one legislative win yet” line.  This show just goes on and on.  I for one am loving every minute of it.


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