Why “Nazi” LARPers are neither scary nor dangerous

Imagine if you will that our world had, once upon a time, been threatened by a force of pure destructive evil straight out of a science fiction horror movie.  For purposes of illustration, let’s say that Earth was invaded by the xenomorph monsters from the “Alien” series.  Let’s imagine that said monsters went on a rampage that killed millions of people both on the battlefield and off, and that the war to bring their invasion to a halt was a major turning point in world history whose repercussions are still being felt over seventy years later.  Everyone in the world knows how awful these things are, everyone knows the horror they wrought, and everyone can pretty much recognize them on sight–we’re not talking about skin-suit wearing V or human-impersonating Terminator cyborgs, we’re talking about things that don’t and can’t hide what they are.

Now let’s imagine that with that worldwide mindset, a couple hundred of these xenomorphs’ slimy eggs suddenly appeared in the middle of, say, Virginia.  Not doing anything, not looking even ready to hatch for the most part.  One adult alien monster gets out and eats somebody, and gets pretty quickly taken down.  Do we think that these ~300 defenseless eggs, even if they were to start vomiting up facehuggers and maturing into full-grown monsters, would have any chance whatsoever of spreading out to the point where they’re a threat again?  Or would people keep a wary eye on them but be ready to blast them to oblivion as soon as it they started to actually hurt people?  The answer of course is no, this handful of very-easily-recognizable monsters wouldn’t be a threat to humanity as we know it even if all of a sudden they decided to go berserk.  No one’s going to mistake them for Starman or E.T. and think they’re just here to phone home.

That, in essence, is what the knuckleheaded “Nazi” LARPers are.  Everyone in the entire goddamned world knows what a Nazi is, they know a swastika and they know a real racist when they hear them.  Seriously, if you wanted to start an actual subversive movement, the dumbest thing you could do would be to start dressing like a skinhead and using the swastika as your insignia, because every second grader around the world knows that means you’re a bad guy.  That’s not exactly going to help your recruitment prospects.  Everyone in the world will be watching your ignorant, backwards backside closely and making sure you don’t step one inch out of line, and terminating you with extreme prejudice the instant you do.

If you want positive proof that LARPing “Nazis” aren’t a threat, just look at the stand-down order given in Charlottesville.  The white nationalists had a permit to have their little rally, Antifa didn’t, and the police were told not to interfere with whatever happened despite the nationalists having dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s.  They didn’t do this because they were afraid to confront the LARPing knuckleheads, they did it so Antifa could go in and punch them.  Is that getting through to you?  The police’s leftist overlords considered the “Nazis” to be so insignificant of a threat that they backed away to let a crowd of masked betas through to have at them with impunity.  It was only after one of the “Nazis” retaliated by driving his car into the counterprotesters that the flaw in this plan became clear.  Of course, calling that incident a “flaw in the plan” assumes that drawing this foul was not something the left has been hoping for for years.  Meanwhile the rest of the eggs just marinate in slime and acid, minding their own disgusting business but still hurting nothing.

You see folks, World War II happened not because Adolf Hitler wrote a book or a bunch of people in Germany decided they didn’t like Jews.  That was merely the ideological driving force behind one of many conquerors who tried to bring all of Europe under his dominion.  It was repugnant and hateful, sure, but there are plenty of repugnant and hateful ideologies at work in the world today just as there have been throughout history.  You want a great example, look at Islam.  Contrary to popular leftist belief, we don’t go wantonly attacking every country that is full of Muslims even though their ideology calls for the destruction of all infidels.  We go after the ones who have actually taken action to hurt or destroy us.  In the same vein, World War II happened because of the actions taken by Hitler and the Germans and their Japanese allies, not because of the motivation behind them.  Hell, most of the world didn’t know or didn’t believe what was going on behind German lines, and the big ideology we all decided to fight against was “Britain and the USA don’t want to be conquered by Germany and Japan.”  We actually knew more going in about Japanese atrocities against the Chinese than we did about what the Nazis were doing.  We knew the Nazi state was a dictatorship, sure, and we were pretty sure we wanted no part of that, but we didn’t find out just how bad they were until after the war.

The point is, the ideology doesn’t mean a damned thing in terms of how dangerous a group of people is, and really, in the case of LARPing “Nazis” taking their name and their symbology is so counterproductively stupid as to be laughable.  Nobody is ever going to look at a Nazi and see a champion of justice and goodness any more than you’d look at an Alien xenomorph and see My Little Pony.  But they sound so scary and are so reviled by literally everyone that they make an almost perfect straw man.  This is why Godwin’s Law exists.  Nazis are stupid, ignorant, petty and overall just absolutely unlikable, without a redeeming quality that comes to mind (just like Communists), but without having a massive government engine and military complex behind them they’re as harmless as the Heaven’s Gate cult.  Any sinister ideas or plans they might have or attempt to put in motion are counterbalanced by the fact that, as known bad actors, every eye in the world is on them.  It’s not dangerous to be stupid in small groups.  Well, not as dangerous as in large groups anyway.

In his classic series “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” Douglas Adams created a planet populated by a race of wonderful, sweet, wholesome people who one day managed to figure out a way to travel into space.  They found that the universe was full of stars and planets and other life forms and talked it over amongst themselves and cheerfully decided that, as Adams put it, “it would all have to go.”  In the Hitchhiker universe, this planet full of nice, decent people then proceeded to cheerfully begin the eradication of all other life in the universe and were only stopped by their world being sealed away in another dimension.  I know this example is as farcical as it is fictional but it helps drive home the point that without the means to act, ideology means nothing, and with the means to act, ideology still means very little.  Nazis will never have the means to act again, not without being crushed in their infancy by simple operation of the laws of society, but they certainly make a terrifying bogeyman.  I am not saying that an evil force and a repugnant ideology will never again rise to power in the world, far from it.  I AM saying that any ideology stupid enough to use the swastika as its insignia will never rise again, and at best will only provide a smokescreen for the rise of something truly hideous.  As Winston Churchill foretold, the fascists of the future will come under the banner of anti-fascists, and that future has arrived.

And while I hate to use an image for Antifa that is both competent and kind of cool, if we’re thinking of Nazis as Aliens, Antifa are the Predator.  They are not heroic, they are not even brave, they’re just causing harm and destruction because to them it’s fun to pick on people who don’t have a prayer of fighting back…until one of them does fight back of course.  Remember the tagline from the Aliens Versus Predator movies: whoever wins, we lose.


Just watched the President’s remarks about what the next stage is going to be in Afghanistan.  In short, he said we’re not going to give you numbers, we’re not going to give a date, we are just going to let the troops off the chain and give them specific objectives, and once those are done, we’re not sticking around to build a nation nor are we pulling out like the place is on fire.

In other words, it’s over when it’s over, not until.  And also, we’re not going to telegraph our plans over the news that everyone in the whole damned world watches.

Sounds like a damn fine plan to me.

Words that leftists should not use, chapter 7

I’m going to open today’s installment of “words that leftists should not use” with a timely visual aid.  This image (taken from Twitter) comes from the more recent Boston protests where the “Nazis” basically decided not to show up but plenty of Antifa counterprotesters showed up anyway.  I think it says volumes:

Antifa on free speech

Yes folks, that is a black masked Antifa burning a sign that says “free speech” while he flips it off.  Does anyone else get the deliciously bitter irony of this moron setting fire to what our foundational document considers a bedrock principle, and being able to do so based upon the very right he’s flipping the bird to?

If there is one thing that reality-challenged leftist retards excel at, it’s making a point and missing that point simultaneously.

As you probably guessed, the word for today is “free speech.”  Freedom of speech is something the left loves the hell out of whenever that speech is critical of or outright hostile towards Christians, or America, or capitalism, or Western Civilization, or anything resembling moral standards.  They love it so much in this context that they think it actually means “we can force you to listen to us,” which it doesn’t.  At all.  However, when speech hurts their feelings or makes them upset or offends their icons then it’s not merely “unprotected” because of some “hate speech exception” (the one in the Constitution right next to the right to murder your baby, two rows down from the right to health care, and in the same general vicinity as all the other stuff that isn’t actually in the Constitution).  No, under those conditions “free speech” is actually violence, which can be legitimately met with violence by–get this–peaceful protesters.  In the eyes of the left, free speech is what they want to say and what they want to hear, and anything else is just as bad as actually beating and killing people.

In a way I kinda love that the left has admitted en masse that they have no argument (whether they realize this is what they’ve done or not).  As I have said before on this blog and elsewhere, if you don’t have the intellectual wherewithal to make LARPing Nazi wannabes look like idiots without resorting to physical violence, then philosophy really isn’t your thing.  In the same vein, YouTube and Google are actively trying to censor and strangle out conservative voices on the internet, and while that’s going to make it difficult for us for the immediate future (but only short term), it is also an admission that they just can’t win in a fair battle of ideas so they’re left with nothing but “shut up.”

It really is as simple as free speech either has no exceptions or it has no meaning.  Lena Dunham and like-minded retards can go about wishing for straight white men to go extinct and even further-out dimwits (if such a thing was possible) can call for “death to all men” and until they start actually trying to put these wackjob ideas into practice they get to run their retarded little mouths all they want.  They can also talk about rounding everyone who looks like me up and putting us in camps or deporting us to wherever the hell they’d send us and you know what, they get to do that.  They get to make themselves look like silly nasty people, sort of what you would get if you crossed Monty Python’s John Cleese with Negan from The Walking Dead.  See folks, free speech has the wonderful effect of making the real jackasses out to be the jackasses they really are.  And yes, free speech does mean we have to let the morons out there spread their idiocy, and it means we always have to be vigilant against it, because at the end of the day, you can’t defeat an idea with baseball bats, no matter how bad that idea might be.  It’s a tiring thought I know, we want to be done and go home and do something other than politics, and in fairness many of us can.  But some of us have to hold the line and stay informed (which is often harder than it sounds), and can never go dark.

Free speech means no one can put reins on the truth, pure and simple, whether the truth is the words you speak or what those words say about you.  And as we all know, the truth doesn’t care about your feelings.

Got plenty more words to go folks, tune in next week for another.

To their logical conclusions

I’ve seen more than a few retards out defending Antifa in the past few days on comment boards and elsewhere, and the main argument they seem to be making is that “Antifa is just meeting violence with violence, they’re justified!”  Which invariably devolves into knuckleheaded morons like Richard Spencer running his mouth with an oh-so-creative catchphrase like “Jew will not replace us!” or something (to be fair, it’s marginally more clever than the dumbass rhymes the left usually comes up with) and that of course is violence and it has to be met with violence, don’t you see?  Otherwise you end up going straight to 1930s Germany!

To the idiots making that argument, and as a warning to anyone who thinks they might have a point, first of all, we knew you weren’t ever serious about free speech so we’ll just consider that issue settled.  But thank you very much for confirming for the whole world that your ideas are so backward and devoid of reason that your only response to these knuckleheaded morons is a baseball bat to the face.  Seriously, you know those cops who, according to you retards, are out massacring black people left and right with utter impunity?  The ones who your politicians ordered to stand down so you got to play “bash the fasc” without interference?  It’s their job to keep stuff from happening like cars ramming into crowds.  How are you feeling about pulling the police out now that you really would have wanted them to do their jobs?

Really, if the left is so far out of arguments that they’re mortally threatened by a couple hundred LARPing “Nazis” and can’t form a cogent argument other than punching them, then they’ve totally lost.  This is why their only hope is to tear down as many monuments and burn as many books as they can before people finally declare that we’ve had enough of their bullcrap and peacefully run them out of office for good.

And by the way, you can scream “we want to remove all the [insert group of people here] by force if necessary!” all the live-long day.  As long as all you’re doing is making an idiot of yourself, you have the absolute right to do that.  The correct response is to laugh at them because they’re buffoons, and then argue with them if they somehow try to defend their ridiculous position.  Punching them?  Sorry children, I don’t care how much their little chants hurt your feelings, you don’t get to crack their heads with your little pink baseball bats and claim you’re just “responding to violence.”  Because you’re not.

Scorched earth

It didn’t take long after the events in Charlottesville for leftist mayors and other local politicians nationwide to conclude that the best way to prevent any future violence and appease the special snowflakes would be to give the tantrum-throwing brats whom President Trump rightly called out for starting this fight what they have wanted for years.  I hope for one thing that this shows the knucklehead brigade that it doesn’t matter how much blame the Antifa jackasses get, it doesn’t matter how often they burn cities and bash people with blunt objects and block traffic that results in injury and even deaths, if the knuckleheads do the same thing even one time the only result is that the snowflakes will get what they want even faster.  Across the country, Confederate memorials, monuments, plaques, and other historical artifacts were removed with ISIS-like iconoclastic efficiency, some literally overnight.  One idiot in a car reacting to being attacked with baseball bats accomplished what dozens of dumbass marches and countless insipid chants had not been able to do over decades.

And then it got really stupid.  People watching this from the President himself to Rush Limbaugh to tinfoil hatters and meme posters on YouTube started asking where this ends, when do we stop erasing history, and are the Washington and Jefferson memorials going to be next?  Are we going to erase Abraham Lincoln because remembering the Civil War means we have to remember the “bad guys” and we can’t have that?  They were asking rhetorical questions intended to illustrate the absurdity of this push to erase the Confederacy…and then the left started shouting back almost in one voice, “YES!!!”  Yes, they want the Washington Monument torn down, because slavery.  Yes, they want Confederate gravestones removed, because slavery.  Yes, they want a freaking blue X on a red background in the freaking New York Subway System removed because it resembles the Stars and Bars and, you know, slavery.  Yes, they want to dig up Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest to, I don’t know, piss on his bones or something because slavery.  Yes, they want a statue of the Supreme Court justice who wrote the Dred Scott decision taken down, because slavery.  And while we’re at it, let’s take down Mount Rushmore and do away with Columbus Day too.  Not joking, not making this up.  It’s a special snowflake fire sale on pesky history and everything must go!

Nevermind that not one of these “hateful” memorials has anything to do with oppressing black people.  I’m no defender of the Confederacy and I will explain how the “states’ rights” canard is nonsense ginned up to feed to the soldiers at another time, but those noble lies together with nothing more than simple loyalty to their home soil are what almost every Confederate soldier fought for–and they are what modern Confederate memorials honor.  No one’s putting up statues reading “Here Lies Colonel Bob Southernguy, he sure did keep them darkies down.”  And even if they did, tearing down that statue doesn’t make it so slavery never existed.  Moving on.

At first this felt coordinated, as if it had been planned, and it doesn’t take much thinking to recognize that of course it was.  I’m not saying that the guy who rammed the rioters in Charlottesville was a plant and that the left set up the first domino to fall, not yet anyway, but I am unreservedly saying that whether this was discussed in advance or not, the plan was clearly already in place to spring into action as soon as a convenient excuse presented itself.  The chimera appeared in the form of a white guy with a clump of LARPing Nazis who finally did something awful, and true to form the left did not let the crisis go to waste, often letting their useful idiots provide the muscle (even if they pulled down the wrong statues).  But then it metastasized.  Rather than the questions of “where does it end?” resulting in at least a little introspection and maybe a half-second’s worth of realization that taking down these monuments won’t magically make slavery un-happen, the Antifa animals took the rhetorical questions and turned them into suggestions and then into imperatives.  The fire began to spread.  Memorials to Lincoln were vandalized.  Civil War re-enactments on old battlegrounds got cancelled.  With utter disregard for the oceans of blood spilled to learn the lessons of the past, these retards have gone full throttle to essentially whitewash all of history because it makes them feel bad.  Or at least that’s what they claim and what the idiot marchers believe.  In reality, they know the lessons of the past are the best way to keep the same mistakes from being repeated, and that’s why history must be erased.  They have said outright, they are coming for all of them.  Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Jackson, all of them.

What initially felt like a planned and organized reaction now looks more and more like desperation with each passing day.  The left knows the game is up.  They know they’ve lost and they’re losing more ground with every tantrum, but right now they still hold a frightening amount of power.  They know that some of these things, once destroyed, will be lost to history forever–maybe not as effectively as in the days before the internet, but since they control that too that doesn’t seem to bother them as much as it should.  So they’ve set about unmaking and tearing down everything they can get their black-gloved hands on while they still have the legal authority to do so, no differently ISIS destroying centuries-old statues and relics because they are offensive to Islam.  The left has stepped up the timetable and pulled out the stops, determined to do as much damage as they can because they don’t know how much longer they’re going to have the ability to do so from within.  They haven’t gone full insurrection yet but they are engaging in a full scorched earth withdrawal, using and abusing the government’s power while they still hold it and salting the ground behind them as much as they can.

They are desperate, and being desperate they are at their most dangerous.  Hold the line, but be safe and be watchful.  These animals fear facts and they will leave nothing but ashes in their wake if they are not stopped, and they do not care who gets in their way.

For once, CNN gets something right

President Trump mentioned briefly that the “alt-left” as he called them bore some of the responsibility for the violence in Charlottesville.  I think he claimed it was equal, I would put much more on Antifa than that.  In response, CNN looked into the term “alt-left” and claimed that there is no such thing, that it is just a “made-up term.”

We’ll put aside for the moment the hysterical irony of the guys who sling around words like “cisgender” and “Islamophobia” and “climate justice” (just to name the first ones that pop into my head) dismissing something as a “made-up term.”  Because in this instance, remarkably, CNN was right.  There is no such thing as “alt-left.”  There is only “left.”  Groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are not far-out fringes routinely disavowed by the mainstream Democratic party any more than candidates like Bernie Sanders are barred from running for office as Democrats despite officially being independent socialists.  To the contrary, they are owned, claimed, and supported by the mainstream left.  Nobody in the GOP wants anything to do with the 500 knuckleheads in Charlottesville, but the Dems love them some DeRay and are falling all over themselves to give the protestors who picked this fight exactly what they have been after all along.

There is no “alt-left.”  The guy who shot Steve Scalise and the Antifa thugs out beating up journalists for daring to video their violent acts are not the fringe.  The Democratic state senator from Missouri openly wishing for President Trump’s assassination is not a random kook.  They’re the rank and file.  CNN didn’t mean to, but they hit it right on the head this time.


Did anyone else notice how Charlottesville happened, and then suddenly Democrat mayors and governors across the country started taking down Confederate memorials all at once–some literally overnight?  They’ve been trying to do that for decades now.  Good on the Alabama attorney general for fighting back but wow.  A suspicious person might even say this was planned.

What’s past is prologue

It seems like a lifetime ago that I was in law school, at a medium-sized private university in the middle South.  I was a loner and more than a bit of a nerd, and I liked getting involved in small community politics, so one of the things I signed up to do when the call went out was be a member of a hearing board at my school responsible for dealing with specific types of rule violations other than academics and outright lawbreaking.  This board consisted of undergrads, law students, and faculty from both sides of campus as well, and one of the subjects under its jurisdiction was hate crimes and discrimination.

As you may well imagine, incidents were few, but when something did come up and actually went to a full-blown hearing, they were quite memorable.  Recent events have brought the biggest “case” I was part of to mind very vividly.  One of the school’s fraternities hosted a Halloween costume party and I believe the theme was classic movie characters.  Some frat boy decided that he would dress up as a character from The Sound of Music who ended up joining up with the Nazis, and made himself a very well-done German officer’s uniform complete with swastika armband.  I’m sure some of you at least can see where this is going.  Someone at one of these frat house parties saw the swastika, declared he was offended, and literally attacked the student in the costume.  Others took pictures of him “mugging for the camera” and grinning while supposedly showing off his insignia, as if that in any way changed the fact that he was dressed as a character and totally not in any way an actual Nazi.  The next day pictures of this kid were plastered all over campus, his reputation was destroyed, and he was dragged before our hearing board to face charges of hate speech violations.

Let’s be clear here: this kid was looking at the possibility of being kicked out of college and having his life ruined because he wore a costume to a costume party, and got decked and doxxed for it.  And this happened about fifteen years ago.

As egregious as the scenario is, the fact that this hearing happened at all is not the most damning part of this story.  The “prosecution” called multiple witnesses including someone who was not even at the parties in question and never saw the costume, an art professor whose purpose in testifying was simply to establish how grievously bad this inexcusable behavior of wearing a costume had been and how unacceptable we should all find it.  I’ll grant that this professor was Jewish and of course Jewish folks have a very well justified reason to be concerned and upset about Nazis, but as I have already stated, this kid was not a Nazi and if anything his costume was making a mockery of actual Nazis.  As a member of the hearing board I had the ability to cross-examine this “witness” and I pointedly asked him, without even remotely trying to challenge the notion that the swastika is a symbol of a repulsive ideology (which it is), if it was inappropriate for this symbol to be displayed as a part of a costume, what circumstances would this professor consider appropriate to display it?  I specifically mentioned artwork and history books.  I’ll never forget this idiot’s instantaneous response: “Never.”

Even knowing back then how infested academia was with leftists, I have to admit I was taken aback.  I even asked him again and his response did not change. I didn’t argue with him.  No point.

The end of that story is that due almost entirely to my efforts and arguments (and willingness to drag out our deliberations until the wee hours of the morning) this board reached a “split decision.”  The hapless and chagrined frat boy was required to make penance to the PC gods but his academic career was saved.  You’re welcome.

We have all heard that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  We paid a heavy price in blood and treasure to learn the lessons of World War II and Nazi Germany and all the left seems to have taken away from that is an epithet they can throw at Republicans and an ideology they can try to portray as “right-wing.”  If you cover over the memory of something horrible and painful you don’t make it so it never happened, you just lose whatever you might have learned, including how to keep it from happening again.  The real frightening thing is, I think the left knows this.  I think they’re screaming “Nazis!” while they’re getting ready to burn the Reichstag.

We’ve been over the whole “free speech” thing so many times.  I don’t like swastikas or Nazi salutes.  I also don’t like the Planned Parenthood logo, that silly three-green-arrows recycling symbol, the hammer and sickle, pink kitty ear hats, or the song “Imagine.”  I think they’re all either insipid or oppressive or murderous or all of the above.  Free speech either applies to everything or it applies to nothing.  That said, baseball bats and bike locks are not free speech.  These fools have less of a problem with thugs burning down businesses, attacking people with pepper spray and M80s, and punching reporters for daring to show them behaving violently, than they do with a kid wearing a costume that someone decided to overreact to (and yes, I don’t care how hateful you find the swastika, attacking that student, publicly humiliating him, and trying to expel him from college was far and away an overreaction).

Really people, for God’s sake, let the Nazis talk.  Let them march.  Let them make fools of themselves and hold their rallies that nobody shows up to.  If the left wanted to defeat these people they’d ignore them.  They don’t.  We’d never know who Richard Spencer or David Duke are if the left and the dinosaur media didn’t prop them up and try desperately to attach them to Republicans.  But the left needs villains, and these knuckleheads are only too happy to provide them, while morons like that professor keep working on erasing the wisdom our forefathers fought and died to leave to us.  In the end, despite what the left so desperately wants to believe, ignoring reality has never made it go away.