The Trumpire Strikes Back

President Trump has fired a return volley at ex-president whatshisname, accusing him and his administration (with no shortage of evidence) of wiretapping into Trump Tower to spy on his campaign during the election.  Of course the dinosaur media, who see Watergate-level scandals every time Kellyanne Conway sneezes (“how dare she do that in the Oval Office!!1!“), are totally and intentionally missing the fact that this is exactly what Watergate, the actual Watergate, was about.

Headlines and chyrons are running with the caveat that President Trump is making these accusations against whoever-he-is “without evidence.”  Not true.  Nevermind the fact that despite numerous politicians and “news organizations” alike acknowledging that there is no evidence of any “Russian hacking” affecting the election, there is never such a disclaimer on stories about Trump and Putin stealing the election from Her What Was That About Being Inevitableness?  These claims that there is “no evidence” are brazenly false–there are warrant requests on record, people.  The best that they can do with this is spin it as “well, yeah, the wiretaps were requested and done but it didn’t go back to the ex-president whose name escapes me, nuh uh, he wasn’t involved at all!”  Um…the Department of Justice is an executive branch department.  Meaning it falls under the direct oversight of the President in execution of his duties and responsibilities.  Meaning everyone there is carrying out the express or implied agenda of the guy at the top.  Meaning whether a direct order was given or not, whether papers or directives were signed or not, or even if someone went totally rogue and did this on their own, the sitting president is responsible.  That’s how delegation works, folks.

In my view this is starting to look like a “will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?” situation.  For those who do not know history so well, this was the line (possibly paraphrased but the meaning is clear however you read it) spoken by King Henry II regarding the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket.  Henry didn’t order Becket’s death but a couple of his knights heard the king loud and clear, and promptly rolled out and murdered him.  Thus, plausible deniability was born.

And unlike generations of Republicans before him, President Trump will not just lie down and take it while a lawless administration runs roughshod over his rights and by extension the rights of the American people.  We are safely out of the “well whatshisname will just pardon everybody” danger zone.  He no longer has that power.  It’s time to lower the boom on the deep state and get that swamp drained.

Also, as a side note, don’t even start on Mike Pence’s email.  It’s not even close to the same thing as Hillary’s server and you damned well know it.


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