Let’s get something clear here.

The people who are turning out to shout down and scream at Republican congressmen, demanding “town hall” meetings that GOP representatives are wisely saying “no” to and getting criticized by renowned losers like Hillary Clinton or sock puppets like Gabrielle Giffords, these people are NOT the people who voted for these congressmen.  Most of them are not even from these congressmen’s districts.  I don’t care if you can write a zip code on your stupid little sign, none of the other nonsense on it is true so why should I assume that particular detail is?  I also don’t care if each individual protester was not handed twenty bucks to show up–if you pay for a protest you pay the organizer, who can usually get plenty of useful idiots to turn out for free.  This is a practice so rehearsed and fine-tuned that it actually has a term for it.  They call it “bird-dogging.”

Not only are there manuals online for how to do this stuff, but there’s video evidence of folks like Bob Creamer talking (if not bragging) about engaging in this kind of disruptive behavior and acknowledging that higher-up Democrat politicians know it’s going on, sometimes just tacitly approving and sometimes directing the way the tactics are used.  And the fact is, this Congress has been in session less than two months.  Due to Democrat obstruction, progress on the stuff the GOP campaigned on is moving very slowly (and that’s fine, it’s how the government is supposed to work), so as a result, there’s not a flippin’ thing for these twits to be complaining about yet.  You see children, you had your chance to voice your opinions about the GOP planning to cut taxes and repeal Barrycare.  It was called the election.  I know it feels like a long time ago but they didn’t go to work on the morning of November 9th, but even if they had, they’re doing (some of them whether they like it or not) exactly what they promised to do.  You lost.

Several GOP governors commented at CPAC that conservatives need to stay engaged and meet these retarded radicals with the same energy that we had during the campaign, essentially echoing what I expressed in my post “Going Dark.”  Not only do conservatives have jobs and lives and responsibilities to tend to, but frankly we don’t like playing politics.  We want to deal with our own business and our own concerns and leave the governing in the hands of the people we trusted with it.  And though I believe that this time around we have more reason to believe that the people we trusted with the reins of power will use them wisely, in the manner we intended them to, I have to agree that it is more important than ever to stay involved, not to sway any of these brain-dead protestors but to back up and reinforce our guys in high places, and remind our friends and comrades that no, we are not alone and we are not losing.

And it bears noting that these “protests” as the dinosaur media has called them all since the day after the election have demonstrated a distressing tendency to become very violent very quickly.  Being a congressman in no way obligates you to throw yourself to the wolves so they can firebomb your car and beat you with their “Disagree!” signs.  Plain and simple, it’s high time someone told these twerps to sit down and shut up, we’re done dealing with their nonsense and we’re not going to be berated or talked down to by self-centered know-nothing fools like you who think “Trump is a fascist!” is an argument.  Go to hell.


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