They draw fouls, we kick own-goals

I’m going to say it again: in no way, shape, or form did President Trump defend the white nationalists in Charlottesville.  And neither has anyone on the right–if anything we have been falling all over ourselves and accidentally praising the Antifa twits who want to set us all on fire in our rush to condemn the sig-heiling morons.  President Trump said, quite correctly, that there was blame for both sides when the alt-left comes charging towards a rally they don’t agree with swinging clubs and throwing fireworks.

More details keep coming out about the police response in Charlottesville, which is to say, there was none until it was too late.  Over and over in leftist enclaves, this is the way the story goes, the police are ordered to search and disarm anyone on the right and allow the left to run amok.  Of course this creates a win-win scenario for the Antifa thugs, they either get to go “bash the fasc” with baseball bats and bike locks and any other blunt or sharp objects they can get their hands on and do so with impunity, or, more ominously, they can provoke the right into hitting back.  In Berkeley the left tried to gin up outrage when a free speech protester decked a female Antifa attacker (whom the internet dubbed “Moldylocks”) who was coming at him along with a mob of other domestic terrorists, but that effort fizzled out pretty quickly for a lot of reasons.  The whole mess in Berkeley was quickly forgotten about because the right’s response was measured and the left not only looked bad but they lost.  They picked a fight against an unarmed crowd and they got sent packing.

Well this time they managed to draw the foul they’ve been gunning for.  They piled on top of the pattern of police inaction (due to orders from above, not the willful dereliction of the police) and created yet another scenario where the rules of modern society were put on hold for their purposes and the law of the jungle took over.  And seriously, if you don’t think a useful idiot or two are a price these people are willing to pay to advance their narrative, then you haven’t been paying attention.  Someone on their own side got killed and they are gleeful about it.  Listen to any reporter with the dinosaur media parrot the spin on President Trump’s statements and their excitement is not only unmistakable, it’s barely contained.  It doesn’t matter that the person responsible has nothing to do with President Trump or the Republican party, they have their chimera white male alt-right killer and they are ecstatic.

Meanwhile it seems that every last Republican out there is doing what every last Republican did during the campaign and is loudly putting as much distance between himself and President Trump as possible.  Of course this is more the image that we are meant to see by the establishment and the dinosaur media, but nonetheless the names are all too familiar.  Add Marco Rubio to the list of names that is jumping on this nonsensical bandwagon and buying wholesale into the media lie–I officially take back every good thing I’ve ever said about him and it’s apparent he learned absolutely nothing from the whole Gang of Eight debacle.  With leaders like these we hardly need enemies.  Our own supposed team captains are running the goalie ragged kicking the ball into our own net (yeah, I hate using soccer imagery but it’s the only sport insane enough to really capture politics).

So let’s get a couple things straight.  No one but no one is defending white nationalists, Nazis, the KKK, David Duke, Richard Spencer, or any other group that President Trump is supposedly sticking up for.  All of those morons have as much right to go out and speak their minds and protest for what they believe in as any other group of mobilized retards out there does.  This is precisely what we mean when we say there is no “hate speech exception” to the First Amendment.  Look people, we have to put up with it when Black Lives Matter wants to call for cops to “fry like bacon,” or when the left wants to scream about your SUV destroying the planet, or a mullah wants to preach death to all the Jews and America (funny how Islamic antiSemitism is somehow ok isn’t it?), or the feminists want to wail about the evils of the patriarchy, or some “edgy” atheist wants to dunk a picture of Jesus Christ in a jar of pee, or the baby murderers want to go out and chant about how a baby is just a lump of undifferentiated cells, or any one of hundreds more hate-laden leftist lies and slanders gets paraded about as some kind of legitimate discourse.  So that means that it doesn’t matter how repugnant you find their message, you either stand for the right of the Nazis to march through Skokie or you don’t stand for free speech at all, and right now the Republican Party is loudly screaming that they don’t stand for free speech at all.

This situation would be far different had the Antifa thugs not shown up not merely carrying weapons but swinging and throwing them.  This is the escalation I predicted months ago and it is exactly according to plan.  I’m pleased that our President has the courage to call this by its true name and not cower before the PC police despite practically all of Washington turning against him.

And I’ll say it again, and keep saying it: nobody, not me, not President Trump, is defending the white nationalist nimrods, other than to defend their right to speak their minds, hold their rallies, and show just what kind of dimwitted fools they really are.  If you can’t come up with a better response to their kind of idiocy than a baseball bat or an M-80 or a rock, then you really need to go home and rethink your life.

Charlottesville follow-up

Let’s get something straight:

When President Trump said that the Antifa “protestors” who charged at the white nationalists carrying and swinging baseball bats bear part of the responsibility for the violence that took place, he was right.  Paul Ryan, Cory Gardner, and any other so-called Republican out there “denouncing” what the President said are nothing but feckless pieces of crap.

Nobody’s out supporting the white nationalists here but for God’s sake, try to get a clue.  You attack someone with a club, you have no right to act like you have the moral high ground when they fight back.  Or as the saying goes, don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.  What the hell kind of world do we live in where a leader who has the courage to speak the plain and honest truth gets shouted down by people who are supposedly on his side?

Sometimes they’re almost adorable

As I am sure everyone knows by now, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un has been on a sabre-rattling binge lately threatening to use his newly developed ability to throw  nuclear weapons (the ones that Billy Jeff kindly allowed his father to acquire) further than an inch and a half to rain destruction on the American territory of Guam.  I swear the reason that most of the world does not take this guy seriously is because he’s so much of a caricature it’s hard to believe the guys from South Park did not make him up.  Of course if he actually does attempt to launch nuclear weapons at anyone, especially the United States, no one’s going to be laughing.

President Trump responded to the latest round of grandstanding by telling the Norks that they can bluster all they want, but they had better keep their bombs to themselves else “fire and fury” will descend upon them with a vengeance they cannot even conceive.  Which is, of course, the only way to respond to a maniac like Kim Jong Un–much as he wants to play tough guy he doesn’t want to end up vaporized, and after we pummeled Bashar Assad back into a corner (anybody else notice how quiet he’s been since then?) it’s been made clear to the rest of the world that the days of “smart power” are over and the days of being nice until it’s time to not be nice are back, and not a moment too soon.  While the dinosaur media and the Democrat left promptly set about screaming over how President Trump’s stern words were about to set off World War III, Guam’s territorial governor spoke up and said he wants a president who talks like that.  Guam’s not merely in the firing line because it’s close after all.  If the Norks do pull the trigger, Guam is where the American response will launch from, including any attempts to intercept and destroy the North Korean nukes before they hit.

So I was listening to the news on the radio the other day and apparently the hippie peacenik crowd has descended on Guam ahead of time to hold what I can only imagine is a big drum circle.  In the words of one of the almost-cute adult infants attending this rally, their intent is to show the world how Guam is all about peace and love and understanding and all the usual hippie platitudes that have utterly nothing to do with reality.  I’m sure that all it’s going to take to make Kim Jong Un see the error of his ways will be to shower him with flowers and pot smoke.  Of course to these twits the Norks really aren’t the problem and they’re at least as interested in getting the USA to mellow out as they are to get the North Korean government to, I don’t know, not be a crazed tinpot dictatorship that couldn’t care less about his people, nevermind the rest of the world.

The really sad thing is that most of us who live in the real world actually wish it would work the way the children imagine it ought to, while the children just don’t realize that they only make the problem worse when they make the West look like a bunch of clueless cowards.  Were it not for that these twits would almost be adorable.

When “the fasc” bash back

I go away for a few days and the whole world apparently blows up–the Norks threaten to nuke Guam and the lefties finally get their alt-right terrorist.  Andrew Klavan’s “Klavanless weekend” got nothing on “Wandererless week.”

Before we get into what happened in Charlottesville we need to get a foundational matter straight: Trump supporters are NOT white supremacists, BUT, white supremacists are Trump supporters more often than not.  Really, this should not be a revelation to anyone nor should it be a real problem, because it doesn’t prove a damned thing about Donald Trump and (ironically) it’s due to the fact that President Trump is not a racist.  Yeah, you read that right.  You have one major political party whose platform is that white people are the root of all evil and who had a candidate to take over its chairmanship who said her job would be to make white people sit down and shut up, and yes children, all that is 100% pure uncut racism.  Then you have President Trump, who doesn’t care what you look like as long as you can get the job done and who has a long history of commendations from civil rights groups, and of course the GOP whose essential position is “white folks ain’t so bad.”  So when you get down to the fringey outliers they’re left with the choice come election time to either vote for some outspoken Klan supporter like David Duke or Robert Byrd, which in most cases is not going to work out for them, or they can accept that we operate in a binary system and they can either support the person who calls them deplorable or they can pull for the guy who will more than likely leave them the hell alone.  Not really a tough call to make.  And I really don’t expect these types to have the insight to look at the destructive effect that Democratic policies have had on minority communities either.  So yeah, generally we’re stuck with the white nationalists.  Beats having to partner up (in some cases in actual partnerships) with envirofascists, Satan worshippers, pedophiles and Communists if you ask me, just to name a few of the less savory groups that align with the Democrats.

So the events as I understand them leading up to the Charlottesville attack are as follows: the Civil War was a thing.  Southerners have been taught for generations that there were noble and honorable things about the Confederacy and these things are more or less true even if in a lot of ways they are essentially used to whitewash and distract from the actual core issue of the Civil War (sorry folks, it wasn’t “states’ rights,” but that’s a topic for another time).  Over the past couple of decades, in complete ignorance of the fact that the United States abolished slavery and paid a heavy price to do so, it has become leftist dogma that the very existence of slavery in the United States corrupted the whole experiment from the getgo and means that America is an unjust, racist country to the core.  At the same time, people seemed to get the ludicrous idea that if a part of history is ugly or upsets you, the best thing to do is just to pretend it never happened.  These two forces converged to start a movement calling for the removal and destruction of any and all traces of the Confederate South.  Dukes of Hazzard reruns got pulled from television because the Stars and Bars are emblazoned on the roof of the hate-inspired “General Lee” (and apparently they didn’t get the Dixie Clinton-Gore bumper sticker on the Confederate flag background to balance it out) and around the South people began demanding and even taking physical action to take down Confederate flags, statues, and monuments.

Let me pause here to reassert that if I have not been clear enough yet, I am absolutely and unreservedly NOT a fan of the Confederacy.  I do think it’s kind of funny that in many Southern states there is a government-sanctioned holiday called “Lee-Jackson Day” that commemorates the two legendary Confederate generals, and that observance of said holiday results in a four-day weekend, because on the other end of that weekend is when federal Martin Luther King Jr. Day is observed.  Just going to leave that one right there.  But no, I’m not dreaming of the day the South will rise again.

Which brings us back on topic.  Charlottesville is home to the University of Virginia.  Virginia was home to General Robert E. Lee.  There’s a statue of Lee in…well, lots of places down South, but there’s one in Charlottesville.  Apparently lately the Antifa- BLM-BAMN type crowd has been on a kick about getting said statue taken down.  This prompted a number of responses from people across the spectrum, including one group of actual white nationalists who staged a rally in support of the statue.  The leftists set up a counter-protest demanding the statue’s removal.  In the course of all this one young white man drove a car into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing one and injuring a bunch and giving the left the “white alt-right terrorist” they’ve been pining for for decades now.  Congratulations, you got one, sort of.

Of course the dinosaur media and the usual suspects on the left, the whole crowd that forgot about Steve Scalise (still in the hospital last I checked) and the assassination attempt on him in less than a week, quickly started blaming this attack not on any kind of out-there fringe (which it was), not on the left’s constant berating of white America and calls for violence in the streets against police, against white people, against Republicans, against President Trump, not even on the attacker’s mental health diagnosis (schizophrenic and on meds like a third of young American men), but of course on President Trump and the GOP.  Talk radio and the “alt-right” worked in there somewhere.  It’s tempting to say it’s not worth even bothering to point out the hypocrisy in how this guy is being handled versus the Steve Scalise shooter but that’s the kind of narrative control the dinosaur media wants, and the fact is they’ll make excuses all day for the guy in Alexandria being “driven to this” and try to blame Republicans for giving this dude a mental illness somehow by making him angry, and they’ll try to portray him as a fringe wacko when he was really a rank-and-file Bernie bot.  Meanwhile there will be no reports at all of the Charlottesville driver’s diagnoses and you will not hear that he had a lifelong fascination with Nazis, you’ll just be told that he was white and that he supported President Trump.  In other words, the narrative is Alexandria guy = lone mentally ill guy driven nuts by Republican hatred, totally not representative of the left, and you can forget about him; Charlottesville guy = typical Trump supporter, completely clearheaded, who we’ll be hearing about for months if not years to come.

You also won’t hear how the Charlottesville police were given a stand-down order so they were in no position to prevent this.  Can’t confirm this yet but it fits the pattern.

What’s really ominous here is not just the sense of elation and excitement that the dinosaur media and the left can barely contain, but the fact that looking through the chain of events it’s hard to escape the conclusion that they wanted this to happen.  They kept poking the bear over and over again and when the first punch they pulled was from their own side, from the Bernie bro who went out with a list of Republicans to kill, they couldn’t bury it fast enough.  Now some out-there kid who they can tangentially link up as this “alt-right” bogeyman has hit back, and one person is dead and a score more wounded, all on the lefties’ own team, and they don’t seem to care.  Oh sure, they will cry and mouth the words but in between the lines it’s plain to see they’re practically salivating.  Small price to pay for the opportunity to watch and see what President Trump says next that they can rip apart.  Make no mistake, there is no possible statement that the President or any Republican can make that these people can’t give him days if not weeks worth of grief for.  They’re cutting the 2018 and even the 2020 campaign ads as we speak, folks.

So let’s get a few things clear.  For one, don’t even start with that “victim blaming” baloney.  This is entirely the fault of the left.  Sure, they get to protest, they get to make noise and do their thing, but part of free speech is you own the consequences of that speech.  “Fightin’ words” is not a legal defense but every six-year-old on the playground knows what’ll get you hit, and we’re way past just words.  These animals have been clear for decades that they consider property damage to be well within the bounds of what they’ll do when they don’t get their way and recently they’ve made it just as clear that they’re willing to hurt and even kill people too.  So now they have the nerve to play the innocent victim when they pick a fight, escalate that fight, and end up with a bloody nose?  I’m not even coming close to saying the driver should have done what he did, don’t even try to misread that, but seriously, nobody’s buying the innocent “peaceful protester” line.

I warned of two things not that long ago.  The first was that when you continue to fight racism with racism, it not only doesn’t work but it backfires horribly.  When you’ve been telling someone who is apparently a little unbalanced underneath that he’s responsible for all the ills in the world and he’s somehow benefiting from “privilege” while he can’t find a job or get into college for his skin color, it makes it all the easier for someone to come along and get a foot in the door with a simple message of “hey, people who look like you and me are great!” and it goes from there.  The whole “let’s get everyone else before they get us” stuff comes later.  And the other was that the left is truly losing whatever composure it had and it does not care one whit about collateral damage.  When it comes right down to it, the leaders of the Democratic Party and Black Lives Matter and Antifa do not actually care about the person who was killed in Charlottesville or any member of the grievance groups they exploit, so long as they can use her death or their stupidity to the party’s advantage.  We are still walking that knife’s edge and they are still trying to push us over the side that leads to disaster.

Words that leftists should not use, chapter 6

Unlike my last installment series about well behaved women and the fact that they do make history, where I came up with most of the list in the space of about twenty minutes and then over several months of weekly posts I only added two or three to the original batch, it seems that for every week that passes and every word that I check off this list it grows by two more.  I joked that I would have a dictionary by the time I was done and now I’m not so sure I was joking.

This week’s word that leftists really ought to learn the meaning of before they try to use it in conversation is one of their very favorites of late: Nazi.  In the real world, Nazi was short for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, and of course was the engine by which Adolf Hitler and his adherents came to power in the interim between World Wars I and II.  The Nazis were very much fascist, statist, socialist, and left-wing by their own admission as well as in practice.  I mean really, “socialist” is right there in the party name, it’s not hard to figure out.  The main difference between Nazi socialism and Soviet communism is that the Soviets saw themselves as the vanguard of the international communist revolution, whereas the Nazis had a definite nationalist streak that sought to promote and build up Germany and the Germanic peoples.  Most people do not realize that Germany had not existed long as a nation proper before World War I and the purpose of uniting the Germanic states behind Prussia was in part to establish Prussian hegemony over them (as opposed to Austrian) and in part to bring that same unity to the Germanic people, so this ethos was important to the nation itself.

That nationalistic streak does not, however, mean that the Nazis were “right-wing” as the left likes to claim.  Like fascism, the left has tried to insist that Nazism is a right-wing ideology ever since World War II not because of any factual basis to the claim, but because of the negative connotations behind it.  The Nazis opposed Christianity, confiscated guns, and nationalized the economy, how is that in any way “right wing?” “But they were racists!” the leftist twerps will insist.  You mean like Democrat Andrew Jackson, the Democratic South, and the Democratic KKK (spare me your fairy tales about a party switch)?  Or like President Lyndon “I’ll have them [n-words] voting Democrat for the next two hundred years” Johnson?  Or like Black Lives Matter?  Race strife is right up there with class warfare in the leftist standard operating procedure manual.

This misuse of the term “Nazi” would be bad enough in and of itself, but for most modern leftists in particular, the term has simply devolved to mean “someone I don’t like for political reasons.”  Did you vote for Donald Trump?  You’re a Nazi.  Don’t support total open border immigration?  Sieg Heil.  Want a flat tax?  Yup, Nazi.  Are you aware of unbiased historical facts that undermine leftist narratives?  Total Nazi.  In this regard the word Nazi is virtually interchangeable with the word racist in the leftist lexicon, and is every bit as meaningless.

The problem with Godwin’s Law is that it discourages the people who are making apt comparisons to the Nazis from doing so, but doesn’t slow the people who really don’t know what they’re talking about down at all, and essentially says that because some people will throw the term around as meaningless hyperbole that no one can ever use it, no matter how accurate they may be.  But then, using the term Nazi is like using profanity–it’s usually a sign of low intelligence and inability to make a convincing argument, but done right it can still be forceful and powerful.  Most of the time, however, John Hayward is right about the first rule of making comparisons to Hitler (he says, simply, “don’t”).

As I said earlier I will be absent for the next couple of weeks but I should only miss one Sunday entry in this series.  I might try to do the next one as a double feature, we’ll see.  Until then, thanks as always for stopping by.

Upcoming hiatus

Given my recent surge in traffic, I truly hate to make this announcement at this point in time, but I will be away for a couple of weeks starting on Monday and don’t expect to be able to make time to post.  I do plan to get the next installment of “Words Leftists Should Not Use” posted tomorrow and I will be back shortly.  I did just hit another milestone a couple of posts ago–Wanderer’s Way now has over 300 entries so hopefully that’ll leave something for new readers to look at until I get back.

I do want to take just a moment to tell everyone who has visited the blog recently that I am overjoyed that all of you stopped through here long enough to give my thoughts and ramblings a look.  I appreciate your time and welcome your comments.

Why I’m behind #Califexit

It has been an interesting few days here along Wanderer’s Way.  In response to an engineer of the still-not-dead California secession push appearing on Tucker Carlson to basically demonstrate why California leftists really have no idea what they’re doing, I relinked my silly Califexit song to Twitchy–and overnight it caught fire.  I mean, I’m not exactly going viral, but when your traffic jumps from 7 or 8 visitors on a good day to nearly 300 views you sit up and take notice.  I’m guessing someone took the link and reposted it, to which I can only say, thank you thank you thank you SO much.  Not bad for a bad parody riff on a Disney song everyone’s heard way too many times.

Anyway, I’ve gotten into a couple of discussions with people who are more than skeptical of the idea of California’s secession.  Most are okay with a little joking but when the rubber hits the road they think that even if it happens it won’t be a good thing.  Given the lighthearted nature of some of my past posts about the subject I wanted to be clear, I am not joking.  I am convinced that California’s departure (or at least its southern half) from the United States would be the greatest moment in the nation’s history since winning World War II.  So I will explain why in context of responding to the points made by people who have no love for California’s leftist tendencies but nonetheless don’t believe their departure would be good.

One big argument Califexit opponents bring up is that they’re a huge chunk of our economy, and this is true.  If California were its own nation, they’d have something like the sixth highest GDP in the world, clocking in at over two trillion dollars according to a quick Google search.  I’ll admit up front that this is a hard argument to get around, because it would have massive economic repercussions if California left.  However, we’re not the Congressional Budget Office here, and we’re not just going to measure in terms of what we know will happen (i.e. 2 trillion bucks suddenly gets taken out of the nation’s economy) but we’re also going to look at what’s likely to take place and those effects.  The fact is that exiting or not, California’s businesses have already been migrating to less-economically-stifling states such as Texas for years now.  There’s no reason to believe this trend would do anything but accelerate if California were to announce it’s on the way out the door.  It’s also important to note that despite this massive gross domestic product, California is flat broke.  And the fact is that California is a tremendous taker in terms of federal spending while at the same time they blow their state’s money on ridiculous regulations and pipe-dream projects like high-speed rail.  California’s burden on the rest of the country is augmented by the fact that their Congressional delegation and electoral college clout are so enormous.  Regulations, taxes, trade agreements, treaties, and basically anything having to do with the economy in any way that has to get through Congress has to contend with California.  Yes, I know that they have red districts that send Republicans to Congress but no one’s going to argue that California’s influence on national politics is anything but decisively blue, and of course that means their effect on the economy is to put as many nonsensical drags taxes and and regulations on as their little messed-up hearts can conjure up.  Finally, this says nothing about where that GDP comes from, how much of it is Hollywood fluff and how much is from illegal aliens, and how much of it is legit and respectable business.  I think that if the exit ever did happen, there’d be a brief economic tremor followed by a boom created by both relocated big-ticket businesses and the virtually universal relaxation of economy-crushing regulations, plus you’d have to account for all the federal dollars we’re not flushing down the San Andreas fault anymore.  You can’t capture that in a CBO score.

Another argument that gets brought up is what I call the pride argument.  This usually takes the form of talking about not wanting to cede this ground to the leftists and the hippies and not being willing to let them win and have their own little country they can drive into the ground.  Tangential to this are often arguments about how much federal land there is in California and how they’d never be able to pay that off, and how beautiful the land is and so forth.  I’ve never been to California, I’ve been right next door in Nevada though, and it is pretty, but so are thousands of other places nationwide.  And really, I don’t see letting California go as “letting the hippies win” so much as it is letting them have our way.  If we could get rid of a massive chunk of the nation’s leftists and break their electoral vote floor, and all it would take is setting the entire state of California free, I think that’s a win for us, not them.  It’s also the deal of a lifetime.  It’s like an appendectomy in this regard–it’ll probably sting a little but if you don’t remove it the damage is going to be far worse and it won’t be long before you don’t miss it at all.  The lunatic left has been kind enough to centralize themselves in this area, I think it would be downright foolhardy not to take advantage of the opportunity to chisel that plot of land off the rest and cut out the cancer while we have the chance.  And really, if I had a nickel for every time I saw someone comment or heard someone wail “I live in California, my vote doesn’t count,” I’d be able to fund construction of the wall and a weekend at Disney World for all the guys who build it.  We’re not conceding anything that it’s apparent that California Republicans haven’t already conceded.

Some have pointed out that California would be responsible for its own defense if they were to undertake this, while others remind us that some Californians have said that they would “rent” the United States’ military and naval bases back to us should the separation occur.  Both of these points are more or less absurd.  We already provide cover for most of Europe and good chunks of the Middle East (the sole reason Sweden can afford to be a “socialist utopia” where it still doesn’t work is that they don’t have to spend money on military defense, because the USA has their back).  It’s kind of ridiculous to think we would not watch over our wayward child.  If nothing else, we’d have an interest in making sure the Norks or the ChiComms or anyone else didn’t manage to set up a beachhead by walking over the hippies.  But it’s also absurd to think that the United States would be obligated to pay for the privilege of keeping California safe.  We’d keep the bases just like we keep Guantanamo Bay.

I’ve seen a few folks come at this from the angle that their great-great-grandfather came over from whatever impoverished dirt-farmer country generations ago and settled in California and by gosh we’re not gonna leave our land.  My first reaction to this is one of utmost sympathy and understanding–I get it, I really do.  I didn’t choose the name Wanderer for no reason and no, I wasn’t even thinking about Gandalf’s poem.  I understand the strong and irrational pull towards home.  So it is with all that in mind that I tell these people: grow up.  Sorry to be cold but there it is.  It hurts to have to make a choice between the home you know and love and the rational understanding of what these twits have done to it, but that’s the kind of hard choice that life is just chock-full of.  And as I said when addressing the pride argument, if you loved it so much why in God’s name did you just sit back and let the left overrun it?  I mean, I even get that too, we’re conservatives and we don’t want to do politics 24/7/365.  But then you have to live with the consequences of your actions or lack thereof.  The rest of us do not.

All of these are rational and reasonable concerns and the last thing I want to do is belittle or dismiss them.  The issue that tears it for me, however, is much more serious.  I have said for years that we are in a cold civil war and many commenters have noted that the rift between red and blue is widening and hardening more and more with each passing year.  If we are not already at the point where reconciliation is impossible, we are approaching it very quickly.  We had eight years of a president and a dominant media/political culture that did everything they could to widen and shore up those divides as a means of growing their political power, and in the wake of them being resoundingly ejected from power they have only doubled down on the irrational hate.  Just look at the harpies’ response to the mere suggestion that the Democratic party be open to supporting otherwise-acceptable pro-life candidates for office.  “Unhinged” is generous.  We have the opportunity, however silly it may seem and however infinitesimal the chance might be, to make this an amicable divorce.  We can keep this cold civil war from going any hotter than it already has (God bless Steve Scalise).  All we have to do is cut off this little deep-blue island and set them adrift in their own little fantasy world.  I still maintain that they will be sneaking back across the border inside of a generation.

Please note, I do not believe that setting them up as a socialist paradise will teach the committed socialists anything.  I’m confident they will join the list of countries and societies who “didn’t do it right” to the twerps and fools who still think socialism is just a swell idea, despite starting off with literal tons of other people’s money to spend.  This is not about teaching them, or even about giving more rational people yet another example of socialist failure.  It is simply about getting rid of them before it’s too late to do so without someone getting hurt.

I would honestly be happy to discuss this with anyone who feels strongly that Califexit is a bad idea, but my position is an unequivocal LET THEM GO.

A brief thought experiment

We hear so much about “buying votes” and get hammered over and over with the idea that “money in politics is bad.”  Of course these are usually smokescreen phrases used by leftists to try to tell us that spending money isn’t actually protected speech and even if it was corporations don’t have rights (please tell me how you can get “everyone in the world has a right to come here and not assimilate or abide by our laws” out of the Constitution and yet not understand that organizations made up of people have rights).  Still, it begs the question, if votes can be bought, what would they cost?

So I am asking you, good readers, if someone were to come up to you and offer you money to vote for the other party, how much would it take for you to do it?  You can assume a tight race where the margin could be slim enough that it honestly makes a difference and decide if the number would be different if your guy was either fighting uphill or way out in the lead.  Also assume that you are bound to your word despite secret ballots and can’t simply take the money and lie to the payor, and also that you’re agreeing to vote the full ticket from President on down to local school board.  Would you, as a Republican voter, vote Democrat for $100?  $1000?  $5000?  Is it non-negotiable?  If there are any Democrats reading this (can’t imagine why there would be but it’s possible I suppose), what would it take for you to vote Republican?

I don’t expect anyone to reply, but do at least be honest with yourselves.

We have achieved quantum stupid

Look folks, if I have to explain to you why a poem written by a proto-SJW on a statue is not remotely like a law, much less the Constitution itself, then there really is no help for you.  I could maybe forgive you for thinking Fake News Jim Acosta is actually a journalist and not an outright Democratic activist as he stands there getting flechetted by Stephen Miller, but all these nimrods rushing to Acosta’s defense like “The New Colossus” is a superlegislative blank check to flood the nation with non-assimilating alien squatters (not even immigrants) are quite literally too stupid to insult.

Of course these are the people who think immigration law can just be ignored and who find things in the Constitution all the time that aren’t actually there.