Words that leftists should not use, chapter 27

Good Sunday morning to you.  Wanted to take a second to explain the recent slowdown in posting.  It’s really not much more complicated than things have been busy lately and it’s been cold, so that makes it harder to type.  When you’re just doing this for kicks that does put a damper on your efforts.  Also, the recent news cycles have been feeling a lot like reruns–more nonsense about Russia again, another “shutdown,” more hyperventilating about North Korea, all with a distinct “been there, done that” feel that kind of tells me the fake news is scrambling to get a handle on the narrative.  I’m also considering winding down WTLSNU despite having a fair number of words left to go.  I didn’t start this project expecting to end up with an exhaustive list and I think getting up to around 30 entries or so might sufficiently make the point.  Well Behaved Women went on for 30 chapters so it seems like a good benchmark.  We’ll see if I get some feedback one way or the other.

That said, on to today’s word.  This is inspired by our esteemed and awesome Vice President Mike Pence and his well-covered decision not to stand in recognition of the North Korean team at this year’s Winter Olympics.  This should be viewed in the context of his decision (which I covered here) to take an early exit from an Indianapolis Colts game where the players participated in Colin “I Started A Movement Because I Suck” Kaepernick’s “Take A Knee” nonsense.  Today’s word is “protest.”

I’m not going to go to the dictionary definition today because (unlike gender) “protest” can legitimately be considered to be on a spectrum.  Some of this spectrum is covered under the freedoms of speech and peaceful assembly under the First Amendment, and some of it is not.  A “protest” can involve a single person or a crowd of people, or a whole political party or subdivision thereof (like the Tea Party), but it and its more benign and Constitutionally protected kin (such as “demonstrations” or “rallies”) are characterized by the expression of a belief or opinion that is usually political in nature with the aim of pressuring or persuading others (whether other citizens or government officials) to adopt your line of thinking.  I hesitate to use the phrase “raising awareness” but in a lot of ways that’s what a protest is meant to do.  It’s also meant to plant your own flag on an issue that matters to you.

And no, neither Mike Pence nor Donald Trump nor any other elected official surrender that right upon taking office.  Moving on.

What Vice President Pence was doing at the Olympics was a form of protest, just as he did at the Colts game in response to the temper tantrum.  No, it was not at all inconsistent with his criticism of the “Take A Knee” liars and anyone who equates protesting the brutal and backwards Norks with protesting America based on lies and hatred is not worth listening to.  The thing about a protest is that in order to maintain the shroud of Constitutional protection, by definition it must remain peaceful.  That means that when someone like Mike Pence or someone like me who doesn’t have the benefit of Secret Service protection says “I’m not supporting your ‘Take A Knee’ nonsense” or “I’m not honoring your sick and crazy country,” you don’t get to hit them.  Protestors have free speech, not a license to make others shut up and listen to them.  You get to speak your feeble minds, I get to tell you you’re full of it and judge you accordingly.

The reason the left ought not use this word is because they like to apply it and its other more benign synonyms to what ought to be more properly called riots.  Whether it happened in Ferguson or Baltimore or Orlando or Berkeley, if you set something on fire that does not belong to you, it’s not a protest, it’s a riot.  If you break a plate glass window and loot a convenience store, it’s not a demonstration, it’s a riot.  If you come armed with a bike lock and bash someone in the head with it because they’re winning an argument with one of your chanting moron compatriots, it’s not peaceable assembly, it’s a riot.  If you are giving the “youthocracy” “space to destroy” (words directly from Baltimore’s Democratic mayor), it’s not Constitutionally protected speech, it’s a riot.  Riots are domestic terrorism and attempts to intimidate or punish through use of violence.  They are not an acceptable response to the expression of beliefs you don’t like, they are not an acceptable reaction to losing an argument with someone who is smarter than you, and they sure as hell are not First Amendment protected “peaceable assembly” or, to put it back in context, “protests” as the fake news gently calls them over and over again.

When it comes right down to it, spectacles like the Women’s March and Take A Knee are legitimate protests.  But I and the rest of America have the same right to tell you “no, that’s stupid, and I don’t want to associate with you” as you do to spout your dishonest nonsense, and you don’t have the right to declare us “Nazis” and punch us because we told you to shut up.  Protesting does not mean you get to break stuff and throw a destructive tantrum, and it doesn’t mean you get to force anyone to listen, and it doesn’t mean no one can criticize you.

And by criticize, I mean laugh at.  Really, really hard.  Because some of this stuff is so stupid it’s funny.

I’m going to close this one out with an image of an Antifa “protester” (I’ll be generous because I don’t know what preceded or followed this image) that encapsulates these people’s gross stupidity better than a thousand words ever could.  Somehow I doubt self-awareness is one of this guy’s strong suits.  See you next week for the next word.

Antifa on free speech



In the wake of the GOP tax plan going through and the massive wave of bonuses and salary hikes being announced by hundreds of companies (over 200 at last count), the Democrats were left scrambling to come up with a reason why this is bad.  They tried sticking to their “Armageddon” nonsense at the horror of working people getting to keep more of their own hard-earned money, but when that didn’t seem to be playing with people who were already seeing not just their withholding reduction but ALSO getting a pay increase, the angle they decided to take was to belittle the gains the average person was seeing.  Nancy Pelosi came up with the term “crumbs” to blow off thousand-dollar bonuses and other boosts to working people’s take-home pay.

Since then it’s come into fashion for these fools to try to demean the pay increases by putting them in terms of “here’s what this buys,” scoffing at things like a part-time school secretary saving enough to pay for her Costco membership for the year, or a low-rent worker being able to afford a Big Mac for lunch once a week.  I for one am all for the Democrats continuing to take this line of attack.  If they want to keep demonstrating how grievously out-of-touch the “party of the people” is with the average American, the last thing I want to do is interrupt them while they make that mistake.  A typical person can hear “your taxes are going down by [some complex formula]” and before the politician is done talking they’ve changed the channel, in their heads if not on the actual television.  They can hear “your taxes are going down by about X percent” and that starts to maybe get their attention on an intellectual level, but it doesn’t touch them.  They can hear “you’re going to be taking home a $1000 bonus” or “your pay is going up to $15 per hour” and NOW they’re starting to get a sense for what this really means to them.  But if you put it in terms of “this will cover your Costco membership” or “this will pay for you to get a hot lunch once a week,” THAT puts it in personal terms that really resonate.  It makes it much more real to people on the ground level, and it shows them what they were not able to have thanks to the government taking it from them before.  To a mom working part-time answering phones at the school to cover some household expenses, “covering the Costco membership” is probably on her list of things she is working for.  To a guy working a blue-collar sweat-and-dirt job, having the freedom to get a burger once a week instead of bologna on white bread with yellow mustard AGAIN is huge.  I’ve worked that kind of job with that kind of guy.  Hell, I worked with a guy who put in a 14-hour day doing farm work who ate cold beans out of a can in the middle of a field, using a dull Buck knife as a spoon–and he smiled while he did it.  If you gave that man a cheeseburger he’d feel like a million bucks.

I know the real angle these socialist nitwits are trying to play here is “but the corporations and the CEOs are keeping SO MUCH MORE of the benefit of the tax cuts!”  That’s true, they are.  So what?  If I buy a box of cookies and I give you two of them, I get 28 cookies and you get two you didn’t pay for.  You aren’t entitled to my cookies, I gave them to you because I felt like it and maybe because I want you to hang out with me.  These companies are in no way obligated to give their employees ANYTHING that they did not contract for, but in a free market, they have an incentive to share in the benefits so they can hang on to their workers and engender some goodwill both with their employees and their customers.  Nevermind that a lot of these stock buybacks are putting money into the hands of investors and are shoring up the companies who are buying their own stocks (because stable, profitable companies don’t end up shuttering stores and laying off workers).  The bottom line of all this is that these businesses don’t exist to give people jobs, they exist to make their owners and investors money.  But this line of thinking is right up there with a “you get an X percent tax cut” in terms of how much your average person has to think about it and is going to sail right over people’s heads while they shop at Costco and stop for a fresh hot bratwurst on their way out the door.  Keep it up Democrats, it’s working so well for you!


Like, share, repost, and comment

I’m putting this up (and will link it to the “About” post) in response to a recent request and other periodic requests for permission to link to or repost anything on Wanderer’s Way.  Yes, anyone reading this has permission to link to, copy, or otherwise repost any or all of my content to any form of social media you want.  I’m taking the risk that people will do that without asking by putting it on the internet, so I appreciate those of you who have asked permission.  Just let me know you’re doing it and where.  Hell, I don’t really care if you tell me “I’m stealing this 1200 word post you wrote and claiming it as my own, just FYI.”  But if you want to credit me, just credit the repost to Wanderer’s Way.


I can do this better than Jimmy Fallon

With insincere apologies to Bob Dylan…


Come gather ’round people, wherever you roam,
And admit that you no longer feel so alone
‘Cause the grownups have finally made their way home,
And this country, she still is worth savin’.
So stand up and watch the fake news be dethroned,
For the times, they are a-changin’.

Come mothers and daughters throughout the land,
Don’t go tell a lie just ’cause you’re not a man
For due process is what everyone must demand,
Or there’s no one the mob won’t be namin’,
And crying wolf won’t go as well as you planned,
For the times, they are a-changin’.

Come sports fans and owners, please heed the call,
Don’t excuse hate and lies from a guy who plays ball
And then spits in the face of the men who stood tall
But then cries if someone starts shamin’.
My speech is free too, if you’ll kindly recall,
For the times, they are a-changin’.

Come pundits and skeptics, all those who can see
That this legacy media’s fake as can be
They can fool all the fools, but they’re not foolin’ me!
Their papers and books are all failin’
‘Cause alternative media is honest and free
And the times they are a-changin’.

Come liars who cry about “Russia” and “hacks”
But the man in the big chair has got all the facts
And you snark about crumbs after he cuts the tax
But everyone knows what they’re savin’.
So like it or not, kids, America’s back,
For the times, they are a-changin’.

Come gather ’round people, wherever you roam,
And admit that you no longer feel so alone
‘Cause the grownups have finally made their way home,
And this country, she still is worth savin’.
So stand up and watch the fake news be dethroned,
For the times, they are a-changin’.


The latest thing the lefties are kicking around (supposedly wetting themselves over although there’s little static about it anywhere except in trolls’ fevered dreams) is a line of bullcrap that goes “President Trump isn’t enforcing sanctions against muh Russia for meddling in the election!”  I saw this come through from a couple of different trolls and my first thought was “good!”  I discussed this way, WAY back before Whatshisname left office in this post.  To recap, before the last tenant got done pissing in the sink and stopping up the toilets, he decided it might be fun to take the nascent “Russian collusion/meddling” narrative and use it as one of the many fun ways he could make life difficult for the incoming President Trump, by expelling Russian diplomats and imposing sanctions against Russia over a fairy tale.  This of course put President Trump in a very bad position from the first days of his presidency: either he could lift the sanctions and dispose of them like the bogus nonsense they were, easing international tensions while opening himself up to a broadside from the “he’s Putin’s puppet” idiots; or, he could leave the sanctions in place and with them the risk of antagonizing our chief geopolitical adversary.

Let’s not underemphasize this: the outgoing Democratic president was openly flirting with brazen, baseless hostility against a nuclear power in order to score cheap political points.  President Trump’s ultimate decision was to leave the sanctions intact and so far that gamble has paid off.

So apparently in the past couple of weeks a couple things have happened.  The first was that Vlad Putin has accused US (and I’d say the odds are 50/50 he’s just trolling) of meddling in the RUSSIAN election.  The second is that a trio of Russian intelligence chiefs recently visited the USA as part of routine joint efforts to coordinate with our government about dealing with terrorism.  Yes, at least one of them was on the old sanctions list as restricted, and he/they received waivers of their travel restriction through the normal vetting process.  There’s literally nothing to see here.  But for some reason that I didn’t bother to look into any more deeply, apparently La Resistance has managed to recommend to the President that there ought to be NEW sanctions imposed for election meddling IN ADDITION TO the ones Whatshisname left us with on his way out the door.  The reason was not clear (other than “because Russia”) but of course the appropriate response is “no, that’s silly.”

So the illiterate and senseless left is so hung up on their “muh Russia” nonsense (and completely missed the fact that the entire underpinning for that fairy tale just got torpedoed) that they are trying to say not imposing new sanctions over their bogus delusion and blatant lies means the President is not enforcing Whatshisname’s sacred sanctions.  Look retards, maybe you all can’t even read your own news stories and linked “sources,” but that doesn’t mean everyone else is as stupid as you are.  You fail, and you fail pretty miserably.


What about “whataboutism,” and the difference between two travesties

From time to time I’ll take a quick scroll through the WordPress reader just to get a sense for the kind of leftist derangement that is passing for blog posts on other sites.  I think I said before, the first time I did that I felt like Dick Cheney waking up in the middle of the Women’s March.  So far I haven’t seen any screeching retorts to “that awful hateful Rethuglican Nazi who calls himself Wanderer” and in the entire history of this blog I’ve only attracted one troll (who I quickly dispatched), so apparently I’m not drawing enough attention to make people angry just yet.  That’s fine, I didn’t set out to anger people, I set out to tell the truth.

Last night I stumbled across a display of deluded ignorance that got multiple gears turning.  Some loyal believer and fake news adherent was downplaying the significance of the devastating FISA memo and in the process calling Devin Nunes a “useful idiot” and comparing Paul Ryan to Saruman (as if Paul Ryan had a damned thing to do with this), and that’s where I stopped reading as the thumbnail trailed off.  I’m not going to dignify that garbage with a click.  The cherry on this ignorance sundae was the image this blogger chose to associate with her nonsense, an image of a flooded street with a rusty sign poking up out of the water, photoshopped to read “But Her Emails.”  Um…last time I checked, no one was saying a thing about Dr. Pantsuit in relation to this travesty, but since you opened the door to the rabbit hole…

I have addressed the subject of what is called “whataboutism” before, in a post from a while back called Move Along.  The thrust of that piece was essentially “because the Democrats did it” is not an argument.  Personally I tend not to engage in whataboutism except as an occasional parting shot, for two main reasons.  The first is, there are better arguments to be made and better ways to confront lies and misrepresentations against conservatives than “but a leftist did THIS!”  So what if a leftist did something worse?  They’re leftists.  We kind of expect that.  I expect more out of my team than setting “what the left has gotten away with” as the performance bar, not merely because the left can and does get away with much more than the right ever will, but because we ought to hold ourselves to a higher standard.  And in most instances we do.  The second reason is that highlighting these double standards really doesn’t refute an accusation against a Republican, it just points out the accuser’s hypocrisy.  The problem with that ought to be obvious.  We have long established that pointing out that a leftist is a hypocrite is like pointing out the daytime sky is blue–it’s only noteworthy if you’re wrong.  If it weren’t for double standards the left would have no standards at all.  It’s therefore a waste of time and energy to call attention to something so obvious and so ubiquitous.  As I suggested months ago, whataboutism is only useful if you’ve already made a material point in rebuttal.

So that said, let’s address the left’s whataboutism here, which is what they’re trying to engage in by pointing to Dr. Pantsuit’s “emails.”  You see, in their deluded minds the bogus “Russian collusion” investigation is equivalent to the investigations of Dr. Pantsuit.  They have lied so completely to themselves that they believe as a matter of faith and principle now that nothing was found against Dr. Pantsuit and therefore that investigation was the “witch hunt,” and they have trivialized it by referring to the whole debacle as “her emails.”  Their whataboutism sounds like “well, you didn’t have anything on Dr. Pantsuit for years and you still wanted that investigation to go on!”  To any thinking person this sounds desperately ignorant but you have to remember we are not dealing with thinking people here.

First of all, the scandals swarming around Dr. Pantsuit were NOT about “her damn emails,” Bernie.  As Secretary of State, Dr. Pantsuit was assigned a secure email address as well as several devices to access email with–many of which were destroyed with a hammer.  This is not in dispute.  But we’ll set the smashed Blackberries aside, at least for the moment.  ALL of Dr. Pantsuit’s official correspondence as Secretary of State was supposed to go through that email address for multiple reasons, foremost among them being to protect classified information that she would be receiving in the job she was not competent to perform, and so that there could be Congressional and FOIA oversight of what she was doing.  If she wanted to use a personal email account or hell, even a private server to send emails about yoga and wedding plans, fine.  That’s not what happened and the Pantsuit drones know it.

We know the Clinton Crime Family Foundation received millions of dollars in contributions from foreign sources and governments.  We know Billy Jeff received speaking fees and so did Dr. Pantsuit.  We NOW know that the flow of cash to the Clintons dried up in the wake of her election loss.  We strongly suspect that Dr. Pantsuit was selling influence to multiple foreign actors (including the Saudis and to Vladimir Putin himself, including the Uranium One deal) and God knows what else.  We still don’t know what was really going on in Benghazi and at this point we probably never will.  We DO know that classified information not only got onto the infamous private email server but also made it out to Pantsuit confidante Huma Abedin’s computer–and we never would have found it were it not for state-level investigations into Abedin’s husband Anthony Weiner (so don’t give me “the FBI investigated her!”).

To put it in the simplest possible terms, Dr. Pantsuit was plainly trying to hide something.  She made the mistake of being stupid about it, and so far she’s still getting away with it.  “Her emails” aren’t the point at allThey are merely the coverup.  Thirty thousand of them were destroyed either after or in anticipation of a subpoena and I don’t think most people realize what happens to any mere mortal when you “lose” or destroy subpoenaed evidence (quick lesson: the party who subpoenaed the evidence gets to tell the tribunal what they think the destroyed evidence would say and have otherwise-hearsay evidence admitted at trial).  The coverup itself involved felonious behavior that for any mere mortal would have resulted in jail time and a permanent bar against holding public office–and we KNOW this because James Comey told us all of it.  In his infamously incompetent presser, Comey laid out all the elements of an indictment against Dr. Pantsuit only to declare that he found “no intent” to violate the law, under a statute that expressly does not require intent.  Some criminal statutes adopt a “you should have known better” approach to make it clear that carelessness or recklessness are just as good as intent, usually with good reason.  If anyone wants to argue to me why the Secretary of State should not be obligated to exercise extreme caution with classified information, and if she can’t do that then she shouldn’t take the damn job she was in no way qualified for, then you go right ahead.  Again, “her damn emails” were merely the coverup, and she screwed that up feloniously.  But because James Comey was a partisan hack and the FBI did a pathetically inept investigation wherein they had Pantsuit fanboys do the interviews with the suspect and handed immunity to Pantsuit goons out like candy, not only was a fully fleshed out charge never brought, but whatever was contained in those 30,000 emails will never see the light of day.

I’ve done another post about why I believe Dr. Pantsuit will never and should never be brought to trial (long story short: she’ll never be convicted because it will be impossible to get a fair jury), but that does not change the fact that the investigation of Dr. Pantsuit DID NOT result in “nothing.”  The fake news knows this damned well and so do millions of drooling Pantsuit drones who have all convinced themselves that this is “all about her emails” to make it sound trivial and silly.  It’s not.  But that’s where it stalled out.


By contrast, the investigation into “Russian collusion” has yielded precisely nothing of the sort.  Nevermind that as I have gone into before, “collusion” is not a crime (Dr. Pantsuit got oppo research from Ukraine, money from multiple countries, and now we know hired a Brit to pay Russian sources for the infamous dossier, and no, that’s not “whataboutism”).  President Trump was not a government official operating with access to national security secrets and did not leave them lying about (or in transit to paying customers) on an unsecure you-can’t-see-this server.  No “Russian hacker” or “bot” changed a single vote and in fact all the evidence is that the “Facebook posts” and other social media campaigns were intended to undermine confidence in the election.  President Trump is also not being investigated by a friendly FBI and a friendly DOJ under a friendly President who went out campaigning for him.  Oh yeah…he was also 100% right about being wiretapped.  Yet morons are still out saying “it’s obvious he colluded” (no, it’s not, not at all, and if he did, so what?) while running their mouths about “he lies an average of five times a day” (um, saying stuff you don’t like isn’t “lying,” children, but let’s hear an example that doesn’t have to do with audience size).

This image is over six months old now and still true:


So let’s summarize, children: The first mockery of justice was the sham investigation into Dr. Pantsuit that had to be arm-twisted into making a show of actually looking into things and ended with a result even a first-year law student could tell you is blatantly wrong; the second is the ongoing witch hunt that has turned up precisely nothing despite brazenly violating the Constitutional rights of the President and his associates; and of course, you can demonstrate both clearly and compellingly (as I have) without resorting to “well you didn’t like it when Dr. Pantsuit was being investigated!”

Oh, and if you feel inclined to cry more about “but her emails,” then go eat a smashed Blackberry and tell me how it tastes, retard.

Thunder in the distance


The House Intelligence Committee memo (as in, “The” memo) was released earlier today after days of sandbagging and predictions both dire and dismissive.  The left’s take on the memo leading up to it fell into one of two camps.  First you had the Ted Lieu angle, whose adherents tried to mockingly downplay the significance of the document as a nothingburger, or actually, less than a nothingburger–it was, in fact, the nothing ketchup on a nothingburger.  Then you had the Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff approach, taken by most of the left and notably the FBI, the DOJ, and large chunks of the fake news media, whose proponents warned that this thing would be the biggest disaster since the GOP tax plan killed the survivors of the Net Neutrality repeal; would hand over the identities of every CIA agent, FBI informant, prison snitch, corporate whistleblower, bus monitor, and Batman himself to international terrorists; would give Vladimir Putin a gigantic treasure trove of classified information wrapped up with a big pink bow and a dozen long-stemmed roses; and would completely devastate the American public’s confidence in the smoldering ruins of their great American institutions of justice that the previous administration spent years undermining and discrediting.

To which Devin Nunes and the Republicans said “Nuts to that.”  And let’s be clear, it wasn’t President Trump releasing this memo.  Unless I’m understanding the process wrong, President Trump could have vetoed the release, but the decision to send this out to the public was made by the committee itself.  Of course, the President could declassify and disseminate any information underlying the memo he wants to, but the fact is this was not President Trump’s doing.

Of course, the actual contents of the memo failed to fit either Lieu or Schiff’s delusional descriptions.  What they DID contain was information confirming that the Fusion GPS/ Christopher Steele “dossier,” the discredited and unverified work of fiction that they had to leak to BuzzFeed before someone would run with the damned thing, was the foundation for the FISA warrant request AND multiple extensions of the FISA warrant that allowed the FBI to spy on onetime Trump associate Carter Page (and, by extension, any Trump properties and groups Page was associated with).  What’s more is the memo reveals that “corroboration” of the dossier in the FISA applications came from information author Christopher Steele himself leaked to Yahoo News, and the application falsely stated Steele did not provide such information.  Steele has admitted this is not true.

I am compelled to note briefly (since a troll on Twitchy apparently couldn’t get this concept through her empty head) that the memo notes information regarding another Trump associate, George Papadopoulos, who himself was investigated by heavily biased Pete “Insurance Policy” Strzok, and who had no connection or conspiracy going on with Carter Page.  In other words, the FISA warrant application cited a completely unrelated matter in which the only remote connection between the parties under investigation was an association with soon-to-be-President Trump.  No, children, that does NOT mean the Page investigation was started with the Papadopoulos investigation, nor does it mean that in any way invalidates the findings in the memo.

More shocking, especially to a criminal defense attorney like myself, is the fact that the FBI repeatedly failed to disclose not just the foundation of their supposed “corroboration” for the dossier (that being the author of the dossier’s statements to the eager accomplices in the media regarding the dossier), but ALSO never disclosed that the dossier was a political campaign document paid for and generated for the DNC and Dr. Pantsuit’s campaign.  Once again, no, this was NOT the result of Republican opposition research against Donald Trump–Fusion GPS was hired briefly by certain establishment Republicans to do some poking around, but they were discharged well before the DNC picked that ball up and ran with it, getting virulent Trump hater and former MI-6 foreign operative Christopher Steele to gin up this pile of dreck.  I don’t think it can be overstated just how significant this is.  This kind of material omission of an extremely pertinent fact going to the weight of the evidence submitted constitutes a blatant fraud upon the court, which is a violation of even the most basic legal ethics and would get a mere mortal such as myself disbarred and possibly even jailed.  It most certainly should get the FISA warrants rescinded and result in any evidence or information derived from them, directly or indirectly, being rendered completely inadmissible and useless under the “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine.  This is akin to requesting a search warrant for a drug den by submitting an affidavit generated by a dirty cop trying to set up a rival and using information from a competing drug dealer and known liar–and James Comey and the FBI and DOJ knew it.  They withheld this information knowingly and willfully.

I have to admit that when I first heard the contents of the memo I was a little underimpressed.  This is nothing I didn’t already know.  Then it hit me: I and others on the informed right know about this stuff, but most people don’t.  This is the stuff that has been buried, denied, hidden, minimized, and ridiculed as “conspiracy theories” by the same people who even today are insisting that this whole “Russian collusion” fairy tale isn’t a political witch hunt.  This is confirmation that we have been right all along.  We’re not accustomed to seeing the left’s fake news narratives confronted and dismantled so directly.  We knew the truth and now the whole world’s gonna know it.  You can’t stop the signal.

As James Comey blubbers incoherently on Twitter (asking “that’s it?” one moment and then going into the horrors this revelation has wrought upon “our institutions” as if trying to merge the Lieu and Schiff approaches and failing miserably) and Chucky Schumer makes impotent threats that “you better not fire Rod Rosenstein or Bob Mueller, or else we’re REALLY gonna yell about impeachment some more!”, the question on the minds of thinking people everywhere is, what now?  We know all this, we have evidence of all of this, it’s there in black and white, so… what’s going to happen next?  The Democrats are out whining about their memo, which at last report not only shows that our memo is indeed more than “nothing ketchup” but, um, doesn’t actually refute anything stated in the memo.  Sure guys, tell us what “material facts” got left out.  Was it anything like the “material” grammatical errors corrected or the “material” changes you and the FBI asked for at the last minute?  But sure, let’s hear it.  Put up or shut up.  As for what happens on our side of the table… this is traditionally the part of the show where the GOP leadership makes some statements condemning the behavior or musing about how awful this all is and they say all the words we expect to hear, and then the issue quietly fades away and dies.  Traditionally.  But we don’t have a traditional leader.

The sounds of the storm echo in the distance.  Maybe it will blow by and amount to nothing yet.  Or maybe it’s coming right for us and it’s time to shake these corrupt, perverted institutions to their foundations.  Personally I think that if there was any credibility the FBI or the DOJ had left, it has been destroyed–and it needed to be.  Everyone in either agency, from the highest ranking officials to the night janitors, who had anything to do with this partisan debacle or knew it was going on and said nothing needs to lose their job.  Today.  Right now.  So many competent, eager, fairminded police officers and lawyers have it as their lifelong ambition to work for the FBI or the Department of Justice, we will not miss these treasonous hacks and their efforts to give themselves “insurance” against the election of a President they do not approve of.  Then we send Bob Mueller and his taxpayer-funded Democratic oppo research operation masquerading as a “legitimate investigation” packing.

Clean house and start over.  No size restrictions and screw the limit.