Over to you, Mitch

President Trump has announced his second Supreme Court pick to be Brett Kavanaugh.  From everything I can hear, he’s rock solid.  As expected, the left is melting down and predicting he will be a nightmare on everything from gun restrictions (good–they’re unconstitutional) to gay marriage (also good–I personally am in favor of gay marriage but I am not in favor of cramming it down the throats of people who believe it violates their religion) to the lefties’ most sacred of cows, abortion (about damn well time too–both Roe and Casey are horribly decided and grossly wrong as well as, you know, being responsible for allowing about ten Holocausts worth of deaths).

Most commentators are predicting this will be an easy win for President Trump and I hope they’re right–with John McCain on his deathbed and Susan Collins already croaking about how she won’t vote to confirm anyone who doesn’t think killing babies is super awesome this could get dicey in a 51-49 Senate (thanks a lump, Alabama).  It’s anticipated that a couple of “Red State Democrats” might break ranks with their party and help confirm the president’s pick, Joe Manchin of West Virginia most notably.  Given the eagerness that Mitch McConnell has been demonstrating in his comments from the Senate floor about the impending nomination I think we’re about to see some more good work from the majority leader.  I know I have had some serious issues with McConnell in the past, especially regarding the Roy Moore fiasco, but I’ve been watching the man work for years and I really think he wants very badly to be like Ted Cruz deep down.  He’s just spent so many years being the loyal opposition and the establishment patriarch that he’s got a lot of inertia to overcome.

I have said more than once that if Mitch had to pick one place to draw a line and fight against Whatshisname it was in protecting Justice Scalia’s seat.  He clearly knows the importance of the Court and so does President Trump’s base–why else would the evangelicals have attached themselves so solidly to a twice-divorced playboy?  I hope and expect to see a quick-turnaround confirmation and a new justice of the Supreme Court by August.

I leave you with a line from Shannon Low-Watts, the lying moron who is the figurehead for Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action:

Judge Kavanaugh has applied an extreme and dangerous interpretation of the Second Amendment when determining whether a law is constitutional, one that does not take into account a law’s impact on public safety.

In other words, he does what a judge is supposed to do.  The Courts are not supposed to take into account a law’s “impact on public safety,” that’s the job of the legislature.  As long as the legislature did its job right AND did not violate the Constitution (which any infringement on the right to keep and bear arms necessarily does) then the Court has no business interfering.  Funny how Low-Watts thinks this is a negative.

Over to you, Mitch.  Let’s make this happen.  In the meantime…




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