Stripping the gears shifting the narrative

The narrative’s gonna need a transmission overhaul after this.

Earlier today President Trump announced there would be an executive order forthcoming that would end the separation of children from their illegal border crossing parents.  Before the order was actually entered, such luminaries as Linda “My Name Means Cockroach For Real” Sarsour and various fake news personalities were already lighting into it because it purported to call for…keeping families together?  Yes folks, the people who have been wailing for the past week about “ripping children from their parents’ arms” are now getting ready to wail about “detaining families together.”  Which pretty much demonstrates that what many of us have been saying all along is correct, that they don’t actually give a good damn about the kids involved, they don’t care about discouraging illegal border crossings, they want to go back to the ineffective catch-and-release practice and they want to end zero-tolerance border enforcement.

To my understanding, President Trump’s EO does keep families together…in detention.  Zero-tolerance ain’t goin’ anywhere, kiddies, but illegal alien border crossers will be detained together and deported together under this executive order.  And this ranges from a very good thing to a not at all bad thing, even if it has a little feeling of “caving in” about it.  Let me explain why.  First of all, from the outset there were two options.  We could either put kids into adult lockup with their parents, or we could put them into some kind of care separately.  Let’s be very clear here: cutting them loose with a summons so they could promptly not show up for court to be deported was not and is not an option.  Now, for either of these actual choices, the left was going to scream.  If the kids were separated from their parents then we’d have the hysterics we’ve been seeing for the past few days.  If they were put in jail with their parents then we’d have heard equally overwrought histrionics about “putting babies in jail” along with horrific tales of the inevitable rapes and assaults that would happen when you put small children in a lockup with criminal adults.  And make no mistake, we’re going to hear those horror stories now.  The Trump administration made its initial call based on what was first of all the objectively safest thing to do for the kids concerned, secondly was literally no different than what happens to any other criminal parent, and finally, was actually legal.

You see, technically, putting kids in adult lockup is in violation of a consent decree from the Billy Jeff years.  Some folks are already predicting a judge is going to waltz out and strike this executive order down, others have pointed out that for all the bloviating, no federal judge came out to “strike down” zero tolerance.  The important thing to remember is that from the outset, the Democrats and the rest of the amnesty shills were going to scream at anything that was not catch and release.  They had canned lines and talking points loaded and ready to go for either contingency–as will be obvious now as that squealing sound you hear followed by the terrible crunch of garbled nonsense indicates a high-speed shifting of narrative gears.  Because despite how this may feel like a typical GOP cave-in, I think this looks like Trump-jitsu at work.

We are about to hear the selfsame people who wailed and cried and invoked Nazi Germany over and over again for a solid week about “ripping children from their parents” and filibustering any attempts to argue in response to their unearned moral high ground now try to tell us how it’s awful NOT to separate these illegal border crossing families and how horrible we are to be sending them all home together.  The faster the amnesty shills ditch their old narrative and pivot on two wheels to the new one, the more obvious it will be to the normals that they were never serious about keeping families together at all.  Come on, did anyone really believe that the statist left was actually incensed about CPS taking custody of children?  The left did not care one bit more about these children than the parents who willingly endangered them in order to use them as leverage to cross the border.

Meanwhile we have two potential scenarios from here.  One, a federal judge loudly strikes down this executive order, at which point President Trump is entirely justified in going back out and saying “I tried, I signed the order to end separation of families and this is what happens, so over to you Congress–like I said should happen in the first place.”  And then Congress bears the responsibility for actually coming up with something that can pass muster and get the President’s signature.  Or two, the EO stands, detentions and deportations proceed, and inevitably someone gets assaulted or raped in detention.  At which point President Trump is again entirely justified in going back out and saying “this is why we were separating the kids in the first place.”  And that would still be the fault of the parents who risked their kids’ lives to put them in that situation to begin with, NOT the fault of the people enforcing immigration law.

I do have to acknowledge that there is a third potential scenario, and that is we’re in for another week of autistic screeching followed by President Trump doing another EO in which he throws in the towel and ends zero tolerance, and goes back to catch-and-release.  It’s possible, but it’s a far outlier.  I don’t think we got here by accident and I don’t think this timing is forced.  Furthermore, both the support for zero tolerance among Republicans and President Trump’s own overall approval numbers (even from the fake news) indicate that he’s got no reason to alter his course.  If he does, well, I’ll be wrong, and I’ll accept it.  But I’m not worried.  If he does I’ll have a lot bigger things to worry about than being wrong.

The left is accustomed to backing Republicans into a corner where they cower and wilt until they finally give in to the pressure and let the left have its way.  I honestly think what President Trump is doing here is turning their own arrogance against them as much as he is using their own tactics to counter-manipulate them.  He dragged this fabricated outrage out long enough to bring it to a fever pitch and get the amnesty crew all on record about how separating families was the worstest thing anyone could ever possibly do (ignoring that it happens to criminals every damn day), and now he’s flipped the table.  Again.  This is neither unexpected, nor unplanned, nor is it forced, and it is definitely not a loss.  As long as zero tolerance remains intact, then the important part of immigration enforcement is getting done, and the left will continue to demonstrate that for all their loud crying about how much they care, they never saw these people as anything but political tools.  If they really actually gave a damn, they’d stop encouraging unfortunates to try to cross the border illegally and endanger their children’s lives just for the purpose of using them as “get out of detention free” cards.  But because we actually want to discourage that horrible practice and shut down the coyotes and the human traffickers we are the bad guys.  Not how it works, children.



2 thoughts on “Stripping the gears shifting the narrative

  1. It hasn’t ended yet. Detention is expensive. And when all is said and done, real Republicans WANT illegal immigration. It adds cheap, exploitable and disposable labor to a very high employment economy. Something their donors depend upon. The free press and a mass outpouring of outrage saved them this time.

    Trump will make Republican congress people have to choose between the companies who pay them and the president who might get in the way of their election. Big dilemma.


    1. Long-term detention isn’t the goal. Stopping the flow and sending everyone back where they came from is.

      All the donor money in the world won’t save the GOP-E amnesty shills this time out. Nor will it save President Trump if he backs down on this issue.


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