Regarding the narrative shift

John Hayward posted this tweet this afternoon:

He’s right and it’s important to realize why.  The first and obvious reason is going back to catch-and-release means going back to a wet cheesecloth border.  It means the flow of illegals will increase because they will be able to get in and disappear and no one will be any the wiser and the Democrats will insist there’s no point in even trying to find them all except until it’s time to vote at which point they’ll all somehow mysteriously be locatable by Democrats driving vans to the polls.

The second and less obvious reason is that if President Trump backs down on zero tolerance without getting substantial concessions otherwise or getting significant progress done on the wall, it’s pretty much over for him and the GOP.  The Democrats are talking a big game like their “blue wave” hasn’t turned to piss in the wind but they were watching the primaries.  They know Trumpian candidates won and GOP-E types got sent home or had uphill fights.  If they can break President Trump on his signature issue, if they can make him break this promise of all promises, that’s really their only hope left for the midterms and for 2020.  Getting illegals in and voting will just be the icing on the cake if they pull that off.


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