Always consider the source, and the goal

It’s Father’s Day weekend and the fake news along with the amnesty-pushing vote-farming left have stumbled across a new angle to go at President Trump’s administration’s efforts to actually enforce our immigration law for the first time in a quarter century.  As usual, their fallback point is their perennial cry of “won’t someone please think of the children?” as they use ginned-up outrage over Border Patrol and ICE agents “ripping families apart” at border crossings.  Also as per usual, they’re hopping from one convenient narrative to the next as quickly as their underlying lies get shot down and dismantled.

First they tried to claim that people were “seeking asylum,” to which Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen calmly replied “if they’re seeking asylum at points of entry like they’re supposed to, they’re neither being arrested nor separated.”  Of course, if they’re seeking asylum, they’re also most likely being denied (because as I discussed recently, political asylum doesn’t apply here), which is why so many of them are NOT going in the front door.  It’s the same line of thought and action that a bank robber undertakes when he doesn’t just go up to the counter and politely ask for all the money in the vault–he’s not going to get it, but he won’t be arrested either.  But seriously, this whole “asylum” thing has been done to death by the amnesty crowd and it has not ever been true.

So next they moved on to the standard Nazi comparisons and putting up pictures of children in cages…that were actually taken during Whatshisname’s administration and/or were pictures of staged protests.  They started claiming that children were being held in “concentration camps” under horrible conditions…that turned out to be not horrible at all.  The kids had beds, they had food, toys, medical care, clean diapers, playgrounds, Disney movies, even a soccer field.  Hardly conditions of deprivation.

I’m going to take a sidebar here to explain a very simple concept.  Whether the left likes it or acknowledges it or not, being an illegal alien in this country is a crime.  Dragging your children along on an illegal border crossing is not only criminal, it is dangerous.  Any other parent who commits a crime that endangers his child is not only going to be treated more harshly by the court and legal system for doing so, but he’s also going to be separated from said child, often for quite a long time.  This is true when you are arrested for drunk driving with your child in the car, this is very true if you have a meth lab in your bathtub and your kids’ bedroom is two doors down, and no one says a word, not even full-throated defenders of parents’ rights like myself.  The “zero tolerance” policy that amnesty shills are wailing about is an end to the old “catch-and-release” practice wherein ICE agents or Border Patrol would apprehend an illegal (with or without kids), serve him with a summons, and tell him to come back for a court date, then act surprised when he didn’t show up.  Proponents of this practice would in fact be the same people who have told us for years that illegals “live in the shadows” and that we’ll never be able to find them all, and then have the nerve to act surprised when we start treating these criminals like the flight risks anyone with a brain knows them to be.  They also have the nerve to act outraged when unaccompanied minors “disappear” into the system when they are discharged to relatives under similarly loose circumstances.  But let’s be crystal clear on one very important point: neither ICE nor the Trump administration are responsible for “tearing families apart” or “ripping children from their parents.”  Like the drunk driver or the meth dealer, the person responsible for the parent’s illegal actions and everything that follows to her children, is the parent.

Getting back to the main point, after it was reported that these kids weren’t exactly being sent to the gulag, the person doing the reporting (Colleen Kraft of the American Academy of Pediatrics) made a claim that is making the rounds and getting the left to clutch their pearls.  Having failed to demonstrate that children were being held under inhumane conditions, she made a big huge deal of an assertion that staff at these facilities were told not to “touch or comfort” the children.  You could practically hear the choked sob in her voice as she said “how could you not comfort a small child after she was ripped from her parents’ arms (gotta work that in there)?”

Frankly, I call horsecrap.  Let’s see the statute cite or regulation that requires that nobody can hug the kids.  I can guarantee you one of two things–either this supposed rule does not exist, or if it does exist I can tell you where it comes from.  I’ll update this if someone can show it to me but I’m willing to predict that this is a misinterpretation of overly-sterile foster care rules being cited to this activist to make sure no one accuses the facilities of stepping out of bounds, OR is an outright lie.  Given the source, I’m gonna say there’s a 100% chance that this claim is at least substantially if not totally false.  Don’t take my word for it, go check out the website for the American Academy of Pediatrics and look at their “advocacy” page.  Be sure to bring your galoshes though, the SJW bulls**t is pretty deep over there.  It’s not like anyone didn’t know the AAP was just another propaganda arm for the Democrats anyway.

And no, I’m not going to link you there.  I feel dirty enough having that site in my browser history as it is.

So now that we know we’re being lied to (Laura Bush, I’m looking at you)(EDIT: Ben Sasse, I’m ALSO looking at you), it’s important to also consider what these people would suggest as a solution.  Other than the immediate resignation of President Trump of course, which ain’t gonna happen.  I actually had a troll suggest to me that it would be “simple” to cordon off part of a jail for families so they could be protected from MS-13 and that it would be hunky dory to keep kids there with their parents then.  That kind of brain-dead stupidity is so far down the rabbit hole it’s almost adorable.  And perhaps some of the amnesty backers would actually like the optics of having children locked up with their parents in adult jail cells.  But the real and only workable aim here is clear: the amnesty shills want to go back to catch-and-release.  They want these “families” to get booked, get served, and then get lost, and not turn up again until they sign up for food stamps and housing assistance in Kansas or Montana or Pennsylvania or New York City.  The rules are being enforced, it’s effective, and they don’t like it.  The purpose of bail and pretrial release is generally twofold–to ensure that the accused does not continue to commit criminal acts, and to ensure that he shows up for his day in court.  The left can compare illegal border crossing to jaywalking all they want but the fact remains that it is and always has been a serious crime, and if the parent remains in the country, they are committing an ongoing crime.  Furthermore, the left has acknowledged, admitted, and even bragged that illegals scatter to the winds where we have trouble finding them again when they’re released.  And that is what they want.

It goes without saying that the left and the establishment GOP do not actually care one whit about illegals or their kids.  To them, these unfortunates are nothing but political tools.  Consider the source when you hear their outrage.  Consider the source when you’re told something inflammatory that might have a single grain of truth in it, from a person who went in hoping to find Anne Frank and instead found the Boys and Girls’ Club.  Consider that the source of these kids’ “traumatization” is the knowingly illegal actions of their parents, just as it is for thousands of kids nationwide whose parents commit any other type of crime that endangers them.  And consider that the goal of these filth-ridden liars is to go back to a system that hardly even puts up token resistance to illegal immigration and thus encourages people to endanger themselves and their children trying to cross the border.

They can save the moral outrage.  We’re not buying it.

lying liars lie

SECOND EDIT: I’m going to copy over a comment I just left up at Twitchy responding to a bunch of ignorant quotes and statements from people who claim to be on the right and yet are still repeating this ignorant blather, in response to the evergreen accusation that “durr you pro lifers don’t care.”


Pro tip: if you repeat the buzz phrase “rips children from parents’ arms,” you immediately lose all credibility. Same for citing a long litany of NeverTrumpers.

“Pro-lifers, you harm the cause of life when you shrug at child separation. “

No, we really don’t. But continue to conflate butchering a child with not putting children into adult lockup with their lawbreaking parents just like happens to any other criminal parent .

“Separating children from parents without just cause is immoral and cruel”

Of course it is. Being an illegal alien in this country IS just cause. It’s not hard.

“The policy is not only dumb, it’s ineffective”

The wailing we’re hearing would seem to indicate otherwise. But telling people “it’s cool, just get across the border and mumble asylum and you’ll be fine” for years might have some effect on that.

“It’s never acceptable to use kids as bargaining chips in political process.”

Nobody’s doing that, but amnesty shills are trying to use them as human shields. That’s much better I’m sure.

“It’s disgraceful, and it’s terrible to see families ripped apart and I don’t support that one bit.”

Franklin Graham’s quote sounds a little cherrypicked to me.

Look people, if you’re conflating not putting kids into jail with adult criminal offenders with ripping them limb from limb like so much dog meat then there’s really no help for you. And if you’re comparing the detention centers that even the AAP’s propaganda minister said were fine and dandy to a gulag then you really need to study your history. Finally, all these church organizations that think this is such a horrible policy, I trust you will be forwarding your members’ contact information to ICE so they can send each of you a family to stay at your personal residences. I’m sure you’ll be willing to post a bond to ensure said family’s appearance in court–oh don’t worry if you don’t have cash available, you can always put up the deed to your house. As long as they show up you don’t have a thing to worry about. What’s the matter? Don’t you want to keep families together?



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