Obligatory post about the IG report

I haven’t gotten excited or said anything about the IG report that dropped today, regarding the extensive corruption and incompetence in the FBI.  And with good reason.

Look folks, it’s very simple.  It is damning, it is full of bombshells, it implicates everyone who we have all said was involved in covering for Dr. Pantsuit, it lays bare what the bomb throwers on my side have been saying about a multitude of scandals from the supposedly “scandal-free” last administration, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the FBI is rotten to the core…and it all means nothing.  As usual.  It’s the Starr Report all over again.  If you needed the IG report to tell you that James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and distressingly large swaths of the FBI are corrupt political hacks unfit for the job of dogcatcher, who abused their taxpayer-funded offices and powers to try to undermine, obstruct, and even remove the duly elected President of the United States, then I’m sorry, but you haven’t been paying attention, or you’re willfully ignorant.  If you needed it to tell you that the FBI’s investigation of Dr. Pantsuit was a sham from the getgo then there’s really no helping you (and don’t forget, Saint James of Comey has already admitted that he reopened and hastily re-closed the investigation into “her damn emails” so close to the election in order to prevent Team Trump from scoring points off it).  And if you need this blog post to tell you that not a blasted thing will come of this report, that not a word of policy will shift nor will anyone be given so much as a paid leave of absence as a consequence for their actions, then I would really love to have your kind of optimism again.

This is why I haven’t been worked up about the IG report.  We already know what’s in there, we already know the fake news is going to spin and ignore it, and we already know nothing at all will happen.  Seriously, there are thousands of decent, hardworking, talented law enforcement officers and attorneys who would love to go to work for the FBI and the DoJ, many who would consider it the fulfillment of a major career and life goal, and instead my tax dollars go to pay pieces of filth like Peter Strzok who call Trump supporters “retards” and promises his paramour that “we’ll stop him” when she texts him crying about how she can’t bear the thought of Donald Trump being President.

I hope it hurt.  I hope she cried.  I hope it felt like her world was collapsing in on itself.  And if that sounds harsh, sorry if I don’t feel any sympathy for a person who appointed herself and her adulterous boyfriend to be the arbiters of who the next President would be whether people like me liked it or not.  Oh wait, I lied, I’m not sorry for that.  They’ll all have to soothe their anguish with the knowledge that all of them, from Dr. Pantsuit and Whatshisname on down, all of them are going to get away with it, and all of them are going to keep their lavish government benefits (funded by us Trump-supporting retards of course) in full.  Such is the way of things.

If you’re still buying into the FBI’s bogus “we spied on Trump in order to protect him, honest!” nonsense, maybe this piece from Sharyl Attkisson will help clear things up for you:



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