Seen about town

Now for something completely random…I have mentioned before I frequently journey to the depths of darkest Madison Wisconsin for work.  I see a lot of messed-up bumper stickers in the parking garage, everything from every possible iteration of “[this grievance group] for Obama” to a multitude of variants on “I’m With Her” and of course no shortage of faded, worn, even-more-pathetic-than-when-they-were-new “Recall Walker” stickers.  Unsurprisingly I’ve even seen a few that have to have been homemade as they rambled on about calling the Tea Party the Taliban AND the KKK.

They’re almost cute.  Of course I did not put a Trump sticker on my car since I figured I’d come back to find it Road Housed, and I like my car.  But the other day I saw something that just had me at a “what…the…?” moment.  And amazingly enough, I found it on the internet, so apparently this is a thing?


So…either I’m missing something or…are there actually cook-centric policies that cooks look for as a group?  Could there be cook-phobic political parties?  What issues do cooks supposedly consider important and base their vote upon?  What, pray tell, is the cook platform?

I should know these things, I’m a pretty good cook myself.


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