Summer reruns

The once-steady flow of posts along Wanderer’s Way has kind of been reduced to a trickle.  In part I have to acknowledge that this has been due to the simple demands of life and career and with that take the requisite bulk of the responsibility for not continuing to write and comment.  But I do have to plead to some extent that recently it feels like current events are either stuff I and others predicted/knew was going on despite the fake news’ attempts to hide it, or just the latest rehashing of some ludicrous nonsense we’ve seen put to bed a dozen times already, or in a few instances is just backfired attempts at self-promotion that I really don’t want to signal boost any more than they’ve already been (I’m thinking mostly of a recent use of an expletive term for female private parts that was directed at Ivanka Trump).

I’ve talked about Spygate and how yes children, it was a spy, it wasn’t spying on the Russians, and I don’t care who claims otherwise.  I’ve talked about the Iran Deal, and how the only people even pretending to be surprised that the Iranians are still working on their nuclear weapons (hell, never even slowed down from the looks of it) are the same people who promised they’d delivered peace in our time while we were telling them we knew they were lying about it.  I’ve talked about the North Koreans and how President Trump brought them to the table, and how this is how a master dealmaker handles this type of negotiations–you have to be willing to walk away from a bad deal.  I’ve talked about “muh Russia” and I’ve talked about the still-multiplying benefits of the GOP tax plan.  I’ve talked extensively about MeThree and their retarded witch hunts.  I’ve even talked about athletes taking a knee and how the President is not obligated to give the Eagles or anyone else a platform to push Colin Kaepersuck’s stupid narrative.  About the only thing I’m not sure I’ve mentioned here (though I know I’ve talked about it plenty on Twitchy) is the fake news’ latest obsession with where Melania Trump went after having surgery last month.  Spoiler alert: taking four to six weeks to recover from surgery and not wanting to deal with the fake news while she does it is hardly unusual and does not give rise to suspicion that President Trump did something to her unless you’re a deranged moron.  Hell, I’ve even done a post before on how it felt like we had achieved some sort of equilibrium and we just kept circling the same topics.  Since a major purpose of this blog is to serve as a sort of historical record, it kind of feels like there’s been nothing new to say lately, certainly nothing worth diverting attention from my own life concerns for.  Times are good, life is busy, nobody has time for summer reruns.

I do have some plans to do some more philosophical posts in the near future, as well as hybrid philosophy/current events topics, and maybe even resume doing a weekly series.  So feel free to complain if you don’t see posts pick up a bit in the next couple of weeks.  I’m also toying with the idea of actually finally getting a Twitter account (#shadowbannedinrecordtime) so if any of my longsuffering readers have thoughts about that and whether it might help boost my traffic, your input would be appreciated.

As always, thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully it won’t be so quiet around here soon.



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