Spying and spinning

Going to kick things off with a succinct summary from Scott Adams:

I’ve been mulling over exactly how to confront the Spygate controversy in the face of the realization that if you need to have it explained to you then it’s worse than you’re just not paying attention.  It’s much worse.  So even though this is a complex and important scandal we’re witnessing unfold this will probably be a short entry just to mark the occasion, really.  As I am about to demonstrate, and as Scott Adams outlined in the space of 280 characters, the defenders of this debacle are so far removed from reality that there’s no reason to think they’d come back with you even if you could reach them.

First and foremost, there was a spy.  Yes, he was a spy.  You can call him a “confidential informant” or a “human resource” or “Jiminy Cricket,” he was implanted into the Trump campaign by the FBI to investigate and report back.  That makes him a spy.  You can put your thesauruses down now.  Considering all the OTHER political enemies that the last president used taxpayer-funded government agencies and divisions to spy on or harass or intimidate, coupled with a few other facts I’m about to get into, it becomes obvious very quickly that this spying was done for political reasons, pure and simple.  And yes, children, the spy existed.  John Brennan and James Clapper have admitted as much, attempting to spin it to point #2, but admitting to it all the same.

Point #2 (following Scott’s outline) is the laughably transparent lie that “we weren’t spying on Trump, we were spying on the Russians!”  Uh…no.  Let’s set aside for the moment the fact that we’re closing on two years into this witch hunt now and there’s still no evidence whatsoever of “Russian collusion” (you can put away your stupid memes about how many indictments there are, we all know they have nothing to do with campaign activities and even the judge on one of the cases has said outright that Mueller is just trying to get leverage to make someone tell tales).  If this was a benevolent and pure-hearted endeavor to ferret out Boris and Natasha from the innocently naive and manipulated Trump campaign, several important things would have been done differently.  For one, Trump himself and probably his top advisors would have been told about the FBI’s nonexistent “concerns.”  Their reactions and responses would have been telling all by themselves–if Trump cooperated and took action versus if Trump ignored or tried to stonewall, like the DNC did when the FBI wanted to look at their computers after the much-vaunted hack.  But of course this wasn’t done because the FBI was never looking for Russians who weren’t there.  They were using taxpayer-funded resources to look for dirt on then-candidate Trump.  Also, if “Russian interlopers” were the real target, then the FBI would have put a spy into Dr. Pantsuit’s campaign as well.  And given her substantial Russian dealings both during and after her tenure as Secretary of State, they’d have had far more reason to do so than to spy on Trump.  But again, the FBI wasn’t looking for Russians colluding with Dr. Pantsuit because they didn’t want to find them.  Would have been easy to do, but they didn’t want to.

Points #3 and #4 on Scott’s outline just showcase the flailing and contradictory tales coming from the people who orchestrated all this.  Currently the fake news is covering for Brennan and company by claiming “the President is pushing a debunked conspiracy theory” and mocking him with “any day now we’re going to see him tweeting how fire doesn’t melt steel beams” when nothing about this has been debunked.  We have admissions coming from the main players prompting idiots like Maude Behar to jump up and yell about how “Trump should be happy the FBI was looking out for him!” while ignoring that if this was a legitimate concern there would have been operatives in the Dr. Pantsuit camp too.  This is bigger than Watergate by an order of magnitude and the fake news is just pretending it doesn’t even exist.

On top of all that, we now know that not only has there been an 18 month witch hunt going on, not only were phones at Trump Tower wiretapped, but also that there was an actual spy embedded in Trump’s own team…and after all that there’s STILL absolutely no evidence there was any Russian collusion.  These bozos can run their mouths and make grand proclamations that they “are now convinced the Russians are responsible for 80,000 votes in the right states that changed the outcome of the election”–guys, we established months ago that no votes were cast or changed by outside interference in these states, that’s how we got onto “Macedonian content farms” and “Twitter bots” and “malicious fake news on Facebook”–but the fact staring us all in the face is that even after all these dirty tricks they have nothing.  Nothing but bluster and diversions and painfully transparent excuses for why these fascist wannabe tyrants were using government agencies funded by taxpayers to try to undermine the opposition’s presidential candidate.

I’m under no delusion that anything will come of this, even under President Trump.  The establishment doesn’t care and the Democrats are still insisting there’s nothing to see here.  As amusing and vindicating as it is to watch the fake news desperately flail to protect their political allies I know the likelihood is slim that this will lead to anything.  But on the flip side, just putting them on their heels like this is more pushback than we’ve seen in a long, long time.  If this is the best they’ve got, then let them keep spinning their wheels and spotting Russians under the bed.  We’ve got more important things to do.



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