Kanye West takes the red pill

morpheus kanye

I want to start off here by making a few things crystal clear.  I know very little about Kanye West and his music.  What I have heard of it, I don’t care for.  I have long thought Kanye was an idiot, and to be perfectly honest I still do–I know I have countered claims that President Trump is stupid with his phenomenal success being something an idiot just doesn’t do, and I stand by that because when you’re a lowbrow performer like Kanye West you CAN get rich and still be a moron.  I mean really, you don’t have to be functionally literate to write and sing the stuff Kanye West does.

In a way, I think that his innate dullheadedness was part of the reason why he could be open to taking the proverbial red pill.  Kanye West has long been arrogant and a self-promoting jerk but there doesn’t seem to have been any philosophy behind it other than “hey, people will pay me to sing this stuff and be this person.”  So while committed leftists like, say, John Legend will defend their race-hustling nonsense with complete sentences and crafted fairy tales, it seems like Kanye just shut off his brain-to-mouth filter and was the typical Hollywood type leftist saying what his handlers and promoters wanted him to say.  Don’t take this to mean “he likes Trump because he’s stupid,” far from it–the meaning here is that any idiot can see that people have been lied to by the race-baiters and poverty pimps.  Oprah and Beyonce and George Clooney and Michael Moore and Mark Ruffalo and all the darlings of La Resistance would not have even considered going to Trump Tower to talk with the incoming president and try to understand him better.  But Kanye did.

It’s not that Kanye West has come out with a resounding message of rock-ribbed conservatism, no one is claiming that (especially not after in the middle of his Twitterstorm he declared Angry Lesbian from the Astroturf Planeteers to be “his hero”), nor is he suddenly some towering intellectual giant (tweeting “naps are great”).  But somewhere in his combination of interrupt-someone-else’s-speech ego and go-with-the-flow naivete Kanye had the gall and the innocence to actually look at what people like President Trump are all about, and he had the celebrity to go right to the source.

Motivating factors aside, the fact that Kanye West had the gumption to give Trumpism and conservatism a listen is only the first part of what has been amazing about the storm surrounding him the past couple of weeks.  Many other celebrities have engaged in public wrongthink in the past only to be hounded and pressured into making an apology within days, and similar pressure was exerted on Kanye–but Kanye’s still not backing down.  As a matter of fact, he’s responding to friends and fans cajoling him into retracting his statements (that have mostly just been mild “Trump ain’t so bad” type declarations) by telling them very nicely that no one controls what he thinks.  In other words, he’s refusing to be told what he has to think and believe.  And wonder of wonders, in the process he’s continuing to educate not only himself but his fan base.  Kanye has been seen and tweeting about watching and reading real intellectual giants like Thomas Sowell and Jordan Peterson lately, two names that many of his Twitter followers would likely never have heard of otherwise.  Nevermind his endorsement of black conservative Candace Owens that started this whole thing.

As you might expect, Kanye going rogue has had the left in a panic and desperate to try to contain and no-platform him before his simple think-for-yourself message gets out.  At the moment they seem to have slowed his progress with one key quote about how “slavery is a choice,” deliberately ignoring the context and clear meaning that 150 years after the abolition of slavery, continuing to define yourself by a wrong perpetrated upon your ancestors IS in fact a choice.  I’ll definitely grant that this is one of those places where Kanye being an inarticulate shoot-from-the-hip trainwreck in motion is not helpful to his message, but seriously, even in the jumbled and stilted way he said it before clarifying it later, it was clear he didn’t mean anyone ever willingly signed up to be actual slaves.  For the moment, the hyperventilation over this remark seems to have stopped the spread of Kanye’s dangerous ideas but it’s only been a couple of days.

As schadenfreudelicious as it has been to watch the left’s race-hustlers scramble to do Kanye damage control, it’s been even more amusing watching quasi-conservative NeverTrump types like Tomi “Killing Babies is Awesome ‘Cause I’m a Hottie” Lahren and Ben “Can’t Wait For The Blue Wave” Shapiro try to “warn” Republicans about embracing Kanye and his conversion.  They’re acting like we don’t know damned well who Kanye is and like it matters whether this is a genuine paradigm shift or just a publicity stunt.   Shapiro in particular got his start working for Andrew Breitbart and ought to know damned well that politics is downstream from culture.  Seeing him downplay and discourage this turn of events just goes to show you, Trump Derangement Syndrome is a terrible thing.  Meanwhile, Paul Joseph Watson has pointed out that in the space of a week, President Trump’s support among black males (i.e. Kanye’s fan base) has doubled.

Look, I really don’t care where Kanye West lands on the spectrum.  I don’t care what he’s doing or what his motivations are.  I DO care that he’s not apologizing, and I care VERY much that he is not only exposing his followers and fans to conservative and libertarian ideas but that he is also sending them the message that it’s okay to not be part of the hive mind.  As Morpheus said, the red pill offers the truth, nothing more, and I care very much that whether Kanye West believes it or not, he’s delivering it to thousands if not millions of people who otherwise wouldn’t even know they had the option.  It actually looks like the message he’s conveying is just to get the facts for yourself and make up your own mind, don’t just believe the leftist race-baiting rhetoric because you’re a minority so you have to.  And really, if an idiot like Kanye can get it, pretty much anyone who takes an honest look at reality can too.



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