No bridges left to burn


Former FBI director and incompetent partisan hack James Comey has been making the media rounds over the past several days, doing an interview with George “Pay No Attention To My Time in the Clinton Administration” Stephanopoulos and making an appearance on The View to promote his new book.  I will not mention the title here (it’s not like anyone doesn’t know about it) save to remark that it oozes irony.  In the process Comey is succeeding in demonstrating that he’s pretty much exactly the slobberingly biased Democratic sycophant we figured him for back when he laid out a flawless indictment of Dr. Pantsuit only to not indict her.  Or when he re-opened the case against her only to close it a day and a half later in an obvious play to remind voters “hey, she’s really totally innocent you guys!” less than two weeks out from election day (a move which he admits was engineered to prevent the Trump team from taking full advantage of it).  Or when it came out that he had written Dr. Pantsuit’s exoneration before she was even interviewed and her closest confidants declared “attorneys” for some reason and granted immunity on top of that.

No, recently we’ve also learned that the untarnishable James Comey, the man whose impartiality was second only to Robert Mueller’s, was moved to the point of tears by the weakest of praise from Whatshisname.  Tears.  Add to that all the juvenile playground taunts and insults he references in his own goddamned book (remarking about the President’s hair, his “small hands,” his being “orange”) and whatever was left of the facade is long gone.  Claiming he “left the Republican party because it left him” and because “character matters” is beyond hysterical given his not-even-tacit-at-this-point support of Dr. Pantsuit.  And for what it’s worth, I hope the GOP leaves people like him far behind them.  We don’t need or want them.

Despite the media blitz, it appears that Comey’s book is not exactly flying off the shelves.  In part this is probably due to the last “tell-all bombshell” turning out to be a steaming pile of crap even according to lefty reviewers (I’m looking at you, Michael Wolff), but at the same time, I can’t help thinking of the night on Stephen Colbert’s show where he announced to his audience that James Comey had been canned and the audience erupted in applause…until Colbert told them this was a bad thing.  You see folks, in the list of people who are responsible for “What Happened” in November of 2016 (according to the more-delusional-by-the-day Dr. Pantsuit and her ever-more-deranged followers), James Comey still ranks at or near the top.  Despite all of his efforts to derail and dismiss any of the allegations against Dr. Pantsuit, despite his clear and plain pronouncements of eternal penitence and sorrow for whatever part he played in “her loss” and his swearing of fealty to his Democratic overlords, they just can’t get past the idea that Comey’s the guy who made it all go south.  Of course I have discussed at length that no one is “to blame” when nothing went wrong, but the left and the Pantsuit drones won’t ever let go of the idea and narrative that President Trump’s election was a disaster, and in their minds they need a scapegoat.  And the one they keep coming back to is Jim Comey.  No matter how much he tries to make himself out to be one of the tribe and a proud member and servant of La Resistance, that disconnect is still there.

The sad truth for Mr. Comey (and sweet schadenfreude for those of us who believe in truth and justice) is that the left is merciless and unforgiving, and does not have a shred of loyalty to anything but the progressive cause itself.  He can try to ingratiate himself with their side all he wants from here to the end of his days, but they already have him pegged as the man who denied them their feminist utopia.  His penance must be eternal.  Oh sure, they’ll cite him as authority and trot him out for conveniently deep-thought-esque remarks about “character” and “integrity” and “tsk tsk what has the Republican party come to?” but forgiveness?  Acceptance?  Absolution?  Sorry Jim, you’d best get to pushing that rock up the hill.

The real fact of the matter is character does indeed matter, but principles matter more.  If you could turn on your principles because you find the character of the messenger distasteful, that tells me you weren’t really serious about what you claimed to believe in the first place.  Or to spell it out, Comey was never a Republican.  Nevermind that stacking Donald Trump’s character up against Dr. Pantsuit’s isn’t even a contest.  Nevermind that it was Dr. Pantsuit’s husband who blithely told America character didn’t matter.  Despite all of this, we saw and heard repeatedly that conservatives and Republicans desperately wanted to believe in James Comey, we wanted to hope he had a master plan at work, we’d forgive his transgressions and failures if only he did his damn job just once.  But Comey made a different choice, and has elected to burn whatever bridges he might have with the right, while failing to realize the left already burned them from the other end.

I’d say I feel sorry for him, but I’d be lying.  You could have been a hero, Mr. Comey.  I hope groveling at the feet of Whatshisname and Dr. Pantsuit was worth it.




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