Words that NeverTrumpers should not use–special zombie edition

It’s been a while since I wrapped up the “Words that leftists should not use” weekly series.  I said when I did the final post that I might have addendums to the series from time to time.  I’m not sure this should count as one but it can definitely be argued that zombie NeverTrumpers often are leftists.  Not always, definitely not always–some of them are just trying to protect their angle, others are so ingrained into the system that they’re responding viscerally to what they perceive as a threat to their bread and butter.  But even this far into the Trump presidency, when we’ve accomplished more in a year and some change than even President Reagan did, whenever I defend or just urge people not to rush to judgment on a perceived error of the President’s I still get accused of being a “duped cultist” and a “Trumphumper” with no shortage of insults and mockery.  This comes even from centrists like Steven Crowder who have the nerve to get defensive about their unwarranted and constant criticisms of President Trump and choose to blame it not on the fact that they don’t like the guy, but rather it must be that everyone defending the president is some kind of mind-numbed robot.  So in that sense I’m going to take a few of the more popular terms they like to throw at us Trump supporters and dissect them similarly to the left’s favorite words in WTLSNU.

4D Chess.”  I’m not sure whether this term originated as a compliment or an insult, though I’m inclined to think it started as a positive.  It of course implies that there’s a complicated game going on that many observers might not understand, but that the President is playing with the media, the Democrats, and the establishment GOP and is outsmarting them.  Now it is generally thrown out as a slur anytime someone defends the President making a controversial or “stupid” move, including but not limited to the President’s statements regarding DACA (which had the Democrats giggling until he yanked the rug out from under them) and his comments about guns (which so far have resulted in nothing except the GOP and the NRA seeing a surge in support).  If the President’s moves had been backfiring in a big way this might actually be an insult, but seeing as how President Trump has thwarted his opponents at every turn so far (to the extent that they have to raid his lawyer’s offices in an attempt to find something to keep Bob Mueller going) it becomes clear that he didn’t need to play “4D Chess” to outwit these bozos who don’t even understand checkers.

Principled conservative.”  This snide backhand came out a lot during the election and still surfaces as a claim that “real” conservatives stuck to their “principles” and wouldn’t vote for a former celebrity Democrat…completely ignoring that President Reagan himself was a former celebrity Democrat.  But you know, a “principled conservative” would be like Evan McMullin, the wannabe spoiler who claimed that GOP tax policy was rooted in racism.  Yeah, that was a thing that happened.  Don’t even get me started on guys like Bill Kristol, Ana Navarro, or anyone over at NeverTrump Online (f/k/a National Review Online).  Meanwhile, those of us who actually believe in our beliefs and not a system and party that is more concerned with preserving the status quo can see that everything President Trump has done is fiercely conservative and his biggest opposition has been from the GOP itself.  He’s not a gamble anymore.  The best part is that President Trump is not a doctrinaire conservative, he’s just doing conservative things because they’re popular and they work.  I don’t think any of these “principled conservatives” realize how significant that is.

Binary choice.”  This is a term and concept that NeverTrumpers like to dismiss and ridicule.  It essentially means “if you’re not with us you’re against us,” and that’s essentially correct, but it sounds worse than it is.  In a world where adults have moral agency, your failure to oppose what you know is evil is just as unpardonable as supporting it outright, especially if opposing costs you nothing but a little time to go vote.  “Protest votes” for Evan McMullin or Gary “I’ll Cry If You Call Illegals Illegals” Johnson don’t help a damn thing.  Whether you like it or not, when election time rolls around, you have two choices.  Maybe you see it as the lesser of two evils, and that’s fine.  You still have the choice to support the lesser or the greater, and your choice NOT to support the lesser means you are, in fact, indirectly supporting the greater.  We all had our chance to make a better choice, and some of us did.  I was a Ted Cruz supporter to the very end in a state that went for Cruz in the primaries.  But when November came, Evan McMullin was not going to win.  Gary Johnson was not going to win.  Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders and John Kasich and whoever else, they were not going to win.  You had a choice to stop Dr. Pantsuit, or not.  Sorry children, you don’t get to opt out of that one by not playing.  Spare me the bulls**t about “earning your vote” and wrap your head around the idea that a Dr. Pantsuit presidency would have been the end of America as we knew it.  You don’t get to sit that out because you didn’t want to vote for a guy who said “p***y.”

Personality cult.”  Right, sure.  The guy whose slogan is “Make America Great Again” is totally comparable to the dude who used his own initial as his campaign emblem.  I think I and millions of others have been clear we couldn’t care less about President Trump’s personality other than the fact that it makes the lefty snowflakes so very angry.  But apparently acknowledging observable reality and being positive about the person who is taking all this heat and losing all this money and receiving all these constant threats of imprisonment and death from the rabid left means we are the irrational and cultlike ones.

Seriously, spare me the lectures on “principles” when all you care about is naughty language and for some reason it bothers you that the President tweets.  We’ve wanted a leader who will fight rather than capitulate ever since Reagan left office and now we have one, and anytime someone dares to suggest you’re being unfair in your deranged and unfair criticisms you NeverTrumpers have the chutzpah to claim you are being attacked unfairly.  Stop fighting against everything you ever wanted.  We have the opportunity of a generation here and you people are helping to blow it.


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