Today’s “blue wave” narrative reminder

Ben Shapiro’s offhand comment about how chalking up Paul Ryan’s retirement announcement to President Trump rather than the “impending blue wave” was about as subtle as (I think) Frank Luntz predicting Virginia would need to hold a special Senate election to replace Tim Kaine.  Of course, Ben wasn’t quite so dorktastic as to follow that up with “…because Dr. Pantsuit will be elected president” a tweet later, but the implication is still there.

Look folks, I warned a while back that the left and the media and the NeverTrumpers alike were all going to be claiming a “blue wave” going into the midterms, and I only regret not posting it as soon as it hit me (which was about a week after the 2016 election).  It’s not happening, not yet, but guys like Shapiro (who went against the grain and predicted that none of the GOP field could ever hope to defeat Dr. Pantsuit in 2016, which was a bold move that didn’t work out for him, Cotton) seem determined to make it so.  It’s really sad and sickening, especially when I realize how many folks on our team really, really want to believe that Ben isn’t a fanatical NeverTrumper in the same vein as Bill “I’m Bob Mueller’s Biggest Fan AND a Republican!” Kristol.  It’s bad enough that the fake news is out there trying to undercut the GOP and President Trump at every turn.  What’s really frightening about this mindset is not only the depressing effect this can potentially have on GOP voters (which as a couple of special elections have shown us is far more deadly to Republican candidates than the supposedly-energized Democrats), but the fact that this ongoing narrative will give plenty of cover and provide lots of harrumphing apologists for if the Democrats’ voter fraud machine manages to put them over the top in November.

The “wave” is still not happening despite Shapiro and others writing off 2018 and the foreseeable future as a done deal.  But there’s plenty of time for it to happen between now and then, and with our own prominent voices already pledging allegiance to their new Democrat overlords it’s going to make a difficult election season that much harder.  It’s hard to say where Paul Ryan’s decision to announce his retirement NOW rather than winning re-election (as he easily would) and then being replaced would work into that, but given all the NeverTrump swan songs being written for Ryan I wouldn’t guess he engineered this in any way to help President Trump or the agenda Ryan supposedly once stood for.

No waves yet, folks.  Don’t believe it, not even from Ben Shapiro.

no waves yet


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