Achieving equilibrium

I know I have been quiet for a few days so I wanted to pop in briefly and leave some sign of life.  The fact is that recently things have reached a sort of calm and manageable level of mild chaos that I think we can consider the baseline for the duration of the Trump administration.  The Parkland thing has largely blown over and even Disco Fuhrer is slowly fading from public view.  Stormy Daniels has gotten boring and repetitive when she and her pushers don’t look pathetic and desperate.  The Mueller thing results in his ugly mug making the front page of AOL News on a fairly regular basis but it’s still the same breathless anticipation and absolute zero substance that we’ve been seeing since day one.  The normals have moved on.  The left may be outraged that John Bolton has officially joined Team Trump (which I am very happy about), but the normals don’t even notice or care.

A few Trump supporters like Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux are up in arms about the President’s comments on Syria and the likelihood of actual military intervention following a pretty obviously staged chemical weapon attack, and while I agree with them in basic principle, I’ve already talked about the interest served by responding to “atrocities” (real or false flag) in Syria.  TL:DR version: we spent way too long bowing and hashtagging and drawing red lines.  I still don’t know which side in Syria is the “good guys” but at this point and in this context I don’t care anymore.  Our other enemies could hurt us, or at least make it hard for us to deal with them, but Syria can’t.  So Syria gets to be the world’s whipping boy so we can show Iran and North Korea and Russia that we’re not screwing around anymore.  Sucks to be them.  You want to blame someone for that, try looking at the administration that made us a laughingstock to every tinpot in the world.

Otherwise, the President’s approval numbers are booming just like the economy, ISIS is on the ropes and the Norks are coming to the table to talk about their nukes.  I’m sure the next source of ongoing outrage is warming up in the wings but this is probably the zero-state we can expect for the next few years.  La Resistance will be screaming into the sky as usual but the world will go on and feel like they’re watching reruns.  It’s times like this the temptation to assume that the situation is in good hands and go dark will be strong.  I’m going to work hard not to do that and I urge the readers I have to do the same.  The midterms are getting closer every day (along with the same-old same-old prophecies of doom and defeat for the GOP that I said ever since November of 2016 would be coming) and it’s important to stay engaged.  I may be shifting gears around here to more general philosophy than current events, and I can’t say when the slowdown in content is going to abate, but I don’t plan to go anywhere soon.

Enjoy the quiet while it lasts my friends.  It never lasts long.


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