(Not) sorry to disappoint you…

Yesterday’s shooting incident at gun-free YouTube headquarters in gun-controlled-to-the-hilt California had the usual crazies out eagerly hoping for the coup de grace they were denied when a Maryland SRO stopped a shooting in progress a couple weeks after the much-publicized Parkland shooting.  The usual suspects all ran to their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages to blame the NRA and Republicans and President Trump and white men and scream about how another law would have prevented this like they always do.  They added to their usual slate of insults, smears, and other nonsense the accusation that the NRA was responsible for this…because they civilly complained about YouTube taking down pro-gun videos.  Yes, that’s right, the NRA was just supposed to smile and take it, and because they didn’t then they were responsible for what was undoubtedly a right-wing gun nut going in and leveling the place with what was undoubtedly a big scary fully semiautomatic AR-15 or maybe the Hammer of Thor.  The gun grabbers get those two confused a lot.

So when it turned out that the shooter was in fact an Iranian woman who is a vegan animal rights activist who took a handgun to go after her boyfriend… the narratives just started popping like soap bubbles in a thunderstorm.


Sorry, not sorry.


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