A less-than-perfect Storm(y)

By now La Resistance and their guaranteed sure-fire plans to get rid of President Trump (for real this time you guys) are well past the point where any of them are allowed to laugh at Wile E. Coyote cartoons ever again.  The latest thing that they’re all salivating over is this news about former adult film star Stormy Daniels (I don’t care about her real name any more than her real bust size) offering to return the $130,000 in “go away” money she supposedly took from someone working for President Trump to not say anything about whatever allegedly went on between her and then-candidate Trump in the home stretch of the 2016 election.  Doubtless this will be hailed as “it’s not about the money,” except, you know, it kind of is.  Ms. Daniels has already made several TV appearances where she made it clear she’s not blinking and she’s not talking because she has a non-disclosure agreement that she doesn’t want to violate.  It does not take much analysis from here to figure out that if she’s willing to talk now and send the money back, either someone is making it up to her or she expects to profit in some other manner.  Considering how much La Resistance was able to front for other crazy efforts like Jill Stein’s recount, I have to give Ms. Daniels proper credit for holding out until the check cleared.  If nothing else she’s a shrewd businesswoman.

Of course the left loves the very idea of the President being caught in flagrante delicto with this woman, because they think that this “gotcha” undermines the President’s support among his evangelical base OR demonstrates the hypocrisy of said base.  Um…I’d say I hate to break this to you, but I really don’t: it won’t do either.  I’ll sum up the reaction pretty much every Trump supporter will have if this ends up being every bit as salacious as the left imagines it will:

CB don't care

The plain fact is no one voted for President Trump thinking he was some kind of saint.  We all knew and accepted that he was a former Democrat and a billionaire playboy on gorgeous model wife #3.  Nobody cares that he may have had a fling with a consenting adult, and nobody cares that he or his underlings might have paid her some going-away money to just shut up about it.  For those leftists who think this undercuts any positions we have as the “family values” or “Bible-believing Christian” party, you might want to go back and reread your Bible, children.  If having an affair meant you were condemned for life and could never be any kind of leader, religious or otherwise, then the Bible would be a lot shorter.  And more boring.  Also, I’m really not listening to any lectures on “family values” from the party that supports transition therapy for pre-adolescents and no-fault divorce.

You see folks, once upon a time these kind of accusations would bring a politician down.  But then, we had a president who we elected despite knowing about his marital infidelity and whom the left still reveres despite knowing that he was a serial philanderer (including taking advantage of starry-eyed young interns), and then we had a president who was an admitted user of marijuana and cocaine.  The Democratic party knew all about this and still nominated both men, and both times the electorate said “we know about all this, we just don’t care.”  And they were ready to do the same thing again when they nominated the evil Dr. Pantsuit–they knew all about her corruption, her incompetence, her lying, and they just did not care.

Well, we were paying attention.  Somewhere between January 20, 1989, and November 8, 2016, folks on the right side of the spectrum came to the realization that sometimes we need a King David, and sometimes we need a Samson.  After years of being derided and mocked as “behind the times” and “uncool” and all such pejoratives because we held to standards the rest of society rejected, we finally wrapped our heads around what’s important and what’s not.  Well, enough of us did anyway.

The plain fact is Stormy Daniels is a performer and she’s putting on a show right now.  I don’t know how much of it is real and how much of it is fake because I can’t be bothered to analyze it that far, but seriously, you have to go through a lot of makeup and silicone to get to anything real about her.  Even if every word she says is true, the plain and simple truth is, nobody cares.  Really.  The people who are excited and think this is just a devastating bombshell, they already hate President Trump.  Those of us who are behind him, we’re not bothered.  We didn’t hire him to be a role model for married men, not on his third marriage (and as much as I like Melania I don’t think it’s unfair to call her a trophy wife).  We hired him to get things done and because ultimately the other option was the bimbo-silencing wife of the guy whose accusers are still at it twenty years later.  We didn’t expect Superman, we didn’t expect Jesus Christ.  We expected results.  And we’re getting them.

In the meantime, any future accusers of the President might want to take some notes from Ms. Daniels’ performance here.  La Resistance will pay for practically anything as long as you get them worked up enough.  All double entendres intended.


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