Words that leftists should not use, chapter 30: omnibus series finale

I’m pretty sure this series could go on for a very long time.  As I have stated several times before, the objective of this series was not to suggest that any of these words ought to be “banned” for Democrats and other lefties, but rather, that the left really should learn what these words actually mean and start using them properly if they want to ever be taken seriously.  Of course, they won’t.  They’re not using any of these words incorrectly by accident.  They know very well that if you control the words people use you control how they think.


Things like spelling and grammar (which the left takes special pleasure in pooh-poohing as their legions of badly-educated public school graduates can’t compose a 280-character tweet without half a dozen glaring errors) are themselves more vital than many people realize to the flow and feel of language and ultimately the message that a word conveys, but even that effect is minimal compared to completely misusing a word in the first place.  So no, I don’t expect that any leftist will stop using any of these words, terms, or phrases incorrectly.  But maybe with a little foreknowledge we can know what to listen for and when to tune the left out because they’re just speaking deliberately misleading gibberish.

As promised last week, I’m going to close out the series with a short list of compare-and-contrasts between actual meanings of words and how leftists define them.  I’m not saying there will never be special addendums to this list and in fact I could probably write a whole dictionary of words the left should stop saying.  For now, however, there are just a few more highlights I’d like to hit.

Socialism: What it means to the left: “sharing.” Also, it produces great art for some reason.

What it really means: an economic system of redistribution that ignores human nature and inevitably fails in direct proportion to the level of its implementation–see the American welfare system for an example of soft socialism versus Venezuela as hard socialism.  Seriously, not even the most virtuous and hardworking folks ever could make socialism fly.  You just end up with equal misery.


Capitalism: What it means to the left: the source of all the evil in the world (next to Christianity of course).  A horrible system in which rich people make money by stealing from poor people, which completely makes sense in the minds of the left.

What it really means: private ownership of production and limited or nonexistent government interference in the market.  Freedom of contract and freedom of association.  You want to tell me how that’s evil, be my guest.  Oh, and it’s also responsible for the world we live in today, so if you like things like the internet, indoor plumbing, solar power, or not dying of polio, thank capitalism.


Corporation: What it means to the left: a faceless, titanic monolith spawned by capitalism (which as we have discussed is the root of all evil) with the purpose of destroying the environment and stealing money from poor people.  Also, “not people.”

What it really means: a group of PEOPLE who pool their resources for a common goal, whether that’s business or nonprofit, in the same way a church or a political party does.  Corporations by definition are people.

Democracy: What it means to the left: the form of government we have in the United States in which the people vote and vote and vote again until the left gets what it wants, and then we never ever vote on it again.

What it really means: a system of majority rule that constantly teeters on the edge of falling into mob rule.  Often summarized as “two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.”  Thankfully, we’re not a democracy.  As I have said often, the fatal flaw of monarchy is assuming a man is both capable to and entitled to govern based solely upon who he is, but the much graver flaw of democracy is that a man is both capable to and entitled to govern based solely upon the fact that he exists.

Hack/hacking: What it means to the left: the use of any kind of computer or information technology or social media platform to stop Dr. Pantsuit from becoming President.

What it really means: not phishing links in John Podesta’s emails or memes posted on a couple dozen Facebook accounts, that’s for damned sure.

Accomplished: What it means to the left: An adjective used to describe a person who we like and recognize for being famous despite having done nothing but have famous parents or family members.  See Clinton, Chelsea.

What it really means: An adjective used to describe a person who has actually achieved noteworthy things that have nothing to do with his background or family name, such as Dr. Ben Carson.

Fetus: What it means to the left: sterile, science-y sounding word that we can feel indifferent about tearing apart like a boiled lobster and use to mock people who have actual knowledge of human biology.

What it really means:  Baby.  Literally, it’s Latin for “offspring.”  It no more implies “not human” than do the terms newborn, toddler, preteen, adolescent, adult, or septuagenarian.


Choice: What it means to the left: when you decide to do what the left wants you to do.

What it really means: When you decide to do what you want to do.  Generally a good thing to have in a decision that substantially impacts you, such as whether you or your unborn child should be horribly dismembered.

Greed: What it means to the left: the sin at the core of capitalism’s evil that makes people do things that don’t make any sense, like steal money from poor people or create work conditions that will drive workers away in a free market or wantonly blow through renewable resources without renewing them.

What it really means: it’s synonymous with ambition.  It’s the human drive to improve and acquire, it’s an instinct, and it’s not a bad thing when the market is allowed to operate.  And yes, lefties have it too.  Loads of it.  Maybe next Christmas I’ll revisit this word to talk about how Ebenezer Scrooge really isn’t an example of “greed,” but that’s a long post in itself.

Tolerance: What it means to the left: embracing and celebrating stuff the left likes.  Especially if that stuff pisses Christians off.  Tolerant people hate Christians.  Also, not enough to just let it go on–you have to cheer and applaud and approve and participate if the left demands that you do so, otherwise you’re a bigot and probably guilty of hate crimes.

What it really means: live and let live.  You can even say you don’t approve.  As Mr. Garrison so eloquently put it, “it can still piss you off.”  You don’t have to applaud, you don’t even have to watch, and you sure the hell don’t have to participate, but as long as it’s not hurting you, you leave it alone.  Note that I am saying this is the definition of “tolerance,” nothing more.


Fair/fairness: What it means to the left: the capstone of existence.  Fairness to the left means they get what they want because they’re entitled to it, it’s owed to them by virtue of existing.  It is their highest goal and their purest virtue, and means that everyone will be equal and therefore happy.

What it really means: To quote Dogbert, “fairness is a concept created so idiots and small children could participate in debates.”  In abstract form “fairness” would mean getting what you deserve for your work, effort, virtue, and other qualifications, which ironically makes capitalism the most “fair” system in existence since you determine what you do and do not want to contract for, and in reality a truly “fair” system is substantially UN-equal because everyone’s effort and contributions are substantially different.  However, since it is entirely subjective, “fairness” only exists in an abstract form.  It is hardly the most virtuous of virtues.

Eleven words in one entry.  That brings the total list to 40, with more than a few others that could have either been part of this omnibus or even had their own chapters, and I’m sure more to come.  Oh, and don’t forget the one in the preview post.  I’m not sure when or if I will start a new weekly series, as for now I’m obviously having a little trouble keeping up with regular posts, but as always my readers are welcome to leave feedback, add their own suggestions for words to do addendum posts on, or even leave their own entries to the WTLSNU lexicon in comments.  Thanks for reading.


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