That feeling when the world remembers “oh yeah, North Korea is bad”

I’m old enough to remember when the fake news spent the entire flippin’ Olympics swooning over a bunch of North Korean cheerleaders and claiming that their maximum leader’s sister somehow outmaneuvered Vice President Mike Pence by smirking at him or something.

Now President Trump has announced that the Norks are coming to the table and are talking about scuttling their nuclear program and we’re on to “the President is an idiot to think they’ll talk and he’ll probably give them bombs before he’s done!”  There are no words for how stupid this is.  Yes, we know the North Koreans can’t be trusted.  Nobody knows that better than the president.  But unlike previous presidents who I won’t name right now who gave North Korea nuclear materials upon their “promise” to just use them for energy plants rather than weapons, our current leader is very much in the business of shutting down North Korea’s nuclear capability once and for all.  He’s not going to be looking for empty promises in exchange for a pallet of money and a couple tons of uranium to play with for “purely humanitarian reasons, for real you guys.”  And while just the act of coming to the negotiating table accomplishes nothing in itself, it’s a step forward for the Norks to put the sabre away for a minute rather than rattling it harder.

Gee, who would have ever thought something like this could be accomplished by standing up to tinpot dictators and taking a hard line in defense of America and her allies… nobody anywhere ever could have predicted this could they…


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