Words that leftists should not use to return next week…and also an announcement

I know I have talked a bit lately about bringing WTLSNU to a close in the near future and just figuring out what a good stopping point is.  I said a while back that the point of doing a weekly series was largely a matter of self-imposed discipline, and every time I begin to think that I might not need that kind of crutch anymore (well north of 500 posts on here), I go through a week and note that for one reason or another there are only one or two entries in between chapters of Well Behaved Women or WTLSNU.  However, the fact remains that a gimmick is a gimmick, and as much as I like having these serial posts, it’s not an excuse to turn out bad or uninspired or uninteresting content just because “hey, it’s Sunday.”  Also, for all the time and effort I put into both Well Behaved Women and WTLSNU, they’re not exactly generating a lot of traffic.  Which is also okay, I’m not getting paid for this, not at the moment anyway, but since I’m pretty much doing this for myself then I suppose “when I’ve had enough” is a good metric to decide when it’s time to wrap a series up.

As I have said before, I could probably go on indefinitely on this subject, and rather than try to continue on a weekly basis, my plan for the immediate future is to have one more regularly scheduled chapter of WTLSNU next week, bringing the final chapter count to 30 just like Well Behaved Women.  However, since these words have a way of cropping up based on the news of the day, I’m going to leave the door open for addendums to the WTLSNU lexicon as circumstances permit or demand.

So, back next week to bring this one in for a landing.  See you then.


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