I don’t have the complete details so this might be subject to correction, but the timeline of events looks worse for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and by extension the gun-grabbing NRA-smearing left with every new development.

It’s not news that the SRO hid in the parking lot or that three more Broward officers met up with him and did not go into the school while the shooting was going on.  What’s new and significant to the way the left is trying to spin this is that after the Broward Cowards sat outside for 4 1/2 minutes, the Coral Springs PD arrived on scene and went in.  Because that’s what you do.  Less than 90 seconds later it was over.  In other words, good guys with guns brought this to a halt in a minute and a half.

The failure of the incompetent sheriff’s department in no way invalidates or even damages the “good guy with a gun” argument or the solution of allowing teachers to carry.  If anything, it reinforces it.  You can’t rely on the police to protect you.  The Broward Officers do not get to call themselves “good guys with guns,” and they don’t disprove anything because they did not even try to intervene.  It’s frankly silly to suggest that because a couple of boneheaded deputies chose to take cover, shelter in place, and not even attempt to confront the shooter, that this even begins to discredit the idea that a good guy with a gun can stop a shooter.  Of course that’s before you factor in the magical superpowers granted by the evil AR-15.

The narrative has been broken.  People are taking away from this that police sat outside in safety while students they were supposed to protect were being shot, and that’s what’s resonating.  Some of them are noticing that the guy in charge of said police went on national television and berated the NRA when he knew his own guys had screwed up.  From here it only gets worse for the gun grabbers, no matter what their designated astroturf spokespawns can tweet.


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