The sound of a narrative collapsing

When FBI director Christopher Wray came out and said “protocols weren’t followed” in regard to the Parkland shooter, it was background noise.

When it became known that the shooter had had no fewer than 39 encounters with law enforcement, including a previous incident with a firearm, the needle started to twitch.

When it came out that officers from Coral Springs and NOT Broward County were some of the first on the scene, people’s eyebrows started going up.

But when we learned that the armed school resource officer on-site ran and hid rather than heading towards the gunfire to engage the shooter, AND the Sheriff knew about it when he went on CNN’s public pillorying of Dana Loesch and Senator Marco Rubio, that’s where the entire game changed.

The left is trying desperately to spin this into “see?  SEE?!  The good guy with a gun didn’t stop the shooter!  SO THERE!”  Wrong.  First, this guy is a coward who didn’t do the job he was hired and paid to do.  He doesn’t get to call himself a “good guy” and he literally didn’t even try to stop the shooter.  Yes, yes, I am well aware that positions like school resource officer are often filled by older or less capable members of the sheriff’s department because they’re thought of as easy you-can’t-screw-this-up or glide-path-to-retirement jobs.  Like the stereotypical security guard in “The Matrix Reloaded” said when he was told he could take a nap at home, “why would I do that, I get paid to take a nap here!”  Contrary to what some of this coward’s defenders are saying, not only did he not have any sort of disadvantage versus a shooter armed with a rifle (no children, an AR-15 is not a magic lazerblaster that gives you the ability to shoot lightning bolts and deflect bullets with your vibranium shield), but nobody is saying that the only way he could have confronted the shooter was to walk right into his line of fire.  Even a shot or two from the officer’s sidearm in the shooter’s general direction could have had a difference we could measure in lives by forcing him to stop, slow down, retreat, surrender, or even commit suicide.  But if it came down to it, yes, as a matter of fact, we DO expect this kind of officer to lay down his life to defend the children of that school.  That is in the job description.  It’s not “plan A,” but it’s definitely on the list well ahead of “run to my car and wet myself while a madman runs rampant.”

But second, and most importantly, this officer’s conduct completely destroys the idea that you can and should rely on the police for protection, and nearly singlehandedly makes an ironclad case for allowing teachers, school staff, and other legally carrying adults to carry concealed.  The school’s designated protector, on site while the shooting was going on, ran away and hid.  I’m a little surprised the left is out defending this guy given the fact that he’s completely obliterated their narrative.  Some things resonate with people.  The left knows this.  Crying children are one of those things, which is why they brought out their scripted and focus-group-tested cluster of spokespawns to take point in this let’s-get-the-NRA-fest.  Unfortunately for the gun grabbers, another thing that resonates with people is incompetent or corrupt cops.  Decades of police dramas showing officers with guns drawn moving swiftly towards the sound of danger, coupled with comic parodies like Barney Fife portraying silly buffoonery on the part of law enforcement, have given people expectations in both directions, and what they’re seeing here is that the officer charged with protecting the lives of children is making Barney look like Robocop.  It only makes matters worse that the Broward County Sheriff knew about this when he went on national television and accused the NRA of not caring about kids unless they were in favor of gun restrictions.

Between the backfiring optics of the CNN spectacle, the much better discussion held by President Trump at the White House, and the mounting wave of evidence that the party to blame here (other than the monster himself) is not the NRA but the incompetent local sheriff’s office, this narrative has officially shifted and the left is scrambling to get control of it again.  7d278403c2a36c3c3170a12e06f18400ae702a690992717ff296022a39f1044f

EDIT: Twitter thread (with sources) tells how it’s even worse than it initially appears…


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