In defense of blogging

I do not do much social media.  I am not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the popular platforms of the day.  I get that in a way that hinders my ability to communicate, but it also saves me a hell of a lot of time on a lot of insipid nonsense.  I started this blog in large part because I kept coming back to foundational arguments in comments I made on sites like Breitbart and Twitchy, and I wanted a way to preserve my longer and more thought-out postings that still allowed me to share them.  Nothing like putting a 750 word comment in a 12-hour-old article that everyone has already read and commented on only for it to never get so much as a view, let alone an upvote.

So this thread by John Hayward kind of feels vindicating to me.  Hayward is someone whose work I enjoy and respect immensely but who I’m often only able to keep up with via his Twitter feed, and while ironically enough I am not a fan of Twitter threads in general, this one really does speak to the dying art of argument and persuasive writing I’m trying to engage in here.

First tweet as a teaser:


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