Stay on target

As usual, the left is out continuing to try to score points off a school shooting, using the same tired and baseless arguments they always make.  I know it feels like forever ago but this is the same stuff they pulled in the immediate aftermath of Sandy Hook, except that was a little bit more concerning since we had a Democrat president and a Democrat Senate versus John Boehner and the SurrendeRepublicans.  We weren’t so sure our boys would hold the line but they did.  We’re getting to the “let’s make a few victims into spokespawns” phase of the program, and since grieving parents didn’t do the job last time, they’re going to drag out a cluster of super-woke, perfectly diverse kids from the school to make instant celebrities out of.  I mean really, look at the pictures of these poor manipulated children–you have a token white male who always sits in the back, a Hispanic kid, an ethnic lesbian, and a white feminist with the problem glasses.  They look like the next dream team from SJW Marvel and they’re here to preach to us about how bad guns are.  They’re here to scream obscenities and shout down intelligent points that don’t fit their narrative, while they parrot La Resistance’s talking points and sound nothing like people who are hurting.  They’re out to happily do the bidding of the gun grabbers who intentionally got their friends killed, and they’re defiantly declaring “you’re either with us or against us.”

If you want to take the side of the people who set you up to be slaughtered, then I don’t want you on my side.  I’m with the kids who are telling the news that their football coach could have ended this rampage if only he were permitted to have his sidearm.  Moving on.

Really, the stupidity from the useful idiots (and their bloodthirsty statist overlords who actually know full well the evil they’re committing) is more of the same stuff that isn’t worth responding to, but nonetheless once again we find ourselves in the position where we have to.  The good news is that this is easy to do.  We’re not only getting the usual “arming teachers is insane” nonsense but we’ve advanced to the point where gun grabbers are pitching the idea that someone with a handgun has no chance against someone with an AR-15.  Um…an AR-15 does not surround you in a vibranium bullet shield nor is it a “machine gun,” and really, in a lot of situations you’d be better off with a handgun.  Hunting rifles typically have better range while handguns are easier to move around and take cover with.  Another choice bit of idiocy is this idea that it only took 3 minutes for the shooter to get his gun.  Folks…I can’t get through the checkout line at Wal-Mart with a half-cart of groceries in three minutes.  That’s an out-and-out lie.

I have two pieces of advice for anyone who sees fit to argue with these blood-soaked animals over the next few days.  One, as always, don’t get into a link war with them–they have already spread and disseminated their bulls**t far and wide, they have their go-to fake stats in hand and ready to go, and they will bury you with their bogus “information.”  You can spend a whole day debunking their source (or just three minutes, which is usually all it takes to point out the gaping flaw) and no sooner will you move on than someone else will post the exact same fake source.  Don’t bother trying to cite to authority when you can shut them down with facts, logic, and reason–and really, gun grabber arguments are easy to do this with.

Two, don’t get too far out in the weeds.  I’m pushing it a little with my emphasis on the motivation behind gun control and the real reasons gun grabbers don’t care about kids, but I do that because once you see it through that lens everything falls into place, and also, I do it to hit back at these sick statist bastards.  Don’t apologize, don’t concede a single point, but don’t swing wide into “Hitler confiscated guns” or “the Founding Fathers wanted us to have guns.”  I’m not saying these points are not true or important, but in this context I believe it’s crucial to hammer the point that gun control laws do not work.  Even if you don’t get into the increasingly obvious fact that such laws are not MEANT to make people safer, it’s important to point out and never get diverted from the fact that every single one of these mass shootings happened in a “gun-free” zone.  From there you simply demolish and ridicule the absurd idea that arming teachers would somehow require all teachers to carry guns (no retards, but right now you’re requiring all teachers to be helpless useful victims) or that someone with a weapon is more likely to hurt themselves in this situation or whatever other foolishness they come up with.  Stick to the issue that’s grabbing everyone by the heartstrings and use it to flip the tables on them.  Don’t back down, don’t get diverted.

Finally, it seems that at least some of these gun grabbing monsters have decided it’s a good idea to trot out the “nobody wants to take your guns!” nonsense again.  The Assault Weapons Ban was a thing.  Also, when you go into these “gun-free” zones, the government does in fact take your guns.  And the only reason they haven’t taken any more than they already have is because we have stopped them.  We have said no even as they wailed “SHAME!” at us.  And we will continue to stop them.

1st and 2nd


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