Words that leftists should not use, chapter 28

Update on the future of this series: I have about ten more words on my short list and a few others on my kinda-sorta list, plus you never know what might pop up in the course of any given week that ought to get its own WTLSNU entry.  So unless I get some feedback saying “okay, we get it, you’ve made your point, can you do something else now?” I expect this series will continue up to between 35-40 words.  I’m also more than happy to take requests for words that any of my readers think leftists ought to stop saying because they do not mean what they think they mean.

Today’s word is another of the left’s recent favorites, brought to mind not only by the Florida shooting story but also in hearing about the dismissal of the action brought against Google by James Damore after he was fired for putting scientifically sound “hate facts” into an infamous memo.  This memo dared to suggest that–*gasp*–men and women are biologically different and might have different strengths, different weaknesses, and different interests, and this might affect their career choices and job performance!  How DARE he.  So the word for today is “unsafe.”

I’m not going to go to the dictionary for this one because this is a word that is so simple it doesn’t need Merriam Webster to help you out, unless you’re a leftist of course.  An all-too-familiar refrain from the snowflake left in recent years has been to complain about situations from college campuses where dangerous speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos or Ben Shapiro are allowed to speak, or job situations where people tried to improve the work environment by utilizing actual scientific facts and reason (which of course reinforce gender stereotypes and are therefore misogynistic and patriarchal).  The core of the temper tantrum invariably comes back to the snowflake in question claiming “I feel unsafe” or “this creates an unsafe environment for education/work.”  Hence the need for “safe spaces” with beanbag chairs and coloring books and puppies…for grown adults or college students (which believe it or not used to be considered grown adults too).  “Unsafe” in this context plainly does not mean “in danger of physical harm,” which is the actual definition of the word, but instead means “in danger of having to allow someone to have a different opinion from me” or “in danger of facts existing that I do not like.”  In the case of college students this results in fraternity events being cancelled over a banana peel in a tree, or riots ensuing when a conservative speaker comes to give a presentation, or administrators being bawled out in public over their failure to “create a home” where the precious snowflakes can “feel safe.”

Hmm…I seem to remember when I was in college that the idea was to learn and expose myself to knowledge and ideas, and it wasn’t supposed to be “home.”  Of course that was the Before-Time, the Longlongago.  Yet I seem to recall being able to walk past the people giving speeches I didn’t care to hear or didn’t agree with and not suffer injuries.  Hell, I sat and listened to them on occasions too numerous to count and all my limbs are intact, and I don’t have PTSD whenever I see someone approaching a microphone.  I also spent two years working for a hard leftist company, and I was obligated to sit through plenty of seminars and speeches where the horsecrap flowed like a river.  In no way was I ever “unsafe,” nor was anyone else.  And frankly, if you feel “unsafe” because someone (who isn’t even your boss) used scientific data to demonstrate that you’re more likely to be neurotic, and because of that you decide you shouldn’t apply for a promotion… um… I’m just spitballin’ here… but maybe that indicates you’re, I don’t know, kinda neurotic?  But I’m getting off topic.

Of course the snowflakes do not complain about what actually DOES make them and students nationwide actually “unsafe,” and that would be the dangerously perverse laws that render schools and colleges and other places “gun-free” massacre zones.  If anything is making these students “unsafe,” it’s the fact that they’re piled together into places where their football coaches and JROTC cadets have to leave their legal weapons at home, and everybody just waits for the day someone who has already broken dozens of laws and intends to break dozens more walks through the front door with intent to do harm and not live to see tomorrow.  But hey, these indoctrinated children don’t complain about that, about something that actually makes them unsafe.  They don’t complain that they and their friends and teachers are out there like sitting ducks in neat little rows, waiting to become politically useful tear-jerking corpses for the gun grabbers to stand on.  No, they’re more worried about Ben Shapiro or Milo Yiannopoulos or Ann Coulter or Jordan Peterson hurting their feelings with their wrongthink, that makes them feel “unsafe.”

Next week, next word.  See you then.



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