The words I use

I saw someone on Twitchy use one of my terms the other day.  I don’t know if this was purely coincidental or a result of reading it in one or more of my own comments but thinking about it and looking back through some older posts here, I’ve developed something of a lexicon.  This is not by accident.  Words are powerful tools and I try to use them as such.  I thought it might be helpful to anyone who stumbles across either this blog or my comments on Twitchy to know what I mean when I use my own terms for things or people and where the terms come from.

Dr. Pantsuit: This of course being Her Inevitableness, which is my former word for Hillary Clinton.  I’m told that Kurt Schlichter’s name for her is “Felonia von Pantsuit,” which I find very amusing especially since I like Schlichter’s writing, but my term and his are completely unrelated.  I just got tired of typing “Her Inevitableness” and after a one-off post last year where I imagined her as a Nintendo game villain and the final boss MAGA Man had to defeat, the name stuck.  I think it fits nicely.

Whatshisname: Like Dr. Pantsuit, this is a successor term to a prior dismissive term I used for our last President.  I never (or seldom, I can’t recall what I might have typed on occasion so don’t bother “debunking” this) used many of the more insulting monikers for him, I just called him Barry.  Figured it was appropriate to use a childish nickname he himself went by.  But a while back (and if I recall where I’ll link up the post) I concluded that that failure’s fifteen minutes had gone on eight years too long already, and I didn’t want to waste another moment of the great new day on remembering the jerk who made the huge mess we’ve managed to crawl out of.  On top of that, a hate-filled narcissist like him expects and thrives on criticism and insults.  To him and his devoted cultlike followers, even righteous anger is just proof to him that he’s gotten to you and his mission is accomplished.  But what people like him cannot stand is to be ignored and forgotten.  So I started referring to him as Whatshisname.  Believe it or not, this has actually resulted in me being more able to put him and his abhorrent legacy behind me.  I suggest you try it.

The Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act: This is kind of a tangent off the last one.  Yeah, it’s a lot harder to type than “Obamacare” or “the ACA,” but I’m not going to do a whole lot better with “Whatshisnamecare” and I’m not going to call the ACA something it’s not, which is “affordable” or anything to do with “care.”  I’ll spend a few extra keystrokes to be accurate.

Zombie NeverTrumpers: Again, I did a whole post about how despite being unceremoniously dumped into the dustbin of history, for some inscrutable reason, the supposedly “principled conservative” NeverTrumpers just refuse to die.  They just keep shambling forward, looking and waiting for their chance to declare “I tolllllld you soooooo…” and evidently more interested in being proven “right” about President Trump than they are about the things the President has been able to accomplish (and still is going to accomplish).

Senator Hillarytoo: This refers to New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, the current occupant of the Senate seat that Dr. Pantsuit carpetbagged her way into before she was promoted to a cabinet post that she was likewise unqualified for.  Hillarytoo is a bubbleheaded twit but she’s frequently floated as a possible contender for either the Democrats’ vice presidential slot or even as a candidate for president, largely because in a lot of ways she is almost a clone of Dr. Pantsuit, minus about twenty years and forty scandals.  Seriously, it seems they’re trying to line her up in the groove Dr. Pantsuit left behind her and that would be her sole and only “qualification.”

Fake News Jim: CNN’s Jim Acosta.  A title bestowed by President Trump himself.  “You are Fake News Jim.  You are Fake News.”

LGBTZ4QQQBatmanSymbol: When I first started using this expression to refer to the ever-expanding silliness of the left’s favorite acronym, I think it actually stopped at “Q.”  It’s gone from being funny to being prophetic (and also still pretty funny).  At least I know where mine came from:

Insults: I thought it might be worth mentioning why I use the insults I use.  None or almost none of them have any special meaning, but I know some people get put off by the term “retard.”  Frankly, I can’t think of a worse thing to call someone.  That’s kind of the point of an insult.  However, some people get bent out of shape when others use that term offensively because it’s unkind to people who are actually retarded.  I’m sorry, but it’s not.  It’s not an insult to an actual retarded person or the people who care for and about them to call someone retarded as an insult.  I guaran-damn-tee you that no matter how much you care about a “special needs” kid, no matter how much you believe his life is worth (and I agree that his life is precious), you did not go throw a party when you got the news that he was “special.”  Because retarded is not special.  It’s horrible.  Chances are it was the worst damned news of your life and you spent some time yelling at God about it.  If he has the capacity to understand his disability I’m sure he’s not happy about it either.  That doesn’t make it his fault.  But people who act that stupid due to willful ignorance, they deserve that title.  If that hurts your feelings, well, it’s an insult, it’s supposed to hurt your damned feelings.

Oh, and I call people “cupcake” because I consider it to be dismissive.  If you consider that to be offensive to baked goods then I can’t help you.

I’ll update this if I add or remember any other terms I use a lot.  If you control the language you control the argument.


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