Anglo-American jurisprudence

“When you lose it’s a technicality.  When you win it’s a cornerstone of Anglo-American jurisprudence.”

In a semester full of memorable lines from a memorable man, this one from my criminal procedure professor stuck out.  He was a hard-bitten, crusty old Marine, leftist to the core (except he liked guns), with a rabid and irrational hatred for the death penalty.  He ran my law school’s capital case defense clinic and hosted not only talks and seminars but also whole conferences about abolishing capital punishment.  He also kept up his leftist cred in other areas such as feminism and envirofascism, but as a criminal law practitioner he was absolutely brilliant.  He literally wrote the book on criminal procedure in his state.  And HE referred to our legal and law enforcement system as “Anglo-American jurisprudence.”

So as the lunatic left throws their daily conniption over Jeff Sessions addressing the National Sheriff’s Association and referring to the “Anglo-American heritage” of the office of sheriff, here’s a hint: that’s something lawyers do.  Because it’s not the slightest bit racist, it’s just a historic fact.  Our entire system of justice is based off the British system.  The word “sheriff” is uniquely English.  Our common law is lifted directly from the British common law.  It has nothing to do with being white.  It has everything to do with being British and American, hence the term “Anglo-American.”  It did not come from the Germans, from the French, from the Norwegians, from the Russians, from the Greeks, from the Ethiopians, from the Egyptians, from the Japanese, from the Aztecs, or from the goddamned Klingons.

Good gravy people, before you freak out about a word or a phrase you don’t understand, it might be helpful to go figure out what it means.  But then, that would involve not throwing your daily tantrum and calling Jeff Sessions a racist on a regular basis so I guess it’s right out.


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