No children, Haiti is not great at all

A couple of weeks back, overstuffed fool Conan O’Brien put out a few pictures of himself on vacation in Haiti.  He was swimming in the Caribbean and enjoying the amenities of his five-star hotel in one of the nice parts of the island that the inhabitants keep cleaned up and pretty for tourists because they’re desperate for American dollars.  And you know what, good on him, hope he enjoyed his vacation and pumped some money into the local economy.  But O’Brien had the nerve to send those pictures out in response to the now-legendary “s**thole” comments and to assert that “it didn’t look like a s**thole to me!”

To which the only possible reply was this:


Good old Ernie, taught generations of kids how to facepalm.

Well, it seems that this level of tone-deaf ignorance is somehow contagious.  Now other rabid Hollywood leftists have begun taking selfies wearing t-shirts that claim “Haiti is already great,” disgusting jackass Bill Maher being at the forefront (and wearing the T over what appears to be a button-down underneath, keepin’ it real there Bill).  This would of course be the same Bill Maher who thinks it’s funny to crack jokes over and over about an inappropriate relationship between the President and his daughter.

So let me tell you a story.  When I was about 11 or 12, my little brother and I took pieces of tar paper, a few broken shingles, some irregular cuts of particle board, and a few other scattered building material scraps left over from building our family’s actual house, and built ourselves a clubhouse in the yard.  It was about 4x4x5 feet, I couldn’t stand up straight in the thing or I’d get roofing nails in my scalp, and every wall had gaps or holes of some kind.  Not bad for a clubhouse.  Well, around that same time my grandfather was going on mission trips to Haiti to help build schools and medical clinics and churches.  When he saw our little improvisation he told us that a “house” like that would be an upgrade for many of the people he worked with down there.  He made multiple trips and my cousin went with him a time or two and told us quite a few harrowing stories–the funniest one was finding the chicken feet in the stew pot.

Look people, Haiti is not great.  It’s not even close.  Pretending that it IS great so you can virtue signal about it not being a s**thole is about as stupid as it is counterproductive.  Sending back your vacation photos from a Caribbean island where you enjoyed the best the country had to offer and claiming that “it all looked great to me” is like going to a Cubs game in a chartered jet and a private limo and claiming that “I didn’t see anybody get shot in Chicago so it must be just fine!”  But I guess these lefties have to tell themselves that it’s all great there in order to excuse and forget about how much relief money was supposed to get to them through the Clinton Crime Family Foundation that never made it.  Taking a sidelong jab at President Trump, that’s just a bonus to them.  Who cares if their narrative bears no resemblance to the truth–since when does that matter?


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