What about “whataboutism,” and the difference between two travesties

From time to time I’ll take a quick scroll through the WordPress reader just to get a sense for the kind of leftist derangement that is passing for blog posts on other sites.  I think I said before, the first time I did that I felt like Dick Cheney waking up in the middle of the Women’s March.  So far I haven’t seen any screeching retorts to “that awful hateful Rethuglican Nazi who calls himself Wanderer” and in the entire history of this blog I’ve only attracted one troll (who I quickly dispatched), so apparently I’m not drawing enough attention to make people angry just yet.  That’s fine, I didn’t set out to anger people, I set out to tell the truth.

Last night I stumbled across a display of deluded ignorance that got multiple gears turning.  Some loyal believer and fake news adherent was downplaying the significance of the devastating FISA memo and in the process calling Devin Nunes a “useful idiot” and comparing Paul Ryan to Saruman (as if Paul Ryan had a damned thing to do with this), and that’s where I stopped reading as the thumbnail trailed off.  I’m not going to dignify that garbage with a click.  The cherry on this ignorance sundae was the image this blogger chose to associate with her nonsense, an image of a flooded street with a rusty sign poking up out of the water, photoshopped to read “But Her Emails.”  Um…last time I checked, no one was saying a thing about Dr. Pantsuit in relation to this travesty, but since you opened the door to the rabbit hole…

I have addressed the subject of what is called “whataboutism” before, in a post from a while back called Move Along.  The thrust of that piece was essentially “because the Democrats did it” is not an argument.  Personally I tend not to engage in whataboutism except as an occasional parting shot, for two main reasons.  The first is, there are better arguments to be made and better ways to confront lies and misrepresentations against conservatives than “but a leftist did THIS!”  So what if a leftist did something worse?  They’re leftists.  We kind of expect that.  I expect more out of my team than setting “what the left has gotten away with” as the performance bar, not merely because the left can and does get away with much more than the right ever will, but because we ought to hold ourselves to a higher standard.  And in most instances we do.  The second reason is that highlighting these double standards really doesn’t refute an accusation against a Republican, it just points out the accuser’s hypocrisy.  The problem with that ought to be obvious.  We have long established that pointing out that a leftist is a hypocrite is like pointing out the daytime sky is blue–it’s only noteworthy if you’re wrong.  If it weren’t for double standards the left would have no standards at all.  It’s therefore a waste of time and energy to call attention to something so obvious and so ubiquitous.  As I suggested months ago, whataboutism is only useful if you’ve already made a material point in rebuttal.

So that said, let’s address the left’s whataboutism here, which is what they’re trying to engage in by pointing to Dr. Pantsuit’s “emails.”  You see, in their deluded minds the bogus “Russian collusion” investigation is equivalent to the investigations of Dr. Pantsuit.  They have lied so completely to themselves that they believe as a matter of faith and principle now that nothing was found against Dr. Pantsuit and therefore that investigation was the “witch hunt,” and they have trivialized it by referring to the whole debacle as “her emails.”  Their whataboutism sounds like “well, you didn’t have anything on Dr. Pantsuit for years and you still wanted that investigation to go on!”  To any thinking person this sounds desperately ignorant but you have to remember we are not dealing with thinking people here.

First of all, the scandals swarming around Dr. Pantsuit were NOT about “her damn emails,” Bernie.  As Secretary of State, Dr. Pantsuit was assigned a secure email address as well as several devices to access email with–many of which were destroyed with a hammer.  This is not in dispute.  But we’ll set the smashed Blackberries aside, at least for the moment.  ALL of Dr. Pantsuit’s official correspondence as Secretary of State was supposed to go through that email address for multiple reasons, foremost among them being to protect classified information that she would be receiving in the job she was not competent to perform, and so that there could be Congressional and FOIA oversight of what she was doing.  If she wanted to use a personal email account or hell, even a private server to send emails about yoga and wedding plans, fine.  That’s not what happened and the Pantsuit drones know it.

We know the Clinton Crime Family Foundation received millions of dollars in contributions from foreign sources and governments.  We know Billy Jeff received speaking fees and so did Dr. Pantsuit.  We NOW know that the flow of cash to the Clintons dried up in the wake of her election loss.  We strongly suspect that Dr. Pantsuit was selling influence to multiple foreign actors (including the Saudis and to Vladimir Putin himself, including the Uranium One deal) and God knows what else.  We still don’t know what was really going on in Benghazi and at this point we probably never will.  We DO know that classified information not only got onto the infamous private email server but also made it out to Pantsuit confidante Huma Abedin’s computer–and we never would have found it were it not for state-level investigations into Abedin’s husband Anthony Weiner (so don’t give me “the FBI investigated her!”).

To put it in the simplest possible terms, Dr. Pantsuit was plainly trying to hide something.  She made the mistake of being stupid about it, and so far she’s still getting away with it.  “Her emails” aren’t the point at allThey are merely the coverup.  Thirty thousand of them were destroyed either after or in anticipation of a subpoena and I don’t think most people realize what happens to any mere mortal when you “lose” or destroy subpoenaed evidence (quick lesson: the party who subpoenaed the evidence gets to tell the tribunal what they think the destroyed evidence would say and have otherwise-hearsay evidence admitted at trial).  The coverup itself involved felonious behavior that for any mere mortal would have resulted in jail time and a permanent bar against holding public office–and we KNOW this because James Comey told us all of it.  In his infamously incompetent presser, Comey laid out all the elements of an indictment against Dr. Pantsuit only to declare that he found “no intent” to violate the law, under a statute that expressly does not require intent.  Some criminal statutes adopt a “you should have known better” approach to make it clear that carelessness or recklessness are just as good as intent, usually with good reason.  If anyone wants to argue to me why the Secretary of State should not be obligated to exercise extreme caution with classified information, and if she can’t do that then she shouldn’t take the damn job she was in no way qualified for, then you go right ahead.  Again, “her damn emails” were merely the coverup, and she screwed that up feloniously.  But because James Comey was a partisan hack and the FBI did a pathetically inept investigation wherein they had Pantsuit fanboys do the interviews with the suspect and handed immunity to Pantsuit goons out like candy, not only was a fully fleshed out charge never brought, but whatever was contained in those 30,000 emails will never see the light of day.

I’ve done another post about why I believe Dr. Pantsuit will never and should never be brought to trial (long story short: she’ll never be convicted because it will be impossible to get a fair jury), but that does not change the fact that the investigation of Dr. Pantsuit DID NOT result in “nothing.”  The fake news knows this damned well and so do millions of drooling Pantsuit drones who have all convinced themselves that this is “all about her emails” to make it sound trivial and silly.  It’s not.  But that’s where it stalled out.


By contrast, the investigation into “Russian collusion” has yielded precisely nothing of the sort.  Nevermind that as I have gone into before, “collusion” is not a crime (Dr. Pantsuit got oppo research from Ukraine, money from multiple countries, and now we know hired a Brit to pay Russian sources for the infamous dossier, and no, that’s not “whataboutism”).  President Trump was not a government official operating with access to national security secrets and did not leave them lying about (or in transit to paying customers) on an unsecure you-can’t-see-this server.  No “Russian hacker” or “bot” changed a single vote and in fact all the evidence is that the “Facebook posts” and other social media campaigns were intended to undermine confidence in the election.  President Trump is also not being investigated by a friendly FBI and a friendly DOJ under a friendly President who went out campaigning for him.  Oh yeah…he was also 100% right about being wiretapped.  Yet morons are still out saying “it’s obvious he colluded” (no, it’s not, not at all, and if he did, so what?) while running their mouths about “he lies an average of five times a day” (um, saying stuff you don’t like isn’t “lying,” children, but let’s hear an example that doesn’t have to do with audience size).

This image is over six months old now and still true:


So let’s summarize, children: The first mockery of justice was the sham investigation into Dr. Pantsuit that had to be arm-twisted into making a show of actually looking into things and ended with a result even a first-year law student could tell you is blatantly wrong; the second is the ongoing witch hunt that has turned up precisely nothing despite brazenly violating the Constitutional rights of the President and his associates; and of course, you can demonstrate both clearly and compellingly (as I have) without resorting to “well you didn’t like it when Dr. Pantsuit was being investigated!”

Oh, and if you feel inclined to cry more about “but her emails,” then go eat a smashed Blackberry and tell me how it tastes, retard.


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