The latest thing the lefties are kicking around (supposedly wetting themselves over although there’s little static about it anywhere except in trolls’ fevered dreams) is a line of bullcrap that goes “President Trump isn’t enforcing sanctions against muh Russia for meddling in the election!”  I saw this come through from a couple of different trolls and my first thought was “good!”  I discussed this way, WAY back before Whatshisname left office in this post.  To recap, before the last tenant got done pissing in the sink and stopping up the toilets, he decided it might be fun to take the nascent “Russian collusion/meddling” narrative and use it as one of the many fun ways he could make life difficult for the incoming President Trump, by expelling Russian diplomats and imposing sanctions against Russia over a fairy tale.  This of course put President Trump in a very bad position from the first days of his presidency: either he could lift the sanctions and dispose of them like the bogus nonsense they were, easing international tensions while opening himself up to a broadside from the “he’s Putin’s puppet” idiots; or, he could leave the sanctions in place and with them the risk of antagonizing our chief geopolitical adversary.

Let’s not underemphasize this: the outgoing Democratic president was openly flirting with brazen, baseless hostility against a nuclear power in order to score cheap political points.  President Trump’s ultimate decision was to leave the sanctions intact and so far that gamble has paid off.

So apparently in the past couple of weeks a couple things have happened.  The first was that Vlad Putin has accused US (and I’d say the odds are 50/50 he’s just trolling) of meddling in the RUSSIAN election.  The second is that a trio of Russian intelligence chiefs recently visited the USA as part of routine joint efforts to coordinate with our government about dealing with terrorism.  Yes, at least one of them was on the old sanctions list as restricted, and he/they received waivers of their travel restriction through the normal vetting process.  There’s literally nothing to see here.  But for some reason that I didn’t bother to look into any more deeply, apparently La Resistance has managed to recommend to the President that there ought to be NEW sanctions imposed for election meddling IN ADDITION TO the ones Whatshisname left us with on his way out the door.  The reason was not clear (other than “because Russia”) but of course the appropriate response is “no, that’s silly.”

So the illiterate and senseless left is so hung up on their “muh Russia” nonsense (and completely missed the fact that the entire underpinning for that fairy tale just got torpedoed) that they are trying to say not imposing new sanctions over their bogus delusion and blatant lies means the President is not enforcing Whatshisname’s sacred sanctions.  Look retards, maybe you all can’t even read your own news stories and linked “sources,” but that doesn’t mean everyone else is as stupid as you are.  You fail, and you fail pretty miserably.



4 thoughts on “Sanctions

    1. Wrongo, chuckles. You and yours are crying about not putting new sanctions in THIS year, not last August. Also, kind of a joke for you all to complain about a President not enforcing the law–or have you forgotten about telling ICE to take about eight years off?


    1. I’m going off links from your fellow lefty trolls. You know, like the one you posted that said the August sanctions were illegal six ways from Sunday. No, I don’t relink their garbage.

      So no, not confused. You guys need to get your narrative coordinated better.


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