Words that leftists should not use, chapter 26

I opened my browser to my old AOL.com homepage this morning, and the fake news decided to lead off with a poll done by Politico that said a majority of those polled (by Politico) said (to Politico) that they believed that the President was “racist, reckless, and dishonest.”  The fact that this is a poll at all ought to make you question it, the fact that it was done by Politico ought to make you laugh at it, and the fact that “dishonest” was in that cluster of nonsense ought to make you disregard it entirely.  Even the fake news has acknowledged (to their horror) that President Trump has kept almost all of his promises in his embattled-yet-smashingly-successful first year.  Emphasis on the “smashing” part.

Together with the fact that the DACA debacle has been brought back to the forefront, that gives a good lead-in to the word we’re going to talk about today, one that has been a long time coming and no list of words that leftists ought to stop using would be complete without.  We already did “immigrant” back in chapter 10 and today we’re going to take on the word that the left likes to use as their trump card, the word they have worn out and rendered devoid of meaning since they have thrown it at everyone they don’t like, in every scenario imaginable.  That word is “racist.”

I don’t really need to go to the dictionary definition, but I will anyway for the sake of clarity.  Merriam-Webster has two definitons of “racism” that seem pertinent: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race; or racial prejudice or discrimination.  In other words, you think your race doesn’t just have a little to do with your abilities and traits, you think it’s the primary determining factor, and therefore the race with the best inherent traits is superior.  The simpler definition is a bit less radical but no less accurate–you judge and make distinctions between people based upon their race. 

So before we go into why the left ought to quit using this word, I’m going to give a brief and by no means exhaustive history about President Trump here, the man who was given awards and lauded by such horrendous white supremacists as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton before he dared to run for political office as a Republican:


Objectively, President Trump is not a racist.  Neither are Republicans in general.  The Republican party was founded on the very principle (radical for its time) that race didn’t matter all that much and chattel slavery was abhorrent, and they were willing to go to war for that principle.  And they did.  I don’t need or intend to get into the long history of Republicans supporting and passing civil rights legislation while Democrats turned the hoses and dogs on civil rights protesters because what’s relevant is today.  First of all, “illegal alien” is not a race.  Assuming that brown Hispanic folks from Central and South America are not capable of going through our immigration process and obeying the law is kind of the dictionary definition of “racism,” folks.  Calling for special treatment for minorities because of oppression they did not experience, against people who did not do the oppressing, is again the dictionary definition of “racism.”  And you can cram your “white privilege” nonsense.

To any thinking person it quickly becomes obvious that the Democrats are the party of racism and racism is one of the primary tools of the LEFT, used to keep people who they consider to be their bought-and-paid-for voter base on the proverbial plantation.  This is why they react with horror to the proposition that “all lives matter” while the subcultures they excuse and even encourage result in the destruction of minority lives.  At the same time, somewhere along the line it became so ingrained into these people that “racism” was the sin to end all sins that the word “racist” became their ultimate insult.  Seriously, I and many others have been involved in discussions and arguments with trolls and morons that have nothing to do with race relations and sometimes even nothing to do with politics and when the idiot on the other side gets pissed off they throw “you’re a racist” out there for some reason.  Apparently not only is it the unpardonable offense but it’s also one of the few acceptable slurs left to throw at someone.  The funny thing about using “racist” as a slur, though, is that it only works if it’s not true.  A real and actual racist will admit to it and even brag about it, it doesn’t bother them.  Of course, this was how it worked before the left started throwing it indiscriminately at everyone who was to the right of Jill Stein.  At this point it doesn’t mean anything anymore, other than the leftist snowflake you’re arguing with has no argument.

President Trump and Republicans in general think everyone is capable of following our rules and laws and expect them to do so, especially if said people want to be admitted to this country and eventually become citizens.  Our immigration processes are long and complicated but compared to the rest of the world they’re very generous.  Our doors have always been open, we just expect you to come in the front, not sneak in the back and raid the pantry.  It’s not racist to have laws or borders and expect people of every race and color to obey those laws and respect those borders.  When the party that expects people to be treated differently because of the color of their skin and not their ability or character constantly derides the party that wants everyone treated equally as “racist” then the word is meaningless coming from them.  Some of them have even literally come out and said “not seeing color is racist.”  That’s…kind of the complete opposite of how it works, cupcake.

Back next week with another word.

you'll call it racist


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