Pushing them back

It’s hard to pick a single best thing about the Trump administration, but among the high points has got to be how they seem to come up with a new and exciting way to tell La Resistance “deal with it” every day.  I had high hopes for Scott Pruitt at EPA and so far it appears that those hopes were more than justified.  Apparently for the first anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, this poster was put up around the EPA offices:

winning at the EPA

Now, let’s take a moment to remember that this has not been a happy year for the pencilnecked envirofascist bureaucratic ninnies at the EPA.  Scuttlebutt is that they’ve been dragging themselves to work in a daze and constant state of depression while Scott Pruitt has taken a chain saw and a flamethrower to their sacred cows.  Putting up this poster raked a salty cheese grater over the wounds and brought them all to social media screaming and wailing again about how this was a “slap in the face” and “how would you feel if you worked on the Clean Power Plan” and all manner of whining.

Personally, I’d say a lot of these overstuffed Gaia-worshipping science-denying twits could use an actual slap across the face (figuratively speaking of course) and as far as the feelings of anyone who worked on that economically retarded human-hating scientifically-ignorant “Clean” Power Plan, I’d say I care even less about their feels than they did about the jobs of the people who live in coal country.  If you’re willing to plow the entire state of West Virginia under to appease your angry sky gods then I hope this hurts.  I hope you come to work each day and weep.  I hope you take this as a personal affront because as far as I’m concerned you’ve got it coming in spades.  I hope by the time Scott Pruitt is done at the EPA the ground has been sown with so much salt you can’t ever rebuild.

This is not just beautiful for the fresh wellspring of leftist tears however.  This poster itself is proud evidence that for the first time in a generation, we are not just slowing the radical left down, we’re not just impeding their growth for a short time, but we are actually pushing them back.  We’re taking back territory that our so-called leaders didn’t even bother to tell us couldn’t be re-taken.  No, they signed on to these asinine “environmental initiatives” and grinned while they did it, co-sponsoring bills and hocking this garbage as eagerly as the true believers for fear they would be accused of wanting babies to drink motor oil–or worse, because they actually were stupid enough to buy into the nonsense themselves.  We are so used to giving up without a fight that we didn’t just forget what winning feels like, we forgot what fighting a good fight even feels like.  And if you ask me, it feels damned good.

The other thing that’s really noteworthy about this is just how easy it was to get it done when we just had people in place who were willing to make it happen.  Whatever else President Trump might accomplish (and he’s got a long way to go), he’s demonstrated that the old GOP practice of shrugging your shoulders and declaring “well, there’s nothing to be done, can’t risk alienating [insert irrelevant group here], we’ll get ’em next time on [supposedly important issue that never gets done]” is as big a mistake and as cowardly an abdication of our supposed leaders’ responsibility as people like me have said all along.  We’ve got ’em on the run and now is the time to push.


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