It is now safe to turn off your government

The much-talked-about impending “government shutdown” (in which about 8% of the government is actually put on hold for a while) finally happened on Friday, as the Democrats decided to put all their remaining chips on forcing something totally unrelated to the budget (a “clean DACA”) to be part of any new continuing resolution.  This is of course like a bank robber agreeing to release the hostage only if he is allowed to keep all the money and then return to rob the bank again later and shoot the hostage in the head then.

The sick irony of whining about a “clean” bill (i.e. without any provisions for further immigration reforms, such as the wall or ending chain migration) while attaching it like a parasite to something totally unrelated is, I am sure, lost on Chuck U. Schumer and the Democrats. Moving on.

It’s gotten to the point where even the fake news is calling out the Democrats on their bulls**t here.  Yes children, much as folks like me would have preferred to see otherwise, the GOP budget did indeed fund CHIP because we all know these miserable pieces of filth love trotting out children to tug at voters’ heartstrings.  I get it.  I’m okay with it.  But this line about the Republicans “stealing healthcare from children” is as wrong as it is asinine.  But the real line that is making me do the “WTF” look from the usual suspects and irredeemably lost trolls is “hurr durr I thought President Trump was the most bestest negotiator ever HURR!”  Setting aside the dishonesty of the side who wants you to give away the farm criticizing your negotiating technique, what kind of negotiator comes into a deal from the position of power and then gives away the farm?  I’ll tell you what kind: a traditional Republican, that’s what.  We watched for eight long and grinding years as people tried to point out “hey, the House majority can do X, Y, Z, and Q to stop this, the states could try this, we have enough in the Senate to do this…” and John Boehner and the surrender caucus just seemed determined to roll over and take it.  They hardly even tried to make use of the tools at their disposal.

The fact is that any good negotiator has to be willing and able to walk away from a bad deal.  The only thing the Democrats are offering is a very bad deal, one they know will both ruin Trump’s support base and essentially guarantee they’ll regain power.  President Trump and the GOP need to stand their ground on this issue.  In the meantime we need to let this shutdown go on for a couple weeks so people can see that open-air memorials are NOT being barricaded and other services are NOT being “shut down” because the party and president in power need to make it hurt the rubes as much as they can.  Seriously people, you’ll be surprised how much you DON’T miss the government.


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