And the winners are…

President Trump presented his highly-anticipated Fake News Awards earlier this evening.  I’m going to provide a link to the list here as reprinted at The Gateway Pundit, because as Twitter quickly took note, when he posted them to the RNC’s website, the link quickly came up broken.

Twitter of course erupted into the usual display of ignorant mockery from the left and from zombie NeverTrumpers alike over the broken link, not taking note of the fact that the site went down due to massive traffic.  That’s right folks, our “hated” and “unpopular” president got so much attention to a national political party’s high-capacity website that it crashed like except a few billion bucks lighter.  That doesn’t tell me people don’t want to hear what the president is saying.

Mock that, cupcakes.

I’m not sure there’s any way to know whether or not President Trump’s award show (which totally ought to be an actual show next year) scored bigger ratings than the usual self-congratulatory Hollywood preening, but I’m suddenly feeling a lot less concerned about the storm on the horizon than I was a few hours ago.

doing exactly what I hired him for


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