The narratives are just dropping like flies

The official White House doctor did an examination on President Trump, including a mental health panel that was completely unnecessary and unprecedented, but done in order to respond to all this “25th Amendment” garbage.  To no thinking person’s surprise, but to the dismay of the fake news and La Resistance, President Trump not only got a clean bill of health (other than he could stand to lose a few pounds) but also a completely clean result on his mental status exam.  The fake news was left blubbering about “how could President Trump be in as good health as Whatshisname,” ignorant of the fact that President Trump neither smokes nor drinks while Whatshisname smoked quite a few different substances.  That matters.  A lot.

Of course the fake news immediately began circling around to “well…okay…maybe he’s not crazy-crazy…but he’s still unfit!”  Sorry guys, that’s just not how it works.  At all.  But anytime you want to tell me just what President Trump has done that is “crazy,” I’m all ears.  Come on, let’s hear it.

As fate would have it, on the same day as this not-startling non-revelation about the fact that President Trump is fit as a fiddle and much more in possession of his faculties than, say, Senator Cory Booker (who claimed to have cried actual tears in response to hearing about the supposed s**thole comment–no, that is not something a stable person does), there’s also been a picture circulating of a DACA recipient who had been in the country for 30 years and apparently his deferral ran out.  This picture shows this guy somberly hugging his family before those mean, awful, mean, racist, mean, white, mean, heartless ICE agents deport him.  The objective of circulating this image is to try to show that people who think immigration law ought to be enforced are just heartless meanies who don’t care about “splitting up families” and shouldn’t we all just feel so badly for this guy.  However… haven’t we been told time and time again that DACA recipients are “kids?”  Haven’t we been conditioned to think that there are pens full of doe-eyed Dora the Explorer clones with their little stuffed monkeys and cute accents guarded by black-clad men with assault rifles and hate in their eyes?  Not only is this guy very much not a child, but he had thirty goddamned years to get his immigration status right, or in the alternative to make plans for the American woman he knocked up and his anchor babies to return to Mexico with him.  He was supposed to be removed from the premises almost ten years ago.  Cry me a freaking river.

So let’s do a little thought experiment.  Let’s say I decide not to pay my taxes for a few years.  Then, when the IRS comes with their men with guns to haul me away and charge me with tax evasion, I decide to cry and wail that the IRS is “splitting up my family” by sending me to prison.  Apply this line of reasoning to any crime out there and ask if “but you’re splitting up his family!” is any sort of reason not to enforce any other law.  Seriously, I’m a criminal defense attorney, and it’s really not.  Not at all.  I’m sorry the Democrats are so racist that they think folks from Central America are so basically bad or grievously stupid that they can’t understand and can’t obey our immigration law, but yeah, they’re really not.  Also, this guy is not a child, most of the DACA “kids” are not children, and in 30 years he couldn’t be bothered to get so much as a green card?

No, lefties, I’m not feeling bad about this one.  Matter of fact it’s my feelgood moment of the week.  But, the week’s young yet.  Maybe we’ll put another deranged narrative to bed before we get to Friday.  They’re falling like dominoes lately.


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