Storm on the horizon

A number of state-level special elections took place in Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Carolina yesterday.  The fake news is abuzz with the word that here in Wisconsin a Democrat flipped a formerly-Republican state senate seat in a district that President Trump won by a blowout in 2016 and the incumbent Republican also held by wide margins before being appointed to a position in Governor Scott Walker’s administration.  Of course the lefties (and of course the zombie NeverTrumpers) are out congratulating themselves and dusting off their hands like this is any sort of evidence that the midterms are in the bag.

Let’s look honestly at a few things.  I lost count of how many special elections the GOP won in the races to follow 2016, all of which the Democrats poured both money and star power into in their desperate attempts to notch a win against President Trump.  All of these special elections were for national office, not just state legislatures or governorships.  The Democrats finally scored some wins in November of 2017 when Virginia and New Jersey came up, both deep blue states and getting bluer all the time, but all on the state and local level.  Okay, fine.  Blue states went blue.  Then of course we had Alabama and the Roy Moore debacle.  I’m still not convinced that was entirely on the level as far as the vote itself was concerned, but assuming it was, that was so tainted and befouled by a ginned-up bogus scandal as to be a complete outlier entirely the result of the solid GOP base that elected President Trump and kept Jeff Sessions in office just plain not showing up.  I don’t know if it was apathy or cockiness or just feeling skeevy about the objectively-false allegations bout Roy Moore or hell, people just not liking Roy Moore, but assuming everything was legit, just barely enough Republican voters stayed home for Doug Jones to squeak out a win.  Hardly a resounding repudiation of Trumpism when a totally bland candidate wins his base and nothing more while the GOP couldn’t get motivated to vote for the victim of a nationwide smear campaign.

Now we have this election in Wisconsin.  You will not hear about how Republicans won four of the five special elections held yesterday (seriously, going four for five sounds like a tsunami all right–in the GOP’s favor).  You’ll probably not hear much about how the Democrat in this race chose NOT to attack President Trump, taking a page out of Senator Ron Johnson’s wildly successful re-election playbook.  You’ll hear it spun that this was a “key” seat when in reality the Wisconsin GOP maintains a comfortable edge in both halves of the state house (and give Governor Walker roughly the same amount of grief that Congress gives President Trump).  You will not hear the fact put forth that this kind of election usually falls to name recognition and local reputation, unlike wider-reaching elections for national office–hell, on the state and local level I can admit I’d consider voting for a Democrat I know to be a decent person.  All politics is local and yet local politics is a completely different animal.

I’ve said repeatedly that the Democrats are going to roll into the midterms bragging about how it’s going to be a “wave” in their favor and all the polling is going to back that up starting somewhere around late April and not relenting until about a week away from election day.  It’s what they do, and they do it because it works.  I have high hopes and confidence that 2018 CAN be a great year for Republicans, but if it’s not, it’s not because of President Trump.  He’s done and is doing exactly what he promised to do.  By the time the midterms roll around people will have gotten their taxes back and gotten their raises and bonuses, that will help immensely.  Nonetheless, there’s cause to be concerned and we cannot become complacent.  Vote fraud is what the Democrats do–and the lesson of the last election is that at least four million bogus votes are not enough.  They’re going to be upping their game, and my hope is that the Trump administration’s relative silence on election integrity means something’s going on behind the scenes to catch them in the act next time out.

I do submit that a not-insubstantial number of voters both in this Wisconsin district and in Alabama did not bother to go vote because they didn’t think it would matter, just like voters in deep blue states don’t bother to go vote for the same reason.  We can’t do that.  We can’t allow our likeminded friends and colleagues to do that.  We have to acknowledge the very real possibility that the Democrats could stage a comeback, and if they take Congress then you can bet the first order of business after swearing them all in will be articles of impeachment, for “reasons.”  But more than that, we have to look at what has happened over the past year and remind ourselves and our wishy-washy “oh he should stop tweeting” comrades that President Trump is worth defending.  Seriously, what he’s accomplished over the past year has been tremendous.  It’s sadly nothing compared to what he COULD have done if Congress had rallied behind him rather than dragging behind like squalling infants but just the damage he’s inflicted on both the entrenched regulatory state and the fake news media make his presidency a complete win, and that’s before we get to anything about restoring America’s place internationally or getting our economy running again.  I’m not going to say he’s fixed things that can’t ever be broken again, but he has broken things that will not ever be fixed.

We have to remain mindful of the fact that the Democrats are staring extinction in the face.  They’re going to throw everything they have at us and fight like cornered animals because as I said before they would rather rule in hell than work for a living in heaven.  They’re going to try to ride “racist!” and “metoo!” and “s**thole!” to victory while trying to convince people that taking home more of the money they earned is bad, and the most frightening thing about that is they have reason to believe it can work.

Ride the storm, folks, and hold on tight.  It’s gonna be a long year.


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