Flake news

Senator Jeff Flake, who famously self-immolated a few months back when he chose to announce retirement rather than fight an uphill primary and thought he’d take some cheap shots at the President while doing it, made a highly-anticipated speech on the Senate floor ripping President Trump again for his comments about the media.  It sounds like cooler heads were able to talk him down from making his teased remarks comparing President Trump to Joseph Stalin (because the Hitler comparisons were just getting old) (EDIT: he still made them, I guess they just weren’t as interesting by the time he actually said them) but he still delivered a line that went something like “the President’s criticisms of our press are inspiring dictators and authoritarians worldwide.”  This in the context of slamming the President for calling the “Russian meddling” hoax a hoax.

Seriously, it’s a hoax.  They’ve admitted it’s a hoax.  They’re fake news.  Moving on.

So apparently Senator Flake has never heard of Pravda, or other government-sponsored, government-controlled propaganda outlets or fake news purveyors like Al Jazeera or the infamous Baghdad Bob.  Because you see, in Flake’s ignorant view of the world, dictators and authoritarians never have propaganda departments that slant the news and hide the truth from people, or make up false stories to smear the party’s opponents, so calling the Democrats’ audio-visual department “fake news” is just wrong, you see.  It doesn’t matter if the person you’re calling a liar is actually lying or if the hoax they’re promoting for months on end without a shred of proof is a hoax, nope, as long as they call themselves “journalists” then how dare you criticize them!  How can you live with yourself having attacked the free press in such a manner!?  Why it’s almost as if you think that your freedom of speech is also included in the same Constitutional amendment as the freedom of the press (fun fact: it comes first).

No, Senator, it is nothing of the kind.  Go back to Arizona and stop talking, I’m sure the fake news that you have worked so hard to ingratiate yourself with will be calling with a talk show proposal for you any day now…


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