More than merely deranged

Over the weekend, a false alarm went out over Hawaii’s emergency systems telling people that a ballistic missile was inbound and to seek shelter immediately.  It wasn’t until after a moderate-level panic set in that people figured out it was an “accident” (jury’s still out) caused by some civil service employee during a shift change and sent out the all clear.  No sooner had Hawaiians determined that no, in fact, they are not all about to die horrific fiery deaths than somehow the lunatic left set about blaming the incident on President Trump.  Because you see, Billy Jeff enabling the Norks to get nukes wasn’t responsible.  Whatshisname engaging in weak, spineless foreign policy for eight years while North Korea’s potbellied dictator fired missiles and rattled sabers between shooting hoops with Dennis Rodman, that couldn’t possibly have anything to do with it.  Kim Jong Un being an overstuffed tinpot with delusions of adequacy and more firepower than he has any business having in his rundown impoverished country, that couldn’t be further from the reason.

No, you see, the world was sunshine and peace and love and rainbows until President Trump came along and called a s**thole a s**thole, and laid it out in plain terms that if North Korea started something, the United States was going to finish it.  The irrational derangement of thinking that warning a madman in the making not to piss off the bigger kid with the much bigger stick is anything but the correct reaction to this animal is not only ignorant of history, it’s brain-dead stupid.  Yet that’s exactly what the Democrats nationwide are doing as they tell stories of woke kids who aren’t the least bit bothered by the Norks pointing nukes at them but are “terrified” that President Trump’s words are going to “provoke” Kim Jong Un.  Kind of reminiscent of the 80s really, when the Russkies were pointing nukes at us and laughing about how they were going to “bury” the free world but according to the lunatic American left it was President Reagan who was going to destroy us all and it was offensive to call a Russian an “Ivan.”  As for the false alarm, well, it really could have been true but only because of President Trump.  Because reasons.

As insane and deranged as that was and is, the real kicker came in yesterday from Democratic Congresswoman (and contender to watch for their 2020 nomination) Tulsi Gabbard, who said on ABC and on Twitter that the North Koreans just have their nuclear weapons because they’re afraid that if they didn’t, the United States would come in and “do what the United States has done to so many countries throughout history.”  Um… do what exactly, and to which countries again?  You’re a member of Congress and you are actually saying that you sympathize with North Korea because you think they need to have a deterrent against the United States of America?

For the record, you don’t ever get to gripe about American legal gun owners wanting to “shoot at American soldiers” ever again, lady.  Ever.  Moving on.

This has been the Democrats’ line as long as I can remember, going back to the 80s and from what I can tell stretching even further, that the United States is “imperialistic” and forces itself and its culture upon the rest of the pristine and unblemished world… except not at all.  Put aside for a moment the fact that the United States didn’t lift a finger when pissant barbarian states like Iran and Venezuela nationalized the capital investments American citizens made in their countries.  Let’s go all the way back to the end of World War II, which was the beginning of the United States’ real reign as the world’s only superpower (the Soviet Union being a third-world s**thole with a nuclear arsenal).  We had our infrastructure entirely intact, we had a monopoly on nuclear weapons, and we had a battle-hardened military already deployed throughout the world.  Many of our generals (including Douglas MacArthur, who was famously canned for publically disagreeing with the President on this after pushing the North Koreans out of South Korea) urged President Truman to let them push forward and knock out the communist threat from Stalin’s Soviet Union while the Russians were weak and we had the upper hand.  Remember that the Russians weren’t innocent players in the opening acts of World War II and had not only participated in the devouring of Poland and the Baltic states, but her occupying forces in Eastern Europe were very much in place to extend the Soviet hegemony that would come to be known as the “Iron Curtain.”

But what did the “evil” and “imperialist” United States do?  We immediately set about spending massive amounts of our own resources to rebuild our vanquished enemies and we went home.  We defended our allies in South Korea against Soviet and Red Chinese-backed aggression while being cautious not to push too far and antagonize the communists, fought that to a standstill, and we went home.  The plain fact is that if the United States had taken a mind to conquer the world in 1945, we could have done so–and the world would be better for it.  But we didn’t.  We went home.  No other nation in human history has ever been in such a singular position to dominate the world and destroy its enemies forever, not even the British Empire at its peak ever had an opportunity like this, and America just went home.  We reached out in friendship to lift Germany and Japan back to their feet, and we went home.

And this wasn’t our only opportunity.  Folks who remember the original Gulf War of the early ’90s may recall news reports and prophets of doom telling us that “Iraq has the fourth (I think) largest army in the world!” and “the Elite Republican Guard are some of the finest and most fanatical soldiers anywhere!” and how it was anything but a sure thing that we’d come out on top in the first invasion of Iraq and Kuwait.  The war lasted barely three months and was a complete rout.  We suffered fewer than 100 casualties.  We weren’t interested in dithering and screwing around like our army was forced to in Vietnam.  We went in and got the job done.  With the collapse of the Soviet Union around the same time, there was no push to go take care of any other collateral business, but still, the world sat up and took notice when the United States came looking for bubblegum.

The United States is objectively the good guy in the world.  America-hating Democrats like Tulsi Gabbard don’t get this because they don’t want to and they don’t do history, but the fact is we could have brought the entire globe to heel, and subjugated every last s**thole country out there, and if we had they’d all be better off.  But we didn’t.  So I don’t care that Rocket Man thinks he needs nukes to protect himself against the USA or President Trump, that’s like saying the hostage taker needs his C4 vest to protect himself against the police.



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