The ICE capades and other adventures in winning

Fresh off a still-resonating victory from the passage and the immediate ramifications of the GOP tax plan, in which so far pretty much everybody who works for a living is getting some kind of bonus or cut in expenses or pay raise in addition to getting to keep a bigger chunk of their own money, President Trump has charged headlong into attacking his signature issue, curbing illegal entry into the United States.  In the face of whining and posturing about how he’s stupid, crazy, or obstructive, he held an open-to-the-press meeting with congressmen and senators from both parties that not only went resoundingly well but actually garnered him some kudos from even the fake news.  And he didn’t look crazy, stupid, or secretive in the process either.  A couple of the spoiled brats tried to play up a moment where President Trump seemed positive about doing an extension of DACA as a “clean bill” (meaning the Democrats get it for free) before being “redirected” by a Republican in the room, but that just stinks of petty desperation.  Which is pretty much what the fake news reeks of these days.

Of course the Democrats left the meeting claiming that President Trump is using the “dreamers” as a “bargaining chip,” which in addition to being stupidly untrue, raises the salient question: why, pray tell, do President Trump and the Republicans need to “bargain” with the Democrats for a god damned thing?  Even with Doug Jones now in the equation, the Republicans still control both houses of Congress, at least in theory.  They may not have the Senate supermajority they need to do things like make the tax cuts permanent (hey Bernie, if the sunset provision bothers you so much we’ll take it out tomorrow, we just need you and eight of your buddies to help…), but for stuff that just takes a simple majority, they don’t need to be included, much less pandered to.

People are worried about what the next move is going to be regarding DACA, particularly as it affects chain migration and just how many of their closest friends and dearest family members the “dreamers” are going to be allowed to bootstrap into the country.  President Trump’s supporters are right to be concerned, but not because there’s any reason to believe the President is going soft on this matter.  The reason to be vigilant here is simply because this one is for all the marbles.  If we screw this up, or don’t get it done at all, then the Democrats have only a couple of presidencies to go at most before they don’t need to cheat and stuff ballot boxes and vote for dead people anymore, they’ll have imported enough foreigners and addicted them so completely to the government that elections will be mere formalities if not Iran and Russia-style shows.  I’d urge my fellow Republicans to remember, Chuck and Nancy bragged months ago that they’d sweet-talked President Trump over to their side only to have him laugh in their weeping faces on this very issue.  While it’s important to the Democrats to try to snake out a win here, it’s just as important and just as much of a win if they can manage to pry just a few of President Trump’s diehard supporters away from him each time this comes around for another pass.  In other words, as much as they want him to come over to their way of thinking on this matter, it’s almost as good in their eyes if they can make President Trump’s supporters think he has softened and flip-flopped on them.  Thus far, President Trump has been nothing but consistent and kept more promises than any politician I can remember, so in full recognition of the stakes, the one element I have complete faith in here is President Trump.

I don’t just have to take it on faith though.  President Trump is scheduled to inspect the prototypes for the wall at the end of the month.  Yes, he recently said “we don’t need a 2,000 mile wall,” but what the fake news outlets broadcasting that quote are not reminding you about is the fact that President Trump has said this all along.  Because really, we don’t.  Certain places do need or at least will benefit from a physical border.  Some places have natural borders already.  By existing at all, a border wall is a tangible, functional assertion that our border matters and that we will protect it.  It is a reminder to those who would violate our immigration law that we do not tolerate lawbreakers in this country anymore, and thus serves as a deterrent much as President Trump’s tougher stance and simple enabling of ICE to perform its duties has cut illegal entry dramatically before a single brick has been laid in the wall.

As if to make the point, ICE recently went on a raid of 7-Elevens looking for illegals and holy crap did they ever find ’em.  The left’s out wailing about how awful and racist this is but of course they are, that’s what they do.  It’s kind of sad that just expecting people to obey the law and going out and enforcing it can make half the people in the country elated and the other half outraged, but that’s apparently where we are.  Personally, I hope the 7-Eleven sweep was just the beginning and that ICE unleashes hell over the course of the next several months.

I should note that many people are concerned that President Trump might ultimately allow the approximately 800,000 DACA beneficiaries to remain in the country on a permanent legal basis, these being the illegals who were supposedly brought here as children and who the fake news constantly portrays as soldiers and valedictorians when they’re not trying to convince you that they’re all clones of Dora the Explorer.  Personally, my preference would be to send every last one of them together with their entire families and especially their lawbreaking parents back to their countries of origin, but, I do recognize the political cost of doing that so long as the left has people convinced that these are all “children.”  Here’s a hint: most of ’em aren’t.  I’d honestly suggest that if such action is taken that it apply only to people under the age of 21, possibly even 18, but in the end, if we can keep this down to these last 800,000, put a stop to chain migration (sorry kiddo, Papi and Abuela don’t get to come into the country just because you have big huge eyes), build the wall, and stop the flow for real this time, I’m not going to consider that a loss.  Might not be an outright win either.  Of course, if those 800,000 then get to invite in their entire clans, then it’s pretty much game over.  Fortunately, I think President Trump knows this, and unlike some other Republicans I could mention, I think he honestly does give a damn about that.  I think he also knows better than he’s given credit for that if the wall gets built, he gets re-elected.

So let’s get that big beautiful wall built, and let ICE do their thing.


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