All I want for Christmas is #winning

Whew.  It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks both in the world of politics and along Wanderer’s way.  I know my last few installments about current events have been dire and dismal but I did leave the glimmer of hope that if anyone could turn things around, it would be President Trump.  And lo and behold it looks like he has.

First, let’s look at his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  First of all, duh.  Second, this is something the last three presidents all promised to do (yes, that includes Billy Jeff and Whatshisname) and Congress already voted to authorize, so you can cram your narrative about how this is an “unprecedented shift” in American policy.  It certainly has pissed off all the right people.  U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has been owning the floor at the UN General Assembly, which is all the more impressive when you take into account the fact that she’s a lightweight bubblehead with delusions of grandeur.   Seriously, putting a guy like Ted Cruz in there with the backing of someone like President Trump would be like swatting mosquitoes with a Buick, but watching li’l ol’ Nikki make mincemeat of these overstuffed tinpots is as hilarious as it is vindicating.  It’s almost cute to listen to all of them wail about how the United States is acting like a bully after they all tried to bully US into changing our own policy, or how Israel was an oasis of peace and tranquility until President Trump’s radical announcement, or to pretend that the UN could do a blasted thing without American soldiers and money.  And no, children, neither this move nor anything else President Trump has done in any way abandons America’s leadership role in the world.  To the contrary, we have aggressively reasserted that America is back–and evil is taking notice.

But of course even this giant leap for winning takes a backseat both in terms of awesomeness and in terms of leftist hyperventilation in comparison to the passage of the GOP tax bill.  I know I said several times that I did not see it happening in the wake of the Jones victory, I did not believe the GOP would get its act together to make this a reality, I thought they would seize upon the opportunity to dither and equivocate and wait out the clock and then cry about how they’d never get Bob Corker or Susan Collins or some other traitorous RINO on board but damn if they didn’t pull it off.  No, children, this is not a tax cut for the “extremely wealthy” only.  You DO actually have to pay taxes to see some significant direct benefits to your tax bill, but what doesn’t hinge on your income are all the corollary effects and added bonuses.  The day the bill passed the House, multiple big-name corporations like AT&T and Wells Fargo announced bonuses, capital reinvestments, wage hikes, and all manner of actions in anticipation of the huge benefits that are going to create massive job growth and jack up wages.  The left was left whining about how the middle class wasn’t benefiting enough or concocted some red herring about how some of the bonuses were already contracted for (turned out, those bonuses would be in addition to the second round of bonuses that went to ten times as many workers).  In the meantime both the European Union and Australia are looking at this tax bill and either crying about how “it’s not fair!” or are scrambling to make themselves more competitive by comparison.  Gee, must be really awful if the EU is afraid it’s going to “unfairly” pull all sorts of business to the USA, huh?  Then of course there’s the crown jewel of the whole thing in my opinion, the Unaffordable Don’t-Care Act mandate repeal.  Kill the mandates, kill the bill.  Period.  Opening up more federal land to resource harvesting is just icing on the cake.

Yes, this will all be big.  Huge, even.  This may be the countermove needed to quash the Democrats’ hopes for a wave in 2018.  Gone forever is their “Trump hasn’t gotten anything done legislatively!” line of horsecrap, especially considering the big bang he got started off with.  They’re going to have to run on taking the money away that President Trump and the GOP enabled the voters to keep (I don’t want to say “gave back” or even “let keep” but it’s really hard to put in a way that isn’t insulting and still convey the idea that the Republicans didn’t give anyone anything, they just didn’t take as much as they could have).  The fake news media is desperately putting out polls and stories about how “voters don’t like the tax plan” (that they’ve been lied to about) and how “more people think President Trump should resign over sexual misconduct allegations than think he should run again in 2020.”  Yeah, and Dr. Pantsuit is up by eleven.

We’re still a long way from done (need that wall, stat) but the freight train full o’ win is still rolling through with no brakes.


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