In every path, there are inevitably crossroads.  Some it doesn’t really matter which way you go.  Some you can circle back on or even will end up in the same place, others you know you’re taking a gamble either way and you pick the one you think will pay off.  Others are make-or-break decisions, moments that define the entire journey and set you in a more or less irrevocable direction, for good or ill.

The Virginia elections a month ago were not a critical crossroad.  If we had won, it would have been a good sign, but losing didn’t change our path in any notable way.  Blue state stayed blue, big deal.  But tomorrow’s election in Alabama is one of those pivotal crossroads that will define the remainder of the Trump presidency, and, I believe, will even have a substantial bearing on whether or not President Trump will win re-election.

Roy Moore is not a predator.  He is not a pedophile, not a deviant, not any of the things the left claims about him.  That point must be made very clear.  The accusations against him are utter fabrications.  That’s obvious to anyone with a brain.  As yet it is unclear just the kind of effect they’ve had.  One poll has Moore leading by eight points going into election day.  One has him down by ten.  The Real Clear Politics poll of polls has him with a three-point edge.  Most commenters are calling this a jump ball.  I still believe he’s got this in the bag but I want to be clear about a few things going in.

If Judge Moore loses, it will be heralded as Alabama rejecting him not as a Trumpist or a conservative or a religious zealot, but as a sexual predator.  While you might think that’s a good thing, it isn’t.  In a sane world it would be sensible to attribute his loss to the smear campaign against him and see that as invalidating the election as a bellwether referendum on the Trump agenda, but we clearly do not live in a sane world.  Instead of the accusations meaning that Moore was not rejected for his conservative Trumpism, a loss will mean that the slanders against Moore will be smeared all over the Republican party.  They are already starting this.  The Democrats are calling (with straight faces mind you) for President Trump to resign over the same kind of bogus allegations that are dogging Judge Moore, and they’re doing it in the face of the accusers admitting that all they’re accusing the President of is asking for their phone numbers.  I’m not kidding.  That’s not effing harassment you twits.  But get the idea right out of your heads that if Roy Moore loses tomorrow that it will somehow purge the stain of these accusations from the Republicans.  It won’t.  In fact, they will only spread.  With the cackling laughter predicting a “wave” in 2018 will come a new onslaught of entirely fictional allegations against every vulnerable Republican in Congress.  The Democrats will dig in their heels harder and the NeverTrump RINOs (in the Senate in particular) will sit on their hands and wait until they are safely in the minority again.  The Trump agenda will stall, the Trump recovery will stumble, and President Trump will be blamed for it.  And much like Brian Ross put out fake news and did not care that the stock market was plummeting in response to his bald-faced lies, neither the left nor their NeverTrump lackeys will care about the harm they do to all of us in stopping this once and for all.  You can’t make a Bolshevik omelet without breaking a few million eggs after all.

In other words, if Roy Moore loses, we all lose.  We gain nothing.  We take the bludgeon that President Trump took away from the left and we hand it back to them, and they will use it, because they know it still works.

Now, I’m saying this not because I think Judge Moore will lose.  I don’t.  I still maintain he’s going to win and win bigger than the polls expect.  I’m saying this because I expect after that victory there will be leftists and NeverTrumpers alike out screaming about how the GOP has doomed itself and how now people think Republicans can’t be trusted with children and all manner of such nonsense.  It’s no different than the hysterical screeching that people who support President Trump are “Russian bots” and “commies” (yeah, that one’s almost comical), it has no firmer basis in reality, but it’s what the “resistance” is going to sate itself with until we get to the full-on midterms.

Seriously, this is why tomorrow’s election is a major turning point.  The first came last November when President Trump demonstrated that these animals can be fought and defeated.  Tomorrow is a test to see if anyone has learned that lesson.  Roy Moore apparently has, he stuck out the race where most wishy-washy Republicans would have thrown themselves on their swords in the name of the party, or gone more or less quietly into the night like Todd Akin.  But it takes more than the candidate heeding the lesson.  The voters have to pay attention too.  They have to see that they can fight back.  They have to know they can win.

As I have said before, today we believe, tomorrow will take care of itself.  If I’m right and Roy Moore wins it’s not going to be over.  The Weinstein wildfire is still burning and these dickbags don’t ever give up.  There will be another scandal, or a rejuvenated old scandal, or some nonsense or another that the fake news manages to promote and disseminate before saying “oops, that was wrong, our bad” when nobody’s listening anymore.  2018 will still be a long, hard fight.  If I’m wrong, and Moore loses, it’s still not going to be over.  Not in terms of walking away in peace.  We’ll still have fighting to do… but because fights need fighting, not because we can win.  In one big sense it will be over.  We won’t feel it for a while to come, we won’t see it in front of us until at least 2018, but it’ll be over.  The good times, the joy, the hope and potential, all the great things we have held to and prayed for and believed we’d see, I’m afraid they’ll be done for.  The forces that just do not want to see President Trump succeed will smugly sit on his agenda and wait out the clock.  They’ll gin up some crisis or another to pin on him and their mindless drones will go for it just like they did when it was George W. Bush.  Or they’ll just keep hammering him with phony scandal after phony scandal until the dam bursts.  Whichever way they do it, the Trump revolution will be over, and as much as anyone else, the vast bulk of the GOP itself will be to blame.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Last time we all had a hand in cancelling the apocalypse.  Tomorrow we’re all going to be counting on Alabama.  Let’s show these monsters just how powerful thoughts and prayers can be.


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