Don’t let the sunshine spoil your rain

It’s a cold December weekend here in the upper Midwest, with temperatures falling, wind howling, and snow and ice in the near future with plans to stick around for a while.  The gloom and chill outside are almost as disheartening as the wailing and predictions of utter destruction that will be coming from the Zombie NeverTrumpers come Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

Yes, Roy Moore is going to win in Alabama.  Yes, the accusations against him are not the least bit credible.  The timing.  The character of the accusers–Democrat activists and serial liars.  The unprovable he-said-she-said nature of the accusations.  The inescapable fact that despite a life spent in the public eye there is no trail of “victims.”  The “me-too” pile on to make it look bigger with non-accusation accusations.  Gloria Effing Allred.  The yearbook that is still not being released to forensics experts AND now is an admitted forgery.  Trump October Surprise v. 2.0 has failed just like version one did.  Even before the yearbook was proven by the accuser’s own admission to be a fake, Judge Moore was up in even fake news polls and had a commanding majority of Republicans believing that this smear campaign was bogus.

He’s going to win.  And that’s a good thing.  And the Zombie NeverTrumpers are going to go out and scream that Alabama has doomed us all by electing “a pedophile” or “a rapist” to the Senate.  They’re going to cry out that the Democrats will use this to try to energize their feminist base…which they would do anyway.  They’re going to insist that this means that the Republican party has abandoned its moral high ground…which the Democrats are going to claim anyway.  They’re going to tell us that winning this seat with this candidate will trigger a Democratic wave…which the Democrats were going to say anyway.  They’re going to tell us that independents will abandon us over this…which the media would say anyway.  They’re wrong on all counts, but that won’t shut them up.

And ironically, that is the danger.  In the coming months, look for new allegations and revelations about politicians being accused of questionable behavior to have “but what about Roy Moore?” stapled to the story like a cover sheet.  Look for Al Franken to conclude he really doesn’t have to step down as long as a “child molester” is being seated in the Senate and for NeverTrumpers to gleefully chime in.  Look for polls to come out citing disapproval in some way or another due to Judge Moore winning this race with numbers skewed to present the GOP with a public image of promoting sexual assault, followed by fake “conservative” pundits and commentators claiming that Moore’s election and Trump’s endorsement of him “backfired.”  It’s not a backfire when you’re standing behind someone holding the bloody knife you just stabbed him in the back with.

I said right after the Virginia elections, the bellwether will be Alabama.  When the Moore accusations came out, I said the only road to victory for the GOP here was for Moore to stay the course.  I still believe both of those things, now more than ever.  If Moore had stepped aside or been forced out, his base would have deflated and the enthusiasm that handily won him the primary would have evaporated.  People who supported him in the primary would have walked away like disaffected Bernie bros after Dr. Pantsuit and the Democrat establishment sealed the deal for her.  The problem is not that the talking heads on our side don’t understand that President Trump happened because people got sick and tired of the establishment.  The problem is that they DO understand but they don’t care.  Some are just status-quo shills masquerading as conservative to get gigs and audiences and clicks.  Others have built their entire schtick on fighting uphill, on snark and pessimism, and they want us to lose so they can go back to being the sniping minority voice again.  Whatever their reason, the inescapable fact is that they don’t care if their own team loses, and in fact are actively trying to sandbag and sabotage their own side rather than allow us to win.

So what ought to be a triumph for good over evil, for due process and honesty over lies and slander and mob rule, for the very-conservative Trump agenda against the “Resistance” trying to obstruct us at every turn, these dweebs and losers are going to take Judge Moore’s glorious victory and turn it into a problem.  What concerns me is that this has a chance of working very much like the economic downturn of the late W years.  In Bush Jr.’s last term, the Democrats and their A/V department (commonly known as the dinosaur media) engaged in a sustained campaign of misinformation to convince people that the economy was doing terribly and we were in hard times.  This was helped along by the subprime mortgage debacle, but the little-known fact about economics is that you can make bad times and good times happen if you can make people believe times are bad or good.  If you convince people that times are bad, then they tighten the belt.  They don’t spend as much, they don’t invest as much, they forego vacations or new cars, they don’t trade up jobs because they don’t want to lose their seniority if layoffs start, and so on.  All that adds up to creating bad times.  My concern with the Zombie NeverTrumpers is that they will happily go on the morning shows and Twitter and any other soapbox they can jump on and keep repeating and promoting this nonsense line that “well Roy Moore is a child molester and President Trump bragged about sexual assault.”  Because the more they repeat it, the more people are eventually going to believe it, and these guys will be doing their damnedest to make sure their dire predictions come true.

I’ve said before, Roy Moore staying in and winning is our only hope.  That doesn’t mean that his win means it’ll be smooth sailing for 2018.  Thanks in large part to our ZNT pals, it’s going to be an uphill fight as usual even if President Trump continues to deliver (and I see no sign that he won’t).  But the sunshine here is not merely that it has not and I remain convinced will not work on Judge Moore any more than this asinine tactic worked on President Trump, but that both men have shown that the way you defeat a smear campaign like this is not to run and hide and mince and abandon your allies, but to rally around them and fight back.  The GOP is just beginning to show that they just might be learning from President Trump’s example.  They can become quick studies and fight on to an even brighter day, or they can choose to sit in the rain and mope for fear of upsetting the comfortable status quo.


EDIT: I considered doing a followup and calling it the “last word” on Roy Moore but I doubt we’ll see the last word on this for a long time to come.  But the fact is the die is cast.  If you don’t believe Roy Moore’s accusers, congratulations, you’re not a moron, and you’re not going to be swayed at this point no matter what last-minute digs they can make at him.  If you do believe them, it’s because you want to, and also, you’re wrong.  They’re lying.  They’ve admitted to lying.  They’re serial liars.  But I’m not going to change your mind (presuming you have one to change).  And make no mistake, the people who are condemning the Republican party and screeching about how immoral and sick conservatives are for “supporting a pedophile” would be screeching the same things anyway even if Roy Moore never existed.  This is a fundamental lesson we have to learn.  They’re not going to stop throwing the rocks, guys.  Not now and not ever.  You’re not going to make them stop by giving in and letting them win.  The only way it ever stops is when it starts to backfire on them.

And no, he’s not a pedophile, he’s not a predator, and he’s not a rapist.  The accusers are liars.  Period.  He is, however, going to win.


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