That checkmate feeling

Since time immemorial (or maybe memorial, I don’t think they’ve been doing this all that long come to think of it), the left has gleefully responded to well-wishers and people expressing sympathy that their “thoughts and prayers” aren’t enough when something goes wrong.  When decent folks send their “thoughts and prayers” to the victims of a hurricane, the left starts moaning about “how about we stop destroying the environment and actually do something?” while the people sending thoughts and prayers are also sending bottled water and donated blood.  When decent folks send their “thoughts and prayers” to the victims of a terror attack or mass shooting, the left wails that “your prayers didn’t stop this, now let’s do gun control!”  They’re deliberately ignorant of the power of simple empathy, largely because they have none and partly because they can’t brook any obstacles to their exploitation of a crisis for political gain.

I think Friday’s revelations regarding the Roy Moore fiasco are pretty clear evidence of what kind of power thoughts and (in particular) prayers can have.  As someone noted on Twitter, “it’s almost as if God is on Roy Moore’s side.”

It came out that the promoter of the now-infamous yearbook admitted that she forged the entry.  And yes, word-lawyering NeverTrumpers, what she admitted to doing is legally forgery.  Adding to or altering a writing in order to mislead or change its character is forgery.  To give a comparable example, I was taught to always fill out a check with the first word and first number flush against the left edge of the line or number box because that way someone can’t come along later and scribble in a “one,” changing your check for “forty-two and 73/100 dollars” to “one forty-two and 73/100 dollars.”  It doesn’t matter which parts of it I wrote, that check is still forged if you finagle another hundred bucks on it without my consent.  I still maintain that the entire thing is a forgery in the yearbook, but what this accuser admitted to is in itself forgery.  Sorry, Ben Shapiro.

And really, this is the piece that brings the entire Jenga tower crashing down.  Roy Moore is already leading in Alabama with a commanding majority of Republicans there (over 70%) believing the stories are fake.  That’s only going to go up now that this accuser has outright admitted to being a lying liar and still won’t release the yearbook.  She’s a liar and she forged her so-called “evidence” is all that anyone needed to hear.  Some of us didn’t even need that much but that’s going to send anyone on the fence diving straight down Judge Moore’s side, and some of ’em are going to be pretty well pissed about this.

I’m pretty sure that’s game in Alabama, folks.  And while it might not be the end of this “he harassed me” malarkey being trotted out on cue to wreck Republicans (it apparently worked on Trent Franks and he peace-outed quick), it does give future victims of this kind of smear campaign another example to point to of how you survive this.  You fight back.

Oh, and Democrats?  Pretending you have the moral high ground on anything is just laughable.  Playing like you even know what the word “integrity” means is kind of pathetic.  You gave us Billy Jeff and Teddy and JFK and told us all this didn’t matter, and guess what cupcakes, we figured out that if all the stuff that those three sterling gentlemen did was no big deal, then what guys like Roy Moore or Donald Trump or even Al Franken got accused of doing shouldn’t even be on the radar.  Guess you should have been a little more careful what you wished for.


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