The tide turns back in unexpected places

Growing up in a church-attending Christian household, “Sunday shopping” was an issue I heard my mother talk about from time to time.  She recalled back when they said “oh it’ll just be voluntary, you won’t have to open/work on Sunday if you don’t want to, that’ll never EVER happen…” but of course that was all bogus.  Sure, you could not come in on Sunday.  You could also forget coming on on Monday too.  Or ever.  Companies like Chik-Fil-A went against the grain and continued to close on Sundays, but they were the rare exceptions.

To be honest I’ve never known a world without (practically) everything open on Sunday so while I understand this I do wonder how the world would function otherwise.  I’m sure we’d figure it out and make it from Saturday evening to Monday morning somehow, but the simple this-is-the-way-it-is-ness of Sunday shopping gives it an inertia that, like a lot of so-called “progress,” makes it look impossible to turn back.

And then Poland does this.  I’m not sure I’d like it if it happened here, but I do like that it is happening somewhere.  I like that it can happen much more than that it has happened, if that makes sense.


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