Whose character is it anyway?

The ongoing media circus over allegations flying left and right (but seemingly much more left) continues apace and continues to be a lot of hyperventilation about trivial matters.  I stand by my earlier assertion that for the vast majority of these accusations, I would not give a good damn about the alleged behavior except for the fact that the perpetrators of said behavior are the guys out demanding that just the allegation be considered enough to derail someone’s career.  If you haven’t been spewing that nonsense when it was politically advantageous for you to do so, then you get full reasonable doubt treatment.  If you have, then get comfy on that petard pal, ’cause you’re fixin’ to get hoist.

So I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today and a kid from Florida called in and led off with “I’m more concerned about the culture war” to basically suggest that Roy Moore is dragging the party down with him and we ought to wash our hands of him even if it costs us the Senate seat.  This kid proceeded to equivocate on whether he believes Moore’s (lying) accusers and outright state he does NOT believe the one who claimed she was underage when whatever alleged behavior supposedly occurred (which is the only accusation that, you know, remotely approaches criminal behavior–and is still 40 years old at that).  I have to give Rush a lot of credit for politely and gently making an analogy to the left’s treatment and savagery of Sarah Palin and explaining without outright saying so that the kid doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Which he doesn’t.  The caller seemed to think that throwing Roy Moore under the bus would confer upon the Republicans some kind of moral high ground and give us “credibility,” all in the context of us being the party of “virtue” and “character.”

Wrong on all points, kid.  Could not be more wrong (including on his “what does one Senate seat matter at this point?” which is oblivious to the fact that Moore would be voting with the Republican agenda, not obstructing it).  Let’s put aside for a moment that “character” does not mean “throwing a friend and ally to the wolves the moment it becomes expedient to do so.”  Let’s forget that, media and NeverTrumper and establishment GOP nonsense to the contrary (Ben Shapiro, I’m looking right at you), the allegations against Roy Moore are plainly politically motivated bullcrap (that this kid does not even believe).  Let’s take all else as even here and just focus on the caller’s point that distancing ourselves from Roy Moore gives us the ethical high ground and will win us some kind of credit on the issue of “sexual harassment.”  And let’s talk about why that’s not only wrongheaded, but painfully incorrect.

This whole misandric miasma recently reminds me of my favorite improv “game” show, Whose Line Is It Anyway (from the Drew Carey days anyway), the show where “the games are made up and the points don’t matter.”  The games here ARE entirely made up.  As I have said before, this would have happened right on schedule (possibly even earlier) if Luther Strange had won the Alabama primary–there were rumors and murmurings of all kinds going back to when Big Luther first got appointed to Jeff Sessions’ vacant seat.  No, I am not saying there IS anything in Strange’s past, I am saying it does not matter to these people.  They’re not above making stuff up out of whole cloth.  They do it all the goddamned time.  But more importantly than even that, the “points” that this caller seemed to think we could score by sacrificing Moore to the harpies do not matter.  We have had the moral high ground on these things for decades and it has gotten us precisely nowhere, and it’s equivocators and compromisers like this kid who put us in that position to begin with.  This is the kind of attitude that scoffs at the idea of slippery slopes and mocks resistance to legislative and cultural shifts away from traditional values.  To the extent this is in any way related to the “culture war,” we lost that battle a long time ago.

I am perplexed and troubled by this young man’s assertion that it is somehow in “bad character” for Roy Moore to express interest in young (legal) women, especially in light of the fact that he expressly states he doesn’t believe there’s any credibility to the allegations regarding an underage woman, and yet truthfulness and loyalty don’t seem to enter into the “character” calculus at the same time.  So let’s get one thing very clear: this is all made up, and giving up on Judge Moore will not win us one shred of credibility or one point of moral superiority with these people–and even if it would, look at the monsters you’re trying to curry favor with for God’s sake.  These are the people who enabled Billy Jeff Clinton, looked the other way for Teddy Kennedy, and would have put Dr. Pantsuit into the presidency knowing just how horrible she is.  You want to raise your capital with them?  Don’t you even dare tell me about “character” after that, kid.

And on the subject of “well, the GOP hasn’t done anything with 52 seats, it won’t hurt us to lose one.”  Well then, Mr. Shortsighted, what happens in 2018 when we manage to get up to 59 GOP Senators not counting John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski, and we STILL can’t get anything done because of them AND because Doug Jones is defiling Jeff Sessions’ old seat?  Or the more likely outcome, what happens in 2018 when there ends up being 49 Republicans and 51 Democrats, counting Jones?  For pity’s sake kid, you have to hold the ground you gain if you want to keep advancing.  We are so damned close and that’s why the Democrats are pulling out all the stops.  Seriously, they are making more and more noise every day about throwing Billy Jeff himself on the pyre to keep the Weinstein wildfire burning hot enough to catch the GOP and President Trump in the conflagration.  And you want to throw the party and with it the entire country on a sword of pretend virtue to appease outraged feminists in some bizarre appeal to “character?”  Listening and believing uncritically is not character, child.  Giving up your own allies to your sworn enemies at the first sign of trouble is not character.  Sticking by proven friends when the road gets rocky, that’s character.

Stay the course.  Let’s show these animals just how powerful “thoughts and prayers” really are.


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